How The EightVape Community Is Making 2019 Gr8!


How The EightVape Community Is Making 2019 Gr8!


In the spirit of all of us coming together to make this year fantastic, we will be doing the format of this contest a little differently than those in the past.

This contest has taken off faster than any other before with over 100 entries already sent in and talk online of people still working out their list to be sent over soon.

So to make things easier for all of us who want to see what we are doing to make 2019 the BEST year so far, we are going to list them all here. You can check back everyday and find the latest entries placed in order from most to least recent.

So without further ado, let's take a look at what those in this EightVape Community are going to do to make 2019 Gr8!


Maggie M.

Hiya there! I am best know as Maggie McClintock, and here are my:

8 Ways to Make 2019 Amazing!

1. Practice nonjudgment in all scenarios. Develop a solid sense of cultural humility. Be more aware of diversity, not only in cultural differences, but in personal values and opinions. Think before deciding upon anything.
2. Create new and rid the old. Art is something I’ve always loved, but it never got the attention it always deserved. This year, I plan to use this mind and these hands I’ve been given, to design and build new creations to share with our little world.
3. Establish and maintain a healthy physical routine. I aim to improve my skills in my most valued sports and recreational activities.
4. Sharpen my memory through writing. Observe, document, and dream, with a pencil and notepad. I plan to write more, to journal about personal and abstract experiences.
5. Dive deeper into music. I have been fortunate enough to inherit a friend’s old guitar. The time is now!
6. Explore and learn from nature. There are countless local hiking and biking trails that I plan to befriend. My feet are ready to meet new paths.
7. Organize and follow through with my responsibilities. Decrease the amount of time I spend procrastinating, and channel more energy into tasks.
8. Improve my interpersonal communication skills; with strangers, while expressing my feelings, and by sharing purposeful stories. I want to learn and listen.



Jill Z.

1. Advocate MORE regarding vaping, and convert as many smokers to vaping as I can. Last year I converted 10! Its very rewarding when that person takes control and switches! In my city, I do a lot with Sherwin Mena who owns a vape shop and does First Friday events at his shop and local vape shops. He also goes to the White House to meetings regarding vaping to stick big Tobacco with the healthier way of living by vaping. 

2. Over the past year, I ran three marathons, that pretty much changed my entire life. It taught me how to meditate, be open minded and patient and to enjoy the journey no matter what path you're on. 
3. I am very athletic, and I like being active. So in December of 2018, I signed up for 2 more marathons and a 100 mile bike ride. I am super excited to train for these things as they can really set the tone to your wellbeing. 
4. Advocate!!
5. Volunteer, Volunteer, Volunteer! Getting active in your community always is so rewarding. Last year, I volunteered at my local food bank, and passed out meals to the homeless during Thanksgiving and Christmas. To see the smiles on folks who don't have what I have is priceless. The conversations are so surreal too.
6. Explore new hobbies. Whether it be new food, attending a play/comedian show, or taking a painting class, whatever feels fun, I will do something new this year!
7. Donate old clothes. Last year during the cold winter months, I cleaned out my closet and gave away a lot of old and new clothes to the less fortunate, as they need them more than myself. We as humans accumulate so much that we never use half of the stuff we buy/get. 
8. I used to meditate everyday for years, but for the past couple years I just put it on the back burner. So this year has already started off on the right foot for this. I have meditated everyday for 10 minutes and man does it truly feel good. I sleep better, less stress, and I have more focus. Who knew something so simple like this could make things go away and you feel 10x better! Now if we all did this, maybe we wouldn't be so angry! HAHAHAHA
I have been vaping since 2006. I never smoked, my friends got my turned on to it, after I told them to stop smoking and turn to vaping. Who would have thought I would join them. I do it as a hobby now and really like how I can make a huge difference in peoples lives for the better and I like the vaping community. We're all in it for the bigger picture and we can all relate to one another. So lets hope we can ring in 2020 with more converted smokers!
Thank you for letting folks participate in this fun gig.


Anthony S.

Hey guys so for this year I'm going to make 2019 the best year yet. I'm going to start I going back to school. With a family support and for myself I want to accomplish something and find my passion!

2. Getting School paid for. Schools expensive so financial aid and working two jobs is going to have to get it done!

3. A new me. 2018 I kind of got into a slump but that's all changed with vaping. I've met a new great community and started doing my own reviews and loving it. So now it's time to reflect the outside with the new changes that came from within!

4. Being a better husband everyday. If you're lucky enough in your life fine the true love someone you can never go without cherish them everyday for it is a gift!

5. Help my child grow to be the best person she can be. This won't be that hard considering she's an amazing wonderful I'm very intelligent little girl!

6. Develop my new passion 4 vaping reviews, news and knowledge true. Since I've been introduced to vaping and if they can community my life is only been enriched. Now it's time to see where this can take me.

7. Get my photography Hobby back up and running. I used to love doing photography but having a kid can kind of throw things to the back burner so I'm going to get that back up and going.

8. Last but not least strengthen the relationship with my family. Only last couple years I kind of been black sheep-ed by my family but through vaping I'm helping my family stop smoking we became a lot closer. So close in fact that my brother who just had his third child has made me his Godfather, that might not mean a lot to some but to me it means more than the world.

Thanks for the chance for me to get these written down so that I can work towards them and make them a reality! Congrats for everyone for making it another year and let's make this one the best yet and here's hoping I at least place LOL!


Callie E.

The Ballad Of 8 Vape

To the tune of -- The Ballad Of Jed Clampett (Beverly Hillbillies)

Come and listen to my story about things I wanna change I'm gonna (1) make more people smile and (2) act less deranged, We can have new beginnings, in the year 2019 (Two O Nineteen). (3) I'm gonna make this year the best I've ever seen

Using my vape And my juice From 8 Vape

Well the first thing to do is send out smiles everywhere, (4) Get the kinfolk to join me vaping here and there (5) Get my Youtube going so I can start a review (6) Spread Advocacy is what I plan to do

About vaping, that is. About juice too. By 8 Vape.

Well now it's time for me to enter the contest. And I really hope they think this is among the best. You're all invited to check out 8 Vape's Great site While I (7) Exercise and (8) Give compliments, at least once a night.

8 Vape who is -- Quality, Get your Vape On.

Y'all come back now, y'hear?



  How'z It All,

      I would like to thank for providing a very unique and satisfying contest.  The standards of business have changed.   Yes it has changed there was a dire necessity for convenience. You don't need to meet your needs through a brick & mortar entity. Their prices are increased drastically due to distribution costs, rent, insurance, processing, employees. 
8vape rocks on and on due to pure love for their customers.
I plan on making this a great 2019  by 
1) Devoting more time to loved ones. The role of healthier living choices. 
2) The last. Mod I plan to purchase from you is the voopoo mini
Since I have a snowwolf mfeng.
I plan to purchase more of the muffin man vape juice.
3) I will do work to face my fears-social anxiety, preconceived judgement,
4) I plan to spend more time in nature especially hiking, camping , backpacking. I thoroughly enjoy backpacking...pack it in pack it out. Leaving no trace you were there.
5) Attempt to find financial backers for an app(play store) that every single person can utilize what it is. Find a definitive answer
6) maintain employment
7) utilize support (to maintain sobriety)
8) Volunteer to inform and provide the information I have learned in research as well as living from 9 months old with Type I diabetes insulin dependent  diabetic.


Wilson M.

Sometimes we dream that we are going to be perfect, but in a way that is so difficult and different from our human nature, that it is impossible for us to reach our own expectations.
Thomas Aquinas said that "the perfect is the enemy of the good".
In addition, such perfection paralyzes you: you never find the time or the right place to fulfill the perfect purpose.
So my first purpose of the year is going to be: make realistic resolutions. I am not superman, what I want is to take a step forward and improve in some aspects.
Out those years in which the list of purposes was: going to the gym, dieting slimming, quitting smoking, not drinking alcohol ... in radical plan.
There is no one who has fulfilled them and that is why they are a topic that makes people laugh when someone talks about them hahaha xd.
Here are my purposes for this new year:
1. Reflect on the day to day so that life does not get out of hand without knowing why I do things.
2. Get in touch with that person with whom I am angry and ask for forgiveness.
3. Do not complain about unimportant things.
4. Devote a weekly time to my friends.
5. To be able to buy me the Drag that I desired so much.
6. Be aware of all the offers of Eightvape that are the best xd.
7. Learn to make the waterfall and the circles with the smoke without looking like I am crazy hahahahaa xd.
8. And to be able to buy my favorite tank and that I have not yet been able to have it, my beloved Drag🤤🤤, although he thought that I already said it hahahaha xd.



Hello! My name is Emily... Here are my resolutions for 2019!

