Our Winners! 8 Ways To Make 2019 Gr8!


Our Winners! 8 Ways To Make 2019 Gr8!

Wow. This was not an easy decision to make, with over 100 entries, all of which made us smile, laugh, and feel moved and motivated. This is definitely a community of wonderfully diverse and positive people! Some of you have had a rough past, but all of you have a bright future ahead and we thank you for letting us see that as you bravely submitted your goals to make 2019 the best year yet!

So without further ado, we would like to announce the winners to you. Like I said before, this was no easy task but by leaving so many wonderful comments we were able to narrow down the favorites and chose three fantastic winners! Thanks for sharing your opinions.


Third Place And $28.88 in Eight Vape Cash Goes to... 

Wilson M.

Sometimes we dream that we are going to be perfect, but in a way that is so difficult and different from our human nature, that it is impossible for us to reach our own expectations.

Thomas Aquinas said that "the perfect is the enemy of the good".

In addition, such perfection paralyzes you: you never find the time or the right place to fulfill the perfect purpose.

So my first purpose of the year is going to be: make realistic resolutions. I am not superman, what I want is to take a step forward and improve in some aspects.

Out those years in which the list of purposes was: going to the gym, dieting slimming, quitting smoking, not drinking alcohol ... in radical plan.

There is no one who has fulfilled them and that is why they are a topic that makes people laugh when someone talks about them hahaha xd.

Here are my purposes for this new year:

1. Reflect on the day to day so that life does not get out of hand without knowing why I do things.

2. Get in touch with that person with whom I am angry and ask for forgiveness.

3. Do not complain about unimportant things.

4. Devote a weekly time to my friends.

5. To be able to buy me the Drag that I desired so much.

6. Be aware of all the offers of Eightvape that are the best xd.

7. Learn to make the waterfall and the circles with the smoke without looking like I am crazy hahahahaa xd.

8. And to be able to buy my favorite tank and that I have not yet been able to have it, my beloved Drag🤤🤤, although he thought that I already said it hahahaha xd.





Second Place and $48.88 In Eight Vape Cash Goes To...

Robert R.

Hello! Here is my list for 2019 now I know I will have a lot of competition out there but ultimately it just feels good to share how I intend to make 2019 and all the years to follow amazing! So here goes:

#1: First and foremost I plan to propose to my beautiful and amazing girlfriend and I want to make it as special, magical and amazing as she has made me through the years. We have a trip planned in May to go to Florida and during that trip we plan on visiting universals “Harry Potter world” it is there that I would like to purpose. Hoping to leave a moment she (and i) will never forget. She met me while I was in a very dark place with myself and she brought me back to the light and showed me how truly amazing I can be, and she deserves the best. 

#2: as I mentioned above I was in a very dark place and I had put on a lot of weight and I’m not talking 20-30 pounds... I went from a solid 230 to roughly 380... I’m not proud of this and I see now it didn’t help anything in our time together I didn’t really get much of it off but she loves me and accepts me for who I am, and I would like to spend my life with her so for that I need to get healthy and one of the ways I’m going to do that is by losing weight. So yes my second goal for the year is to lose serious weight. By the end of 2020 I plan to be back down to roughly 240 (I’m a wide guy so I need some weight on me or I look sick) 

#3: in 2018 I took many steps into furthering my career so I will be able to provide for my loving girlfriend in the future as well as our future children. In 2019 I plan on finalizing that by securing the job that will have us set in our road to building a family and a future for ourselves. 

#4: this year I will be making it my mission to get 5 people to stop smoking. Last year I got 2 people to quit and started them on vaping and another to stop altogether. These people were only friends of mine. This year I plan on getting: my mother, my 2 uncles, my girlfriend’s father and my cousin to all stop smoking and finally Kick the butt. I have 3 devices I don’t use right now so I will be needing 2 more then I will slowly break them into vaping and get them to quit cigarettes for good I am currently working on finding their flavor profiles it’s only a matter of time and the sooner the better.

