Marijuana Tradeshows Remaining In 2022



The Cannabis Industry is loved by many unknown by a few and intriguing by others. Many of its consumers know about the Cannabis world by the famous 4/20 celebratory day, though now that 4/20 is over we are all wondering what's left. Well, don't wonder too much, events like NECANN, CannaTech, CannaCon, and BizCann are held throughout the year in various states and countries. For instance CannaCon is held in Detroit, Chicago, Denver, and even Virginia. Las Vegas itself hosts from 3-6 Cannabis Tradeshows per year, in within those we can attend events like the G4 Live and the Budtender Awards held on May 12-14 or the Cannabis Conference on August 23-25. In addition, there are even International Cannabis Tradeshows held all over the world such as the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) or the USA CBD Expo / Indo Expo Colombia, within others. With no more wait, here is a list of Marijuana Tradeshows you could attend if you are ever in the area or is looking to travel around and attend a Marijuana Tradeshow.  

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