1.) I hope to save up enough to invest in a much higher quality vape, because the stick mod is no longer doing it for me. Along with that, I do not want to buy the same bottle of juice twice in 2019 so I can expand my knowledge on brands and flavors.
2.) I want to get enrolled in college to be a personal care coordinator, which is a program I can finish in two years (just about the time I'll be comfortable putting my daughter in daycare)
3.) Since I'll be 21 this year, another resolution is to give myself a break every once and a while. I'll be able to LEGALLY drink a couple glasses of wine at night ;)
4.) I hope to become a lot more active with my family, and experience more than whats just in our city 
5.) Another resolution i hope to fulfill is being able to travel more! Ever since my fiance and I drove from Minnesota to Colorado, I've wanted to keep traveling. Its hard to do with an infant, but by the end of this year I hope to get her comfortable with flying
6.) This year I would like to help out my fiancee grandparents more, his grandpa exasperated his COPD so can not to much for himself, and his grandma has a list of health problems. We will be moving in with them in an attempt to make their lives easier!
7.) I will be taking a break this year from working so I can focus on raising my daughter, as well as finding a bigger place by the end of the year
 8.) To eat a LOT more chicken wings and pizza 


Dylan H.

I'm working 2 jobs to get more stuff on
I'm going to college in the spring 
I'm proposing to my girlfriend of 2 years 
I'm buying a new car
I'm buying a squonk mod
I'm buying a box mod with the drop dead rda on
I'm saving up to move out and get an apartment 
I'm saving a little bit of money on the side to move down south in the future 
That’s how I plan on making my 2019 great and a little store credit from the guys at eightvape would help too :)


Cory D.

Hi I'm Cory 

I'm trying to 
1 get my divers  License back
2 start my ebay store
3 get a dslr camra for my Instagram 
4 improve my photography 
5 get my GED or diploma 
6 sharpen my coil building skills
7 become a kitchen manager/sou chef
8 be more involved with the vape Community


Kasie M.

1. After almost dying I am going to take advantage of every day 
2. Marry the love of my life after being together for over 9 years
3. Travel as much as possible 
4. Love and support those around me
5. Make one difference or more in my community
6. Continue to preach the merits of vaping
7. Laugh and share that laughter
8. Play D & D with my son


Paul W.

Like Trump, I plan on Making America Great Again!!
I have already began making 2 positive changes, losing weight by changing over to eating healthy instead of eating EVERYTHING And I've switched from smoking cigarettes to vaping, thanks to Vape8.
I am in college to advance in my day to day career, blah. 
More importantly, I plan to learn more about online marketing, writing, blogging and online sales. 
I plan to diversify my life so that I can help to teach my 5 year old son that there are options other than working your life away.
1 Quit Smoking 
2 Diet
3 Begin Writing 
4 Become Technologically Able
5 Become a better Father
6 Build myself an online Brand
7 Learn to make the most of life
8 Win the Vape8 Sweepstakes


Charles T.

Here’s my list.
I’ll spare you the sob story, but could definitely put the prize to good use.

1.) help my son finish up 1st grade
2.) get all my health issues under control
3.) get my car fixed then...
4.) travel until the tires melt off
5.) get out more and be with friends (haven’t been able to do that much in the past two years due to the health issues I mentioned in #2)
7.) put #7 twice
7.) think of an answer for #8


Louis W.

1. Be kinder to everyone.

2. Be a better father to my daughter's.
3. Be a better husband.
4. Help others on the path to quit smoking.
5. Make more time to enjoy life.
6. Become more involved in my community.
7. Finally learn guitar chords.
8. Help someone every day



Tawsha M.

1. Remodel my backyard. So we can have fun summers.

2. Do as many tiktok videos as I can hoping one goes viral. (I have tons of ideas.)
3. Work my butt off ( I'm a waitress) and save up for my honeymoon.
4. Im getting married November 1st. I just love my husband.  He just proposed to me. 
5. Quit Smoking. I do both vape and smoke cigarettes. Inside vape outside smoke. ( I have cut back a lot though since I started vaping.)
6. Give back. I love doing nails, face paintings on kids and piercings. ( I'm doing them all free this year.
7. Love myself (That is my New Year's Resolution) As much as I love others.
8. Finish my Business Administrative Certificate this year. I have 6 more months left. ( I start in March.)



Charlie B.

  1. I plan to make resolutions that I can actually keep
  2. I plan to keep a great distance from negative people
  3. My goals are to stay away from stupid people
  4. Another goal is to stay closer to my family and friends
  5. I plan to be a better friend in 2019
  6. I resolve to laugh more and create more laughter for others
  7. I also resolve to be less critical of others, but sometimes I just can’t help myself
  8. Lastly I plan to make 2019 a better year by just being myself in doing so I hope to please myself


Mary T.

1. Go skydiving with my mod and get video vaping in freefall. (I am an expert licenced skydiver)
2. Open up a new vape store so I can help more people quit smoking and save their lives.
3. Travel to visit my older son and his new wife for the first time in over 2 years. Work and funds have prevented this as they live overseas.
4. Help my younger son improve his health so he can achieve his goals for education and career. 
5. Take classes in small business management.
6. Change my diet, and exercise more, to take advantage of my better health since I stopped smoking.
7. Volunteer more time at the local zoo. (I am a certified wildlife rehabilitator)
8. Sing more, dance more, and be more happy! 



So far this year I have accomplished a engine rebuild on my beautiful BMW e30. I plan to 5spd swap it and paint it this year. I was gonna do a two tone with black and gunmetal grey.
I plan to get a new mod so I should get another gunmetal one to match it! I've been using the same old one for months now and it's years old.
I should probably get one of those girlfriends too but priorities first .
I think it's also gonna be the year I get to move out of my parents and live with my buddy at the apartment we are remodeling.
Let's hope we make it through the year without the country falling apart. Cheers vape family!


Issac T.

  1. I will help to keep a diabetic family member from smoking, for the health of their heart.
  2. I will help push all of my friends and community (a lot of smokers here) to stop smoking and instead switch to vaping.
  3. Help keep underage kids from Tobacco.
  4. Step down on my nicotine consumption.
  5. Set workouts for me and my brother to keep us both healthy and fit.
  6. Help family members in developing their sports careers.
  7. Tell everyone I know that vapes to order from eightvape for the best deals.
  8. I will start feeding the stray dogs and cats that wander my area


Wyatt K.

  1. First, I’m gonna receive my order from you guys like lightning fast because your shipping is incredible.
  2. I’m going to continue to work my life away because college isn’t cheap
  3. I’m gonna get a new phone, thinking about the Iphone XR, but I’ve never had an Iphone before.. Thoughts?
  4. I’m gonna get more sleep because I am unhealthily sleep deprived
  5. I’m gonna find people to play poker against me and I’ll win their money
  6. More serious note, I would like to stay in good terms with my family back home.
  7. I want to start putting my music out on the internet, I want to get it out there
  8. I’m gonna stay smoke free, and keep on vapin!


Amanda M.

Ways I Plan to Make 2019 an Amazing Year

  1. Me and my fiancé are going to try to get us a home finally. We’ve lived in a camper for 2 years so that I could have a bed to sleep on, so having an actual home will be amazing. 
  2. I plan on spending more time with family, because family is the most important thing in my life. 
  3. Once we get a home we are going to try to start a family, which is pretty exciting. I love kids and going on this journey will be absolutely amazing. 
  4. Having a foundation for our lives taken care of, one of the next steps will be to start planning our wedding. This year actually marks two years of being engaged and I feel like we are ready to say I Do. 
  5. This summer we are planning on getting away from internet and tv by going camping. I love the outdoors and can’t wait to go spend a few days riding around in the side by side, and fishing. 
  6. One amazing thing already this year is that my fiancé surprised me with my own little puppy. Her name is Lucy and I absolutely love her. She’s so lovable and playful. 
  7. To make this an amazing year we also plan to get in shape, and help each other stay motivated to not drink as much pop or to eat too much. 
  8. The last thing to make this year amazing is to continue trying new vape juice from EightVape. I love your prices and I’m a chain vaper so your site saves me a lot of money. Also hopefully I’ll be getting me the Smok Species kit from you guys for my Birthday this year (fingers crossed).



Ashley C.

1. Like most people I plan to get healthier. It's always been a struggle for me but I'm really committed this year.

2. This year I plan to create a new life style budget and stick to it. Being a single mom things are always tight but there is always room to save money some where.
3. My resolution is to step out of my comfort zone. Instead of waiting for the things I want to happen I'm gonna take a risk and go for it.
4. I'm gonna let myself have some me time in 2019. I spend a lot of time doing things for others so often, I forget to take care of myself.
5. I'm going to start taking steps to take my daughter on a road trip. A mommy/daughter get away so we start making memories and strengthen our bound even more. 
6. I'm going to get back to writing my book so I can get it published by the end of the year.
7. I'm going to continue to fight against my mental illness and chase happy the best I can.
8. I'm going to be more involved in the vaping community and attempt to start doing reviews.
Thanks for the chance to enter.


