Our Vapecation Contest Winners



It's never an easy task choosing a winner for these contests. We so enjoy going through all of your unique submissions and know that the vape fam likes to read through them all too. So thank you to everyone who sent something in. After a lot of deliberation, and some help from you guys online and in the comment section of the entries, we've found three people who are getting some EightVape cash for some supplies for their next vapecation. 


Third Place And $28.88 In Eight Vape Cash Goes To Maryam M.

My dream vacation is to be with my boyfriend away from others. To be honest we could stay at home watching movies or just cuddling while we vape. We have a long distance relationship. But he means the world to me, any chance I would get to be with him, I’ll take it. For me a vacation isn’t going somewhere different. It can be anywhere just with the one person in this whole world who means everything to me, doing everyday activities together. Cuddling, vaping, watching a movie, or even just scrolling through our phones, but it would be a vacation for me cause I’d be with him. Being together is my vacation from the world, and everyone else around us. And that sounds so cliche but we can’t be together next to each other often, so being and spending time with him is my dream vacation.


Second Place And $48.88 In EightVape Cash Goes To Katie B.

I’m glamping right now so here’s a photo of my crown 4 in the woods. I am a hot mess so I’m not going to be in it 🤣 it’s not the greatest but being outdoors with my vape is the best vacation I could ask for!


First Place And $88.88 In EightVape Cash Goes To Mark S.

Vacation is not all about the sun. If you love to vape like I do it is a great time to get pics that you would not normally be able to do unless you lived the the Caribbean. With that being said I didn’t  think there was enough clouds in the sky so I busted out the wakemod mech with hand made aliens and started making more clouds.

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