OVNS JC01 Review, An EightVape Pod Device Review


OVNS JC01 Pod Device Review

Coming out of Shenzhen China, the vape manufacturing capital of the world, are the new OVNS JC01 Pod devices. This is one of the most versatile pod systems I’ve ever tested. Featuring a compact design and compatibility with both JUUL pods and ceramic core CBD pods. Their quality construction and unbeatable price point makes the JC01 device a perfect choice for people who are new to pod vaping.  

The Looks

The OVNS JC01 is built with a simplistic and modern design, featuring a square body with rounded edges for a more comfortable grip. It comes available in both soft touch coatings as well as polished glossy coatings. This is a device that’s built with performance and cost effectiveness prioritized over looks so I’m perfectly fine with its basic looks.

OVNS JC01 Colors


JUUL, for comparison, comes in one or two cheap plastic colors. So they’re already doing more for the looks of their device than the biggest company in pod vaping.

How it Works

The point of this device is to get users who are interested in pod vaping a very low priced starting point to jump off from. With that in mind, the OVNS JC01 does what it’s supposed to do very well. You get a 400mAh battery that should last you all day with light usage, and the pods deliver a decent amount of flavor.



It works with a draw activated firing mechanism, so just puff away and the device will fire itself up for you. If you already have some JUUL pods laying around you can use them in the JC01 without any issues. Plus, with the added ceramic coils, the JC01 can even work with some CBD juices!

That’s a hell of a lot for under $15!  

The Verdict

While I wouldn’t recommend the JC01 for a veteran pod vaper, due to its lower battery life and lack of adjustable power settings, I DO think it’s the perfect device for users who are new to vaping and want to see what pod devices are all about. If you’ve been looking at pod systems but you don’t want to spend a whole bunch of money to try them, take a look at the JC01. It gives you a great idea of how basic pod systems work and it's the perfect stepping stone to determine whether or not pod vaping is right for you.

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