Cammie N.

I will advertise for my business and get busier.
I will help others to make life better
I will help my grandson learn more before kindergarten 
I will get healthier 
I will get more organized 
I will get all the flavors of vape juice I like
I will try new things even if I’m scared
I will be more tolerant of stupid people
Thank you


Ramon M.

Thank you for the chance at this contest. Here we go, in no particular order .
1. Be a better father and family man.
2. Begin going to church. Things are better with Christ in your life and he would never put you something you cant get through
3.Exercise and eat better
4. Get closer to my family and friends
5. Learn to forgive a little more
6. Get more of my friends off of cigarettes
7. To get a tour of the Eight Vape facility
8. Shop more at Eight Vape and stop messing with posers



Wendy C.
2019 is going to be a great year.  I've spent the last 6 mos in the house, isolating from the world after a rocky first half of the year in 2018.  This year, I am ready for change.
1.  I will know my worth.
2.  I will not choose men that see my soul and not my body.
3. I will give back.  I will be of service to others. I am currently waiting a reply from a primate sanctuary to become a volunteer.
4. I will lead with compassion and not judgement.
5. I will work on forgiveness, instead of holding resentments.
6. I will work on being a better daughter, sibling and friend.
7. I will practice mindfulness and gratitude through sobriety.
8. I will open my heart to the possibility of love and companionship.



2018 was a great year for me. I got heavily into vaping, and found my favorite e-shop for vaping.! Here are my 8 ways to make 2019 MY YEAR.
1. I wish to bring my eCommerce store to a 6 figure income by the end of the year.
2. I want to start dieting and working out occasionally through-out the year to get myself into better shape
3. 2019 will be the year that I start selling vape products of my own. Who knows, maybe one day I can compete with eightvape ;).
4. I'm going to graduate from college this semester with a major in Business Administration, and a minor in Marketing. I wish to apply these apply these achievements to my career and start another company even bigger than my eCommerce store on shopify.
5. I want 2019 to be the year that i move out of my apartment and upgrade to a condo in New York. If all goes well, maybe i can see this happening sooner than later!
6. Start streaming games on twitch. As loser-ish as this may seem, I'm highly interested in entertainment, and wish to launch a side-hobby of streaming on my freetime.
7. Stress less. I'm very prone to stressing even over minor inconveniences, and I wish to cease that behavior in 2019 :^).
8. Pursue and take risks. As you can see my list is full of almost out-of-reach, child-like dreams. I'm going to start pursuing the things I want to do, and invest in them.
This has been my list of new years resolutions, Thank you for reading them :).


Sam D.

1.  Not to set Goals that are             unattainable. 
2.  Be humble. 
3.  Have a healthy baby (my fiancée is pregnant). 
4.  Get back into church. 
5.  Help my family any way possible. 
6.  Don't let my praying knees get lazy. 
7. Stay strong and work on getting stronger mentally and physically. 
8.  Be productive. 
9.  Help others when possible. 
10. Watch my temper. 

Norman L.

1.  Start vaping more and smoking cigarettes less!

2. Make an outline of debts!

3.  Make a budget to quickly pay off said debts!

4. Sell my old car and get a new one!

5.  Get my first apartment!

6. Start pursuing my dream to produce music!

7. Drive more, try to go to a show and just living happier overall!

8.  Finish it out strong and on track for 2020!


Melody W.

I would love to share with EightVape Eight ways that I will make 2019 Amazing!! 

I have been lucky enough as a vaper to enter some giveaways and win since I started vaping on 12/2/16. So I want to give back and remember those who have helped me as a vaper continue to stay vaping- my #vapefam.  I'm really active on Instagram (mel.weaver_wvc_), and I'm also active on Facebook (
So, here goes how I intend to make 2019 Amazing:
8. On August 8th (8/8,) I will have a combined Facebook/Instagram Flash Giveaway where there will be 1 Instagrammer and 1 Facebooker who will each receive a mod kit and 60ml bottle of juice. They will have to tagging EightVape (where I will buy the prizes from, and tag 8 Friends to qualify for the 8/8 Flash Giveaway!!
7.  One day every 7 days, I will challenge myself to put up a moving advocacy message to get vapers involved in saving vaping.
6. I will tag 6 people each month and tell them how special they are to me, and why- put them in the spot light so to speak because you never know how much of a difference you can make in someone's life!!
5.I will be having an Instagram Giveaway where there will be one lucky nominated person to receive a pod kit to quit smoking and the person who nominated them will receive 120ml of Juice from Verdict Vapors courtesy of me.
4. I will never 4-get (forget) those who are suffering hard times. On the 4th of each month on both Facebook and Instagram, I will have a Pray 4 #vapefam post. People can drop someone's name on my post and I will spend the 4th of each month dedicating to taking a moment of silence and praying for the people on my list.
3. I have 3 major juice companies I support- Gost, Verdict, and Country Clouds. I will challenge myself to find creative ways to thank those companies. I will also challenge my Instagrammers and FB Friends to give thanks to 3 companies they support and thank them for their product.
2. My birthday is in February on the 15th (I will be having a birthday giveaway on Facebook where my FB Friends can enter and I will be putting up the prizes of (2) 1st place winners of a mod and juice (1) 2nd place winner of a tank and juice, and (5) 3rd Place Winners each get a bottle of random juice - Did you see that? 2- 1- 5! My FB Friends will have to Share the Post Publicly, Tag their favorite Vape Company, and tell me what the best birthday present they ever received in order to qualify.
1. I will continue all year long to make EightVape my #1 vendor of choice in replenishing my vape supplies.
Thanks and #Vapeon


Richard F.

Recovering for the past year from Congestive Heart Failure and Restrictive Lung Disease with my wife having to step up to support the family after I became completely disabled with no income on February 2018 has been quite a ride.  Social Security has denied my disability twice now and after paying in for 35 years I'm done.

My wife and I have had our two granddaughters since birth ages 9 and 10 raising them as our own.   I have decided to make a stand as father and husband. So here is my 8 objectives for 2019 to make life amazing for the family.
1-- Stick to dieting and exercise to lose 75 lbs.  I have lost 19 since December 15 2018
2--- Beat the heart and lung illnesses I am battling
3--- Devote more time to my grandbabies and wife as a whole
4--- Return to the workforce so my wife does not have to work so hard to support us
5--- Plan a family vacation to Texas this summer to give my wife a dream come true  getaway she has wanted for years.
6--- Have backyard cookouts every weekend for get-togethers with our older kids and families
7--- Straighten our credit out so we can purchase our own home
8--- Enroll in cooking and dance classes with my wife to keep our relationship strong and see her smile after 36 years of amazing marriage.


Korey W.

Hi all of you at Eightvape, my name is Korey. Now as of Thanksgiving ‘17 I have quit cold turkey (and not the good stuff for sandwiches the day after) I wanted to save money and it got rid of my dry throat. 

There’s really two things I want to do this year, one is get more people to vape. I have gotten quite a bit of my coworkers to switch and I flip a few mods here and there when I switch out, to entice people to try it.

Second is, my son will turn 4 in February. He’s getting such a goofy personality like his mom and myself, and he’s smart too. I know all parents say that but he partitioned and added new folders and such on his galaxy tab before he was 2. But I just want to bring him all sorts of places to have fun and learn new things.

I’m glad I get to tell that story to you guys, I hope you didn’t get bored through it. And I’m hoping I win, but if not, you’ll still have me as a grateful customer.



John E.

1. Raise my daughter to be the best she can be
2. Buy my first house to raise our family
3. Cut back on my vaping( which is never going to happen. Not with your good prices!)
4. Go back to college to support my daughter better
5. Bring down all the mumble rappers and destroy trash music
6. Hopefully get my tax return
7. Never step foot in a vape shop again because it’s too damn expensive
8. And the most important thing of 2019, propose to my beautiful girlfriend


Jon D.

8 ways I will make 2019 amazing
I will make 2019 amazing because I will be an even better father to my 8 year old son then i was in 2018 if that's even possible because I spoil him and show him so much love guidance and wisdom but to him I will always be amazing but i will put forth more effort in 2019
I will make 2019 amazing because i will hopefully reach 1000 Instagram followers @jonny_vapez which is primarily used for my coil building posts and hopefully gain some followers of some vape companies so i can promote some new products 

I will make 2019 amazing and will overcome this auto immune disease that i was diagnosed with in April of 2018 I've had to have blood transfusions and medicine infusions, test after test to figure whats next infusions are now every 8 weeks 2018 has been a struggle for me health wise I had to stop working for the last 10 months due to how weak I am and the side effects of my medication so I will do whatever it takes to be amazing in 2019

I will make 2019 amazing  by helping my little sister quit the stinky sticks I smoked for 20 yrs and gave it up 3 yrs ago for vaping 

I will make 2019 amazing  because I will ask for my girl friend of 5 yrs for her hand in marriage 

I will make 2019 amazing because I will learn even more intricate builds other than the ones that i already have learned and will hone my craft of coil building 

I will make 2019 amazing by being more helpful to new vapors not only that but to anyone who needs help in 2019 and beyond 

I will make 2019 amazing by sharing my story from how I over came a single parent house home of abuse and neglect to grow and end up an addict my self to get sober 6 years ago in 2019 I will help others with they're addiction that will make me more amazing


Phillip S.

