PREVIEW: Rincoe Jellybox 228W Kit

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Rincoe Jellybox 228W Kit

The Jellybox is the latest vape starter kit by Rincoe, offering an incredible 288W maximum output and a unique transparent design. The see-through mod perfectly blends an elegant and futuristic appearance, with plenty of options for user customization. Check out what makes the Rincoe Jellybox 228W kit the next must-have in your vape kit collection.


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Jellybox Kit Color Options

The Rincoe Jellybox is available in three color options, with tanks to match the transparent mods (you'll find out why the mod is transparent later!) Choose between an elegant amber, a clear black, or a fully transparent mod, with corresponding tanks included.

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Rincoe Jellybox Kit Specifications

The Jellybox stands 92mm tall with a base area of 54mm by 27mm. The mod is built from zinc alloy and PCTG plastic, which is durable enough to survive minor drops and falls. The mod requires two 18650 batteries (not included) to operate and is capable of between 1-228W output. 

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Jellybox Kit Customization Options

The Jellybox offers creative customization options for the user to play with. Use the display screen to select between six LED color options. Because the Jellybox mod is transparent, the activated LED light will shine through the mod, creating your own personalized light show!

The screen also enables the user to adjust vape settings like wattage and voltage, as well as monitor battery life.

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Vape Battery Installation

The Rincoe Jellybox operates with two 18650 vape batteries, allowing it to reach up to 228W maximum output. Batteries can be installed at the mod's base by sliding the stainless steel cover over to expose the battery chamber, then sliding both batteries into place. The mod can also be rapidly charged via the included Type-C cable.

Unique battery coverings are also an opportunity to add creative flare to your transparent box mod's appearance.

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Rincoe Jellybox Tank Intro

The included tank, the Jellytank, measures 25mm in diameter and 42mm in height. It is built from stainless steel and PCTG, a highly-durable plastic designed to withstand high temperatures. The Jellytank features a 4.8ml e-liquid capacity, and juice can be added via bottom-filling. See below for more details about how to fill your Jelly tank.

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Jellybox Tank Filling

Filling your Jellytank is a simple process. Simply unscrew the tank's bottom base counter-clockwise, open the silicon case within, add up to 4.8ml of your favorite vape juice, then replace the cap and screw the base back into place. After filling, it is advised to wait several minutes for absorption before using the vape.

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Rincoe Jellybox Chipset Technology

Powerful Rincoe chipset technology offers multiple functions within the Jellybox mod as well as five vital safety protections. Vape freely knowing that your kit is providing overheating protection, reverse battery protection, overload/short-circuit protection, low voltage protection, and a 10-second cutoff.

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Rincoe Jellybox Kit Contents

The Rincoe Jellybox arrives as a full kit: including the 228W box mod, the Jellytank pre-installed with a mesh 0.3ohm coil, an additional 0.15ohm mesh coil, a Type-C charging cable, a user manual, a certificate, and and warranty card. Simply pick up some e-liquid and you're ready to start using your new vape kit!


Want another opinion on the Rincoe Jellybox? Check out the video below!

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