#5: I switched to box mods and sticks about a year ago from pod devices like the Juul, in that time I’ve acquired quite the collection of mods and juices but with no where to put them without it being a mess, so this year I will be crafting a very neat storage shelf for them all it will make life a lot easier and will make my girlfriend very happy as she is always complains about my “vape junk” 

#6: in addition to #5 I will be building a small staircase to the bed for one of our dogs, last year she had 2 ACL surgeries so she can’t jump to the bed anymore like she used to in our house the dogs are part of the family and have free reign to the furniture so for that I am going to make her a small staircase so she can climb up and off the bed as she likes. She’s only 4 so I’d like to keep her as mobile as possible while she is young and can still enjoy her youth. 

#7: in keeping with the trend of building #7 brings me to our basement. We got this house back in 2017 and it needed some work since moving in we have done quite a lot of work but one thing that still needs a lot of work is our basement. All it is down there is framework and sadly that all has to be removed because it is not up to code I’m hoping to reuse the lumber for my framing work but in 2019 I would like to have it fully framed, insulated, and walled. Painted would be a bonus and I’m shooting for it but 1500 square feet is a lot for 1 man (working 2 jobs) to complete. It will be a lot of work but it will be well worth it.

#8: and lastly and this is last because well to be honest I usually put myself last.. and this one is a personal one for me but I need to get myself a new car... in currently driving a 1996 Nissan Maxima, and while it’s a semi reliable car.. I’ve put more money into it in the last year alone then it’s even worth.. so by the end of 2019 if I managed to secure all my other goals, I plan to treat myself to something I deserve, provided I can afford it by then, the dream car would be a Dodge Ram but to be honest I’d settle for anything bigger then a Nissan Maxima. 

And there you have it there are the 8 ways I plan in making 2019 (and all following years) amazing! I hope you enjoyed the read as much as I enjoyed sharing my goals and dreams. 

Much love



First Place And $88.88 In Eight Vape Cash Goes To...

Paul B!

You really made me think on this one guys. So here it goes.. 

1. I'm gonna laugh till I shart!!  ( Hope ya know what that means. And really we all need to laugh like that more often!) 

2. Gonna get off my lazy butt and learn to dance. ( No foxtrott bs but fun, sweaty, kinda nasty DANCE. Just add some fun back into my life.) 

3. Take my toddler daughter to the ocean. ( Living in the middle of the country that isn't an easy task, but the first time ya see the ocean ya feel so small, I want to see her face an her smile to this emotion).

4. Have a beer with my almost a man son! ( Yes he's old enough and I'm not stupid enough to think it would be his first. But my dad didn't do this with me and I always thought it would be cool if he had, so I'm gonna)! 

5. Make my wife feel and know she's the one! ( Damn this won't be easy but really and truly I think we neglect our wives too often an after all is said an done the old saying " happy wife happy life" is true.) 

6. This is ignorant I know but I'm buying myself at least one midget porn DVD and giving it a look. ( I'm not going to explain why and really if you need me too then you're the one with issues! But I think it will help me out with my #1 on this here list!!).

7. Get a dog.  It's been a long time, hell since I was a kid, since I had a dog and I just really want one. Ya I give into everyone saying ah man there a bunch of hassle an blah blah blah. I don't care I want one an this is gonna be my year, rite??)

And big #8. Figure out just what the hell my mark is going to be on this world. How I'm gonna do this I haven't the slightest clue. But I'm not a robot anymore and this challenge made me realize it. Work..socialize..eat..play a little...sleep ..it doesn't really ever change. We walk around with our faces glued to our phones and we don't really even think about it anymore. I'm changing that about me.   

I didn't mention vaping for the simple fact it's not going to make my year great.  It's made my life great!!  It's gave me more time with my woman, and kids.

Vaping and stopping smoking was a life changer for me.  Hope someone reads all this and hope ya enjoyed     love you guys.  


  • Posted on by Callie Eckelkamp

    Congrats to the top winners! We are all winners in our own way. Thank you 8 Vape for putting out the contests you do. You guys are also Top Winners!

  • Posted on by Anthony Sumerlin

    Great job guys!

  • Posted on by Robert R.

    Never would of thought I would have won I was simply trying to inspire others to do great things with themselves when you want change waiting for it doesn’t work you need to get out there and make the changes your self!
    I hope others find inspiration in my goals and know it won’t stop there

  • Posted on by Paul b

    Totally unexpected! Just knowing that I brought a smile to a few folks is gr8 but to get a prize for doing so is amazing. 8vape y’all are very generous an this vape community is proud to say we shop at at the 8!!! Thanks again

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