1.) My resolution for 2019 was to be an amazing person to everyone and everything. I tried my greatest and moved my family out here with me to join me in my road to success, just to lose the love of my life because she didn’t agree with it.
2.)Be successful in managing my best friends music and helping him pursue his dream.
3.)Hopefully one day get a VGOD MECH mod. But they’re crazy expensive. Lol.
4.)Make my family proud of me for once.
5.)Do everything in my power to one day get the love of my life back. 
6.)Travel to the west coast and back. 
7.) Make a huge profession out of music with my best friends. 
8.) Open my own vape shop.


Jon H.

1.  Write my first book
2.  Help another homeless couple or person get into recovery
3.  Write my testimony and share it with everyone
4.  Build my own stagerton coil or something super wicked 
5.  Go on a actual vacation somewhere super cool
6.  Start my own you tube channel 
7.  Start my soap business and sell my first batch
8.  Create the perfect DIY juice for me and share it with everyone I know for free

Good luck to everyone!! Thanks for letting me enter 


Tiffany S.

Well it says to make eight things great so I will give it a whirl.

1. There is always room for self improvement, I want to do this by getting my self esteem into order by seeing more of my therapist. To be open and honest about my real emotions and to purge the negativity in my life.
2. People's lives are often so busy that they don't take time out of their business to spend time, not on the phone or computer , real quality go fishing or playing a board game family time. Let's bring family night back for one hour a night.
3. Integrate healthier foods into dinner time and try to teach the family a new recipe on Friday nights.
4. Make a list of simple rules the kids can follow to get their chores homework sports activities all balanced so they can see them on a white board to earn wifi credit!
5. Talk more to my kids teachers at school and make improvements where they are necessary.
6. Walk more and drive less when I can so I can see more of where I live.
7. Plan one adventure a month that is not our city about an hour away plan it for an overnight trip and eat at a new restaurant to try new foods.
8. Meet new people!
Start small go big it doesn't matter this is your road map to resolutions let it be an inspiration. These are some goals for my family and personally! I wanna stick to them!


J. North

My plans are to rescue more cats /kittens and fix if possible I started tnr with my
Daughter when she was ten so far we have rescued 45 cats / kittens and have fostered 6 in the past 2 years and found rescue or homes ! Here are some pictures of our rescues I have about 100 more pics of rescues I could send you but these are just some also we don’t work for a rescue they just seem to find us honestly it usually happens when I am outside late at night vaping and see something in the shadows then the trap gets set at I vape and wait.


Jacob L.

As I blow out another cloud of vape...
I find myself pondering how this year will be great.

Like every new year, I want it to stick...
With so many possibilities, which ones should I pick?

For starters, I think I will begin every day...
Thanking my Lord Jesus for showing me the way.

Then living each day, without regret or remorse...
Staying true to my purpose, remaining on course.

To be more mindful of the example I live...
For all in my life, especially my kid.

Being kind in all things, loving others as myself...
Wearing my heart on my sleeve and not on a shelf.

Next, I would love to see what I’ve not seen...
Visiting new places and go where I’ve never been.

To make a new friend, or meet someone new...
To be the friend I’d love to have, in every relationship I pursue.

I would love to learn how to bake and improve on my skill...
And then share my talent,  while sharing a meal.

Finally, I’d love to exercise my brain and go back to school...
To learn something new, I think that would be cool.

This is the beginning of changes I would love to see...
To become someone new, but still to be me.

Thank you for your consideration and I am excited to see the results...


Danny M.
My goals this year. 
First off I am aiming to completely stop smoking after smoking for 20 years and so far I am a week strong and counting.
Second is to drop a few more pounds 380lbs has taken its toll one me and my relationship with my kids plus striving to be close to 260 before my wedding in October this year.
Third Give my kids and future wife the vacation they deserve for once actually be able to go to the lake and enjoy it.
Fourth Get closer to my kids more active with them be able to take them fishing and hunting.
Fifth hopefully finally this year will be able to give my parents a vacation to their favorite resort for their 33 Anniversary.
Sixth start doing reviews and helping more people understand vaping and how it has changed my life and saved it 
Seventh hopefully finally finish my long over due project truck for the family and eight hopefully become a father again this year. 


Brittney C.
1. Inspire Adults to Play
   I work at a casino where our whole motto is to inspire adults to play. This is a great approach to life in general as I find that most people don’t set aside time for themselves to just forget everything and have fun!
2. Do one new thing a month that scares me
    New things are scary, but you can never really discover what you love without trying something new every now and then. 
3. Learn a new language
    I’d love to be able to connect with people from another place and culture, and the best way to do that would be to communicate with them. 
4. Take a vacation to a place I’ve never been
    I’ve started planning a trip to see the red wood forest in California! 
5. Go camping and reconnect to nature 
    Real camping, with tents and fires and marshmallows!
6. Take a picture everyday
    I plan on growing a lot this year and I want to see my changes from now until December 31st. 
7. Make time for old friends
   So many of my old friends are now just posts I scroll through on Facebook and I want to feel that connection with my childhood again!
8. Don’t have anymore babies!
    After 8 years of trying to start a family and eventually giving up, I got more than a bargained for when I had two babies in less than 2 years. So many diapers!

Hope you have a great 2019!


Lee M.

1. My daughter is on the autism spectrum. She is also homeschooled and desperately wants social interaction with other kids her age. But, she just can't get them to relate with her. I want to start a program for other homeschooled kids with autism in my area so kids that fit this criteria can meet other kids that they can relate with and build lasting friendships so they aren't lonely.

2. I will start a podcast dealing with the paranormal. I've studied the paranormal and demonology for years. I want to share my knowledge.

3. I will finish my book. I've been writing a horror/psychological thriller for 10 years. No more procrastinating.

4. I will find a place to call my own. I was divorced 2 years ago and in the wake of that suffered a lot of mental illness. I had to move in with my sister and start all over again as a single father of 2 awesome girls. I want a place for me and my 2 girls. I will have it this year.

5. I will also create more. I have always wanted to create an animated series. I will work towards that and stop letting myself talk me out of it because of fear of failure.

6. I will be more social and push through social anxiety that keeps me from meeting new and interesting people.

7. I will watch less TV and put that extra time towards my creative outlets.

8. Just love life more. There's so much to look forward to and so little time on this planet. We fear too much and miss out on so much life.


Samantha C.

My 2018 was a challenging year I was in cosmetology school full time barely surviving with no job. I had numerous problems from not getting along with toxic family members and being forced to move out of two different residences because of it, I was betrayed by my father and my grandparents. I graduated school at the end of the year and the day after I graduated I had to have surgery on my finger to remove a cyst. I spend the rest of the year healing physically. So far my 2019 has not been well either, on new years day I had to go to urgent care and an emergency room out of concern that I was having appendicitis. Since then I have spent every day this year in chronic physical pain, I have had ultrasounds and CT Scans and while I don't have an appendicitis no one can tell me why I am having this pain that wont go away, so here are my goals for this 2019.
1) Manage my pain until a solution is found
2) Visit every doctor until I find out what is causing this abdominal pain.
3) Thank every doctor who has helped me 
4) Show my family and friends how much I appreciate their patience with my illness
5) Live a healthier life, exercise more, eat better
6) Knit a chunky knit blanket 
7) Finish my duolingo course of German
8) Go swimming more in the summer
Thank you for reading


Chris D.

1. Keep on vaping
2. Be happier in 2019 
3. Visit amazing places 
3. Keep shopping at eight vape 
4. Get more people into vaping 
5. Eventually open my own vape store 
6. Become a vape reviewer on YouTube (not many Canadians out there doing it).
7. Make my own e-liquid (sell in stores) 
8. Win the lottery 


H Hopper

1. Saving power, unplugging anything I don't use, and turning off every light before leaving a room/house.
2. Helping others in need, donating giving food/money to the homeless everyday.
3. Making myself a better person.
4. Being on time to work, giving in extra help at my job or at home
5. Being someone people can rely on for advice, or help. Even if it means picking them up at 5 AM to drive them home so they don't get in an accident under the influence.
6. Being more healthy, healthy foods drinking more water exercising more often.
7. Going on YouTube making at home tutorial videos.
8. Stopping people from fighting, talk to people who want to end their lives and give them a positive outlook on what their lives will be.


Joel C.

