Nostalgia: A Mental Vacation or a Trap?


We have all done it. We can’t help seeing something, a reference to a character from our favorite childhood shows, and at least momentarily allow ourselves to be transported back to that time, reminiscing in the ‘good old days’.

Should we allow ourselves to be nostalgic of our childhood? I say why not. I say if remembering that character, even if only for a minute, will bring back those simple joys, such as when the best thing ever was Saturday morning cartoons, why not? There is enough bad and hardship in this world, why should we deprive ourselves of a little extra good, especially some harmless good that brings a smile to our faces? I say let’s reminisce. 

Now what does nostalgia have to do with vaping, you may be wondering? Quite simple, really. Let’s take a look at an example. Let’s look at Canky King on ICE. These 5 flavors, such as Belts, made me think of chewy candies like Sour Patch Kids. I’ve heard people saying this means that brand is marketing to teens. 

This is where I must disagree. I say these flavors are for adults, allowing us to reminisce. It’s a chance for us to forget about the difficulties of adulthood. Instead of crunching how much of your paycheck you get to keep after bills are paid, have a brief escape where you can remember some of these awesome and flavorful candies you used to love. I was personally fond of sour gummy worms. They were as much fun to play with as they were to eat. 

After all, has anyone else noticed the variety of shows from our childhood that have green lighted a spin-off show, following the lives of the main characters (or who they could get to come back) 20 or so years later? If the media says it’s alright to be nostalgic about our favorite shows from our childhood, then we can be nostalgic about our old favorite candy too!

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