1: Change my my personal email from - I'm 25 telling people is just embarrassing now

2: Learn how to trick vape

3: Buy a puppy

4: Rent a house with a garden- Before getting said puppy

5: Watch all of the Supernatural Series

6: Have a good ol' fashion Aussie BBQ

7: Don't let the dingo take my baby

8: Stay cool - Its 40 Celcious or 104° Fahrenheit I'ts bloody hot here


Eric D.

1. Keep losing weight, lost 71 lbs so far
2. Volunteer 1-2 times a week with a homeless mission that helps to hand out food and clothing.
3. Start volunteering at a clean living house for recovering addicts, I'm one myself.
4. Continue to not smoke or drink, 4 years for both.
5. Get myself healthy enough to get off of disability and get back to work.
6. Make someone smile or laugh every day, happiness is infectious.
7. Donate all of my unwanted/unneeded clothing to the homeless mission.
8. Drive to Nebraska to see my Dad that I haven't seen since 1998.
These are my 8 ways to make 2019 rock!!


Russell M.

1.Quit smoking cigarettes, for my four grandchildren!

2. Stop farting on my girlfriend, because she thinks it stinks. It doesn’t... I swear!

3.Love life more!

4. Fish as much as I can!

5. Spend as much time as possible with my grandkids, they cool little people.

6. Advocate for others.

7. Educate people on Vaping verses smoking cancer sticks.

8. Tell people about the prices on you site, rather than vape shops!



Jay J.

1. Living 500 miles away from my parents and siblings, I want to be able to make more time for them and see them every chance I get rather than just the holidays. 
2. Being a single father, I want to be able to be more involved with my son since I’ve been consuming my nights and mornings working.
3. Help build my sons communication skills and help bring out more confidence in himself. He is in the autism spectrum.
4. Travel! 
5. Do more things for myself rather than just being isolated.
6. Move out of my apartment which I’ve been living in for 9 years now and rent/buy a home to give my son a yard to play in.
7. Work on cars again. Before having my son I loved detailing my car, taking my car apart, fixing it on my own, helping friends with their cars, just getting my hands dirty! And ever since then, I’ve spent more time working long hours and tending to my son and giving up on my passion for cars.
8. Finding the perfect e juice and vape setup!


Cata M.

I'm going to release a music album to win over the entire industry,
write an entire graphic novel based in the late 40s American era,
i'll plant 10 trees every month to help mother nature,
lift and squat 600 lbs,
learn the entirety of the Chinese and Mandarin languages, 
visit other countries and explore the world,
apply to a college like Boston Tech or MIT,
program and publish an independently produced video game, but
even though I listed 8 things, I most likely won't do any of them and just keep on doing the first letter of each sentence.



Cranky G

1. I am going to become a Belieber!

2. I will physically stop people from flossing(dance) in public! 

3. I am going to stop procrastinating, soon!

4. I will never take the power of Taco Tuesday for granted again!

5. I will get my toddler’s stickers off the doors!
(she’s 22 now) 

7. I will never speak in Scooby Doo’s voice during foreplay! Ever again! 

8. I will admit a bag of Skinny Pop White Cheddar cheese popcorn is not 1 serving! 

9. Wow, I guess I will learn how to count properly. 

Lolz I have 8, but I have 9???



Christopher P.

8 ways I will make 2019 GR8 

1) I am going to poop in my pants less.

2) I will try to make it past round 50 in solo zombies.

3) I will pet all the cats. 
            3A) Cats. 

4) I will try to vomit in my mouth less when my grandmother unknowingly passes gas.

5) I will try to be more understanding when people drive like complete morons and don't use their blinkers or cut me off or drive too slow or ride my ass because maybe they were just born idiots and they can't help it. 

6) When people say "what's up?" I'll respond with "pretty good, you?" because it's just awkward and yolo.

7) True freedom is pooping naked with the door open so yea 

8) I will spend all of my money (instead of most of it) on eightvape and also convince my loved ones to do the same 

Yay for 2019!!

Btw my name is Chris but you have to call me dragon master.


Tara P.

My 8 ways to make 2019 gr8!

1. Keep vaping, and stay away from those cigs! Yuck!
2. We need to spread the word about vaping to others! Vaping is a MUCH safer alternative to analog cigarettes! 
3. Advocate! Advocate! Advocate! Fight for our rights! Vaping is seriously being threatened. We need to message our representatives and tell them (in the words of the amazing Bogan himself) “WE WON’T VOTE FOR YOU IF YOU DO NOT SUPPORT VAPING!” 
4. Be more supportive! I need to focus on building others up, instead of breaking them down!
5. See the glass as half full! I’ve always been a bit of an optimist, but the past few years have been rough. I need to go back to my old ways. If I   am upset that I spent all of our money on vape gear, I need to see it as “at least I didn’t waste all that money on cigs!”.🤷🏼‍♀️
6. Stop complaining about stuff, and do something about it! Instead of whining about taxes, I need go out & become Governor! It’s a stretch, but we can do anything if we put our minds to it!!
7. Help others more. I’ve always given to people who are less fortunate than me. I definitely do not have much to give, but if I have a little extra...I will do so! I need to start making a difference more. Instead of just throwing a dollar at someone who is holding a sign, I need to get out of the car & talk to them!! Maybe I can really help in other ways!
8. Listen to people & hear what they have to say!! Lots of times we are so focused on getting our own points across to people, that we forget they might have something important to say as well. Whenever I’m really angry, I will yell & scream over the person I’m upset with. I need to STOP, take a breath, calm the heck down, and listen! I’m not ALWAYS right. I have flaws, and I’m DEF not perfect. I need to listen to what that person says, because I can learn & grow from it. I’m very quick to react, and that gets me into a lot of trouble at times. It’s always better to sit back & listen, before you go off on someone!

I hope these are some good ways to make 2019 great!!


Jennifer G.

8 ways to make 2019 great

1. lose weight
2. spend more time with kids
3. see doctors to help get me better
4. keep vaping
5. hell kids in school
6. read more
7. clean out old stuff and donate
8.*** thank God every day.. 



Emilee T.

Let’s see all the ways I plan on making 2019 GREAT!!

1. Start new job as nurse aid in the Mother Baby department at hospital!
2. Start Nursing school in the fall!
3. Continue with my weight loss (already 50 pounds down!!)
4. Move in with my Boyfriend and soon to be Fiancée. (He doesn’t know it yet )
5. Hopefully get the car of my dreams later this year!
6. Make myself an advocate for self-love and restart my personal motivation Instagram for my friends and family!
7. Help my family with their financial burdens by putting what I can away to help my mom pay for her schooling! 
8. Pay for all my nursing school out of pocket (no loans!!!)

I'm hoping I have some good goals for 2019! WE ARE ALL GONNA ROCK THIS YEAR! 


Allie N.

This year I’m not making any resolutions. I feel like most of the time they are unrealistic and we should strive to be our best selves every single day of every single year. Life isn’t about working your life away, losing weight, stressing then dying. It’s about loving yourself and being a good person. I have things I always need to work on. So here is how 2019 is gonna be amazing:
1- Cheers to self love 
2- Being a good friend, neighbor, wife, mom and daughter for all the years to come.
4- Expand my business 
5- Be Present. Put down electronics and be in every moment.
6-Advocate for addiction in honor of my little brother taken too soon by this demon in November 2018.
7- Stay healthy and continue to progress.
8- Be the best person and bring all my amazing qualities to the surface. 



Joe H.

Lose weight
Better my life and peoples lives around me
Do something good for the community
Spend more time with my son
Spend more time Outdoors, hunting and fishing
Go back and finish college
Finish restoring my truck
Better myself


Ryan D.

First off hello my name is Ryan I am a single father of 5 kids 4 girls one boy I have a few ways to make 2019 better.

1 quit smoking I currently only have a cheap cape pen. Looking to by a new mod
2 Be a stronger father for my kids.
3 Work on growing my new business I am currently trying to open.
4 Try to work on helping others more.
5 More family time with more than just my kids.
6 Work on learning more about building coils.
7 Work towards Just bettering mine and my kids life.
8 Hopefully find a honest woman to settle down with.


Matt R.

Eight Vape,
These are my 8 ways I'm going to make 2019 amazing:
1. ault my old flavors and start trying new ones.
2. lways change my coils 
3. rotect my MOD!
4. rder from Eight Vape only
5. ecognize good juice by writing reviews
6. nvite friends over to vape and chill
7. iplock my juices when travelling
8. at my greens.

Shawn M.

2019 will be great, March 1st, 2019 will be a miracle.....

March 1st 2019 will mark 3 years of continued clean time in recovery. My life leading up to that point was anything but, I am a person that went from small town outside Pittsburgh and moved to South Carolina after high school. By 24 was making 6 figures, but all the while sinking in alcohol and drugs. In the end I was living in my car, strung out and my wife couldn't allow me home. 
Current situation--- My wife and I will celebrate 14 years married April 9th, 2019. I'm back in the career doing what I love, involved in a 12 step program in my area and helping other men walk through what I did. March 1st also will mark 3 years off cigarettes, I started vaping on my clean date. 



Natalie R.

8 Ways To Make 2019 Great

1. I would lock up the damn woman who is trying to stop vape juice from going through USPS. Make her clean all my shoes, change all my coils, and lick my tanks clean.

2. Vape on a concert stage advertising a vape juice and a company, also allow people to vape inside all places.

3. Educate valedictorian students on addiction and alcoholism. Have people read an AA book and everyone in the world work on a 12 step program. Lol

4. Learn how to fly a plane to leave land quicker. So I don't have to wait in red lights and traffic.

5. Travel to every vape shop in the US

6. Actually throat punch someone when I think it.

7. Speak out to younger kids about depression and how to correctly take your meds daily

*. Find out who the hell put "In God We Trust" on all the American shit. Because Trump is acting like God. Did god put a wall up? Lol.



Cristhian O.

I'm gonna be honest. 2018 was straight shit. Everything was going fine until sometime around October. I'd lost the girl of my dreams. This girl always made me see the better thing about me, life, and everything we did together. She made me the happiest I could be and showed me what true love can be, but we both messed it up for us. We did something that would affect our relationship. Thus, I lost the thing, the person I loved most. This brought me into a great deal of sadness and brought me a great stress over everything I was doing. I vow this year though, to move on and to learn for those mistakes and to keep my head up no matter the obstacles that stand in my way, I will be best me i can in 2019. Thank you. 


Kendra T.

8 ways I will make 2019 amazing 
1. I will become a Life Coach
2. I will become a meditation coach 
3. I will become a certified hypnotherapist 
4. I will graduate from my 2 year integrative healing arts practitioner program
5. I will get a business license and start my business the Healing Art of Coaching officially
6. I will take time to dive deeper into my spiritual practices
7. I will pay off debt and help my family flourish and take my trip to create memories. 
8. I will spend less time on social media and more time being present with those I love. 


Roger G.

This is how i will make 2019 great. 
1) Try to get my boss (who has smoked for 20+ years) to quit smoking and try vaping.
2) Finally get married to the love of my life.
3) Go and see a Washington Redskins game live.
4) Get over my fear of spiders and clowns.
5) Learn how to ballroom dance.
6) Vape all the e-juice I can get and try.
7) Please see number 4. 
8) To spread the word of the great benefits of vaping. 
I hope this is a good submission. Thank you for the chance



1. I will find the perfect fruit flavored ejuice
2. I will finish getting my squonk setup
3. I will cut down cigarettes by at least 50%
4.  I will learn how to build my own coils
5. I will quit smoking 100%
6. I will introduce my father to vaping
7. I will buy my father his first vape
8. With the help of vaping, my Father's 50 year addiction to cigarettes will come to an end
These are the 8 ways 2019 will be amazing 
Thanks for the opportunity.
Bobbie P.
1. Buying a house this year
2.Starting a jewelry buisness with my daughter
3. Finnally after 8 years of sufferi g in cronic pain i had my pain pump put in and im mobile again
4. Im turning 50 and im feeling great 
5. Im going to celebrate 20 years together with my life partner in October.
6. My daughter plans on getting artificially inseminated this year so i will have my second grandchild. 
7. My son promised he wont be such an asshole this year
8. The state i live in Ky is finnally trying to legalize medical marijuana this year.



Thomas M.

1. Get more involved with CASAA and vape advocacy.
2. Find a manufacturer for my designs.
3. Try to keep a more "Positive" attitude.
4. Get more friends to quit smoking
5. Pay off some bills and expand my vape budget
6. Get involved with the City council.
7. Spend more time reading my bible
8. Shop more with!

Jennifer S.

I will make sure I have the best this year.
I lowered my nicotine level for this year.
I make my family secure.
I will make other people happy by helping in community.
I will find better job.
I will be on 0 percent by end of year
I will get married this year.
And I will adopted a child this year



Ty K.
Ways I will make 2019 better 
1. I will continue to move up at work 
2. I will buy the latest mods and make reviews on them 
3. I will master Os
4. I will travel out of the USA 
5. I will try to meet my other half 
6. I will work on learning more vape tricks 
7. I will buy my first brand new car
8. I will understand the ohms law way better 
9. I will try all of the premium juices I can with the amazing discounts and fast shipping 8vape has to offer all of there customers. 
Sent from my iPhone



Ryan M.

#1 keep vaping  and keep saving $$ from
2, stay fit and keep up in the  gym
3, live life like today is the last day
4. Save more in savings account
5. Spend more time with kids and homework
6. Help family with loss of brother 
RIP my brother mark. 
7. Get car paid off
8 live life to the fullest 



Maxwell  B.

1. Buy e juice on
2. Buy a new mod from
3. Buy a new tank from 
4. Buy more coils from
5. Buy new vape accessories from
6. Vape
7. Vape
8. Vape
9. Vape
10. Buy more e juice on


Amber M.

1. Get my vape strategy down to a tee.
2. Enjoy the year.
3. Hopefully getting married.
4. Help my students achieve their goals in school.
5. Help my son get better at his homework for school.
6. Do amazing things.
7. Travel with my boyfriend.
8. Have a place of my own.




1. I've been on meds for bipolar for a year now . So my first one would be to stay on them no matter how hard it gets .

2. Do more good to those around me than the bad that i see happening in the world 
3. Officially quit smoking cigarettes and going completely vape
4. Be there for my fiancee and actively try to make every day the best day in her life. 
5. Be positive.
6. Enjoy my life and every day for how great it can be and will be . Pass that joy on to others . 
7 . Spend more time hiking and enjoying Colorado for the beautiful state that it is . 
8 . Spend more time with friends and savoring every moment I can with them .


Dylan S.

1. I’m going to marry my amazing fiancé.
2. I’m going to move out of my hometown to big city.
3. I’m going to start my own machining business.
4. I’m going to buy a newer car. 
5. I’m going to keep on vaping haha.
6. I’m going to start my own family.
7. I’m going to travel to Ireland to see the Jamison whiskey distillery.
8. Last but not least I’m going to finish rebuilding my dream car.


Shanna J.

This year is going to be a great year for me. Here are my 8 way to make 2019 amazing.

  1. Quit smoking cigarettes and jump into the Vape life.  Vaping will save my life this year.

  2. Stop pigging out and eat healthy. Scream "No!" to diabetes.

  3. Dance like no one is watching and sing like no one can hear me.

  4. I will finish my first novel. The world needs my novel.

  5. Meet the older brother I did not know I had. A family reunion is on the horizon.

  6. Buy my first home. Home sweet home. I'm doing grownup things!

  7. I will show not tell my spouse how much I love them on a regular basis. Everybody needs love.

  8. I plan on buying as many Mod kits and e-juice as possible. Vape life rules!

Rock on Eightvape,



Ralph H.

Hi. I'm Ralph. Here are 8 ways I plan to make 2019 great. 

1. spend 30sec looking up the voice who narrates those arby's "we have the meats" commercials & reject adulthood at all costs. I'm still a toysrus kid.

2. Eat/ Not starve and die.
3. Stay awkward sarcastic and foul mouthed.
4. Bring back playing the vuvuzela horn at popular events.
5. Avoid employing my strikingly decent impression of Mickey mouse's voice whilst having sex.
6. Stop doing my uber driver job after taking sleeping pills and laxatives on the same night.
7. I plan to be more assertive in 2019. If that's ok with you guys?
8. And finally...
My new years resolution is to overcome my OCD
My new years resolution is to overcome my OCD
My new years resolution is to overcome my OCD
My new years resolution is to overcome my OCD
My new years resolution is to overcome my OCD
My new years resolution is to overcome my OCD
My new years resolution is to overcome my OCD
My new years resolution is to overcome my OCD



George M.

This is the 8 ways I plan on making 2019 great.

1) Keep my mother out of the hospital. (She's been living with us after multiple attempts to live at home ended in hospital visits. She had Tuberculosis 15 years ago, and now her COPD is so bad she is on constant oxygen, and can hardly leave the house)
2) find a new (old) career. (I did I.T. systems administration for 6 years but got out because life happened, and I needed a change.) I hope to get back i to the technology field. 
3) finish Major home repairs and list my home on the market, so that we can find out Forever home.
4) Get my father to be more active. (He's a 69 year old Vietnam vet, suffers from depression, and multiple debilitating medical issues.)
5) ask my girlfriend to Marry me. (We've been together for 10 wonderful years, and I hope she will say yes and we can spend the rest of our days together)
6) do more outreach with the homeless. (I volunteer my time to help with outreach of homeless people in our city. Pass out food, collect and passout clothes to the people in need.)
7) advocate for papers, and get more smokers to switch from the stink sticks to vaping. (No real explanation needed... Vaping is 95% healthier than smoking!)
8) do my part to keep my neighborhood safe, and clean. (Organize a neighborhood program to utilize our time to clean up our streets, and parks. Also, we need a neighborhood watch program; houses are being broken into, and cars are being stolen and rummaged through. )
I'm not exactly sure that this is what you were requesting... All I know is I could really use the money. I've literally been out of work for months trying to nurse my mother back to health....
Thank you for this opportunity... I look forward to seeing the results!
Have a wonderful weekend.!



Christopher J.

I will make 2019 amazing by

1. Following my dreams to the fullest!
2. Going to college 
3. Stop being late for work!
4. Eating better!
5. I already stopped smoking cigs! 
6. I will continue to shop with eightvape! Thanks!
7. Helping around the house more!
8. Always being myself and loving myself!



Norton K.

My name is Norton. 2019 is going to be a great year. I plan to accomplish receiving my AA degree in Human Services. I also plan to enroll in a bachelors program for Social Work immediately afterwards. I plan to make the move to propose to my wonderful girlfriend. I would like to stress less on the small things in life. I would like to continue my sobriety (currently in my 5th year) and grow with my self awareness. I would like to continue to strengthen my relationships with family. I would also like to visit with my grandma more regularly now that she is in her 90’s and is coming to the end of her life. All these things would make 2019 an amazing year and if I don’t accomplish all of them I will be okay. But these are definitely my goals for 2019.


Andrew S.

1. Save up for me and my girlfriend to have a road trip from Arkansas to California. My sister is in the navy and has been in Greece. She is stationed in San Diego next, and we want to be there for when she gets off the plane.

2. Get through this years worth of classes so I can receive my second degree.

3. Move on to a new job in my future career field, and leave the fast food industry in the dust.

4. Learn some new vape tricks!

5. Finally make this year be the year I propose to my girlfriend of five years.

6. Get out and travel more, and hike new trails I haven’t yet.

7. Go to my families reunion in Maine to meet family I’ve never met.

8. Pay it forward to complete strangers as often as I can.



1.  Stay away from cigarettes.

2.  Make a friend a month. 

3.  Get a job.  Hopefully vaping related.

4.  Rely less on the net.  Except when visiting Eight Vape!

5.  Promote vaping and help work against anti vaping related legislation.

6.  Make at least one vape review video.  The idea scares me but it's something I am passionate about.

7.  Spend more time helping my mother.  This should be on everyone's list.

8.  Leave my house more.  I have a fear of most social situations and find it hard to leave the house when I am not forced to.  Embarrassing and awkward to explain.  It is time for my greatest fear to be conquered.  2019 is the year to forget fear and to remember freedom!


Tara S.

The eight ways I’ll be amazing and this will be my year:

I’ve fixed my credit after a terrible divorce (where the biz was in my name along with bills-am of course he got it and paid nothing )so my plan is

#1 save the house I’m in, if not possible, buy another

#2 have a baby

#3 buy a new  car

#4 go back to quilting class

#5 get married

#6 start volunteering

#7 get down to zero mg vape juice

#8 drink more water (I know that prob shoulda been something big n exciting. But I really don’t drink enough water n it’s been a struggle ) thanks for the chance 


John S.

1. My wife and I are having our first child this year.

2. I will be starting Paramedic school this year.

3. We are buying our first home this year, signing on 2/21.

4. We got custody of my son

5.  I will be finishing Fire Fighter training this year.

6.  My wife was just promoted to a management position.

7.  I will also be taking courses to be an EMS instructor.

8.  My Dad was just told by doctors that he doesn't have cancer.


Anthony R.

1.) I'm in the works of creating my own e liquid company.

2.) It's been an idea between myself and 2 co-workers to open up a small time vape shop here in town.
3.) I plan on getting a degree in business management.
4.) When said shop is open, I'll bring back the "try before you buy" by offering samples of e liquid that's the house line which would be my line of liquid.
5.) Still continuing converting smokers to vapers at work.
6.) Eventually, get a career in creating new technology in the vape industry.
7.) Possibly become a reviewer on YouTube in the vape industry or get a part time job at a vape shop.
8.) Most importantly, KEEP BLOWING CLOUDS, NOT SMOKE! 



Nicholas W.

1. Ill upgrade my truck into the best hillbillymobile in the county
2. Buy a new computer since the ps4 has nothing I want to play
3. Keep helping my customers by giving em the best car advice I know 
4. Try to finish one of those stories in writing
5. Staying away from hard liquor
6. Make my woman smile as much as possible
7. Help my coworkers however I can
8. Keep trying to learn as much as I can



Kelly M.

Work on my relationship with my son. 
Find a new place to live. 
Work on my self esteem. 
Smile at someone randomly daily. 
Smile  at my self daily. 
Call my daughter more. 
Start planning for my birthday trip to see my daughter. 
Walk 1-2 times a month. 
Best of luck, 
To Me Myself and I 



Paul B.

You really made me think on this one guys. So here it goes.. 
1. I'm gonna laugh till I shart!!  ( Hope ya know what that means. And really we all need to laugh like that more often!) 
2. Gonna get off my lazy butt and learn to dance. ( No foxtrott bs but fun, sweaty, kinda nasty DANCE. Just add some fun back into my life.) 
3. Take my toddler daughter to the ocean. ( Living in the middle of the country that isn't an easy task, but the first time ya see the ocean ya feel so small, I want to see her face an her smile to this emotion).
4. Have a beer with my almost a man son! ( Yes he's old enough and I'm not stupid enough to think it would be his first. But my dad didn't do this with me and I always thought it would be cool if he had, so I'm gonna)! 
5. Make my wife feel and know she's the one! ( Damn this won't be easy but really and truly I think we neglect our wives too often an after all is said an done the old saying " happy wife happy life" is true.) 
6. This is ignorant I know but I'm buying myself at least one midget porn DVD and giving it a look. ( I'm not going to explain why and really if you need me too then you're the one with issues! But I think it will help me out with my #1 on this here list!!).
7. Get a dog.  It's been a long time, hell since I was a kid, since I had a dog and I just really want one. Ya I give into everyone saying ah man there a bunch of hassle an blah blah blah. I don't care I want one an this is gonna be my year, rite??)
And big #8. Figure out just what the hell my mark is going to be on this world. ( How I'm gonna do this I haven't the slightest clue. But I'm a robot anymore and this challenge made me realize it. a little...sleep doesn't really ever change. We walk around with our faces glued to our phones and we don't really even think about it anymore. I'm changing that about me.   
I didn't mention vaping for the simple fact it's not going to make my year great.  It's made my life great!!  It's gave me more time with my woman, an kids.
Vaping and stopping smoking was a life changer for me.  Hope someone reads all this and hope ya enjoyed     love you guys.  


Pamela S.

1. First and foremost I I'm gonna put God first in my life. Its been one of the worst years of my life. I've went to some dark places in my mind and have finally decided I can't handle it alone. 

2. Get some sort of degree. I'm old school when parents didn't really push for college. They were all about get out and find a job. So I have worked since I was 15. I'm now a 52 year old single woman with nothing. So I've applied for grants and registered at the local junior College. 

3. Advocate more and more on how vaping saves lives. I have been cigarette free for over a year and a half. I truly believe that vaping saved my life. I know so many people who need to see the light and I hope I can be their light. 

4. Work on my credit score so I can buy my own house. I have rented all my life. I would love to have my own home. 

5. Beat my anxiety without meds. I believe CBD might soon be the answer. 

6. Lose a little weight. I think everybody wants that for a new year. 

7. Fall in love. 

8. Win this contest and vaping on.




Christopher M.

The 8 ways I’m going to make 2019 great (or greater than 2018 at least) is to get off my butt, stop feeling sorry for myself, and realize that there is still life to live even after being disabled.

After the loss of our beloved dog, right after thanksgiving 2018, I stopped moving around the house let alone leaving the house. No longer any purpose. 

That is until our local pound was running an adoption special for Christmas. My daughter found out about this and decided to surprise my wife and I and took us there on her day off. We found our new boy, Loki. Half German shepherd, half Pit bull, 100% big furry ball of love!

So getting him was one, making me active and having a purpose once again has made me so happy.

Walking everyday with our dog is number two, getting up early every morning is number 3 to take him out, feeding him is number 4.

Playing with him hard to burn up his puppy energy is number 5. Training him to learn English and follow commands to keep him safe is number 6. Having a new buddy to not be lonely anymore when my wife is not home is number 7.

And finally quitting regular cigarettes 100% and being on vaping products only to keep me healthier, and prolonging my life is number 8. 
2019 is going to be a GREAT year thanks to my wife, my daughter, and my new best friend, Loki!


Derek W.

1.) I will get as many people who are interested to quit cigarettes switched over to vaping. I already got my neighbor off the stinky sticks. 

2.) Over the summer I will create the perfect summer vape flavor, I am thinking Mandarin with a boost of Raspberries (fresh) and an slight end note of sugared grapefruit. 
3.) I already have paintings in 2 vape shops, I aim to have paintings in 10 vape shops at least by fall 2019. I like knowing that one of my paintings may be in the background of a vape trick video, and that the images are there to enjoy while also enjoying flavors.
4.) I will take my daughter for her first zoo visit of many to see all the animals she mimics and to be amazed by the aquarium. 
5.) I will make an album, I have not recorded a song for 2 years and have a bunch of lyrics saved up. They will be positive and uplifting, thoughts of an anti cigarette type of song. 
6.) I want to adopt a cat so our cat has a friend. Amazing because the cat shall be named Cloud.
7.) Less planning and more doing so all this will happen. That's the phrase for the year. 
8.) 2019 will be filled with every chance taken for sky watching. I want to see all night events and actually use my telescope that's been collecting dust.
Thank you for this opportunity and realization,  I had only had one idea for a change in 2019 before I wrote this. 


Tony G.

1. Lower my Suboxone dosage and possibly ween myself off completely from the drug to finally break free from the "Sublingual Handcuffs".

2.Enroll into a local College or Online College program.
3. Start eating more healthy and exercising I have all the gym equipment in my bedroom I need I just need to drive myself to start using it all and stop using it just to hang clothes on. lol
4. Convince my stepfather to quit smoking cigarettes the man has recently had a quadruple heart bypass surgery and I need to find a vaping device for him that he will actually stick with.
5. Possibly do a little traveling I have not been out of the state of Ohio in years.
6. Possibly meet some new non drug using friends. Since I have become clean I have been pretty lonely recently.
7. Obtain better employment! I'm tired of working dead end factory jobs!
8. Buy more Vape stuff and gallons of new tasty juices. I absolutely love the hobby of vaping and am excited to see what 2019 brings in the way of new hardware and juices.
Thanks a lot for this chance guys!



Ashlee A.

We are hoping for a lot of big things this year! We are looking to finally buy a house and move out of my in laws. We'd love for our 1 year old to grow up in a room of his own and we'd love our own place we are also hoping to try for baby number 2! This is definitely going to be our year no matter what. We have Each other so that alone is already a great start for me.  



Justin W.

1 work more
2 more family time 
3 prepare for a new kid 
4 finish wife’s to do
List before child 
5 make more $/work harder
6 take a vacation 
7 pay off debt 
8 win this 88.88 lol


Skyler B.

Step 1: when my daughter is born, VAPE MORE! (Smell of burning cotton makes my wife sick when when she's pregnant)
Step 2: actually put away a savings so I can actually afford vape supplies. 
Step 3: get my wife back into vaping so I have a constant vaping advocate. 
Step4: buy a Subaru so I can fit in with the vaping community #vapenation #youvapebro
Step5: open my horizons on juice so I can find new flavours.
Step6: collect more mods/tanks/rdas. Definitly buy a hexohm oframe to add to my other 2 hexohms.
Step7: try and learn new vape tricks 
Step8: KEEP shopping at because Damn, there is nothing but great deals so keep it up guys. 


Jeffrey W.

In 2019, I'm....

1. Completing my internship to graduate college
2. Proposing to my girlfriend
3. Starting to build my uncle's 1969 GMC pickup
4. Completely switching my family from cigarettes to vaping (already got 4 out 6)
5. Fixing all the damages to our house from the hurricanes. 
6. Getting my parents out of debt
7. Starting to pay off student loans
8. Contracting with the U.S. Army
Pictures below is my girlfriend, my mom who I got on a vladdin Re instead of cigarettes, my grandma who I also bought a vladdin Re to get off cigarettes, and my uncle's truck. Look forward to 2019! Doing the best for myself and the people around me! 


Tommy H.

1. Spread truth about marijuana
2. Spread truth about vaping helping quit smoking
3. Spread truth about politics
4. Work towards unification
5. Spread happiness with my music
6. Help others overcome their hardships
7. Support common sense
8. Vape clean juice!



Hey just wanted to start off with just a thank you because your store changed my life o quit smoking and continue to keep become in better shape science I quit. Your store helped me get all my vaping needs right to my doorstep so I thank you 

My first goal is to save enough money to fly me and my kids on a vacation to Europe this summer 

2.get promoted in my job so I can take my kids on that trip 

3. Make things right with my family I haven’t talked to them in a very long time due to some issues we were having    so I wanted to get back in track with them 

4. Make my kids as happy as they can be the happier my kids are the better

5. Finally get married to my beautiful fiancé of 4 years

6. Join a gym 

7. Go see my best friend that lives in Phoenix 

8.probably for my 8th and final goal it would have to be start playing hockey again 

Those are my 8 goals i hope I can strive to them this year to make my 2019 the best it could be thank you for letting me shore you guys are awesome 


Chloe E.

2018 I was cigarette clean
i plan to continue in 2019
i stopped the smoking,
quit waking up choking
when I first said “I gotta stop”
i hit the corner vape shop 
30 dollars for a 60 milliliter-
my wallet was taking a beater
I needed a better deal
I found eight vape
their discounts were a steal
Now that we're in tip-top shape
2019 is gonna be great


Jared Q.

In 2018 I became a single father of a newborn and 3 year old after getting a divorce. Unfortunately my children's mother is not interested in being at the picture at this time either. 2019 will be my first full year doing this myself, so these are the 8 goals I have for this year.

1. Learn to be Mommy and Daddy instead of just Daddy.
2. Potty train my son.
3. Teach my daughter to talk.
4. Go back to college.
5. Move into our own home.
6. Teach my son to ride a bike.
7. Get a better job, closer to home
8. Learn to be patient.


Mike S.

1. Staying off Cigarettes
2. Help others to understand the benefits of quitting smoking
3. Stay and be more involved with Vape Advocacy
4. Stay sober, clean from drugs and alcohol 8 months, tobacco free for 5 months
5. Work on my coil building skills. I want to have limited premade coil devices
6. As I get more vape gear, pass along my very gently used devices to friends and family to get them off of combustion tobacco
7. Continue to develop my relationship with God and help other people to live a clean and sober life
8. Since quitting smoking begin to develop a healthier lifestyle of more exercise and diet
***9. Continue to utilize 8Vape to build my vape gear and liquid consumption.***
I have not only purchased plenty of gear from y'alls website I pass on older gear and tell EVERYBODY about your website. I found y'all a couple of years ago and since seriously quitting smoking for good I predominantly utilize your site.
Please keep up everything y'all do. Thank you for being here to help me quit smoking. 


Mason H.

2019 is my year to dominate. This is the year I'm planning on graduating college moving myself onto the new world and my biggest goal of all? Finally quit smoking. With my recent purchase from eightvape I've gone 2 weeks without a cigarette and this will be my first year without cigarettes. This will be my year! I'm gonna dominate 2019!


Roberto S.

My major goals to make 2019 great!

1: graduate college and get myself a job in my career field
2: finally go my first year without a cigarette!
3: take a nice long vacation!
4: try and quit using my phone all the time
5: get outside more often!
6: read more books!
7: quit drinking soda
8: and finally my biggest goal is to get the gym more and start shredding weight!
2019 here I come let's do this!


Billy H.
we need to get more people vaping an stop smoking I have only been vaping for a month I quit smoking and started vaping I feel so much better have more energy feel better I have been smoking 30 years an quitting was the bests thing I ever did thinks to vaping I tell everyone that smokes people need to spread the word vape an not smoke don't smell like a ashtray vape smell gone saver ur teeth and hair so take a smoker's challenge and try vaping 


Maria B.

2019 is the year I'm going to work on myself. Not just my physical health watch my weight and losing the weight I gained from the medication .

my mental health. I'm just tired feeling depressed alone angry.
This year I need to find myself again.
 2019 means more time I get to spend with my children and I plan on spending it with them.
 This year I will find happiness among nature as I will get out more to fish and exercise then feel sorry for myself. 
I will try to fight my c—ptsd not just for me my family. This is going to be my year. One more thing I will lose the weight again before Halloween to look hot as a  Khaleesi Mother of Dragons.


Brandon T.

1 I'm going to start going back to school major in science and meteorology
2 unfortunately finally getting married dec 14
3 lose the weight before my wedding so I look decent. Going bald so not sure that'll work
4 get a better job
5 learn how to like people more
6 continue to not smoke cigarettes almost hit a year now


Wes M.

1. I'm going to do my best to grow up this year at the age of 37yo it's time.

2. I will try dating women with better morals and are not on drugs.
3.  I will attend more of my sons band competitions  and school  functions.
4. I'll try to make my dad proud of me before  it's too late.
5.  I'm going eliminate  all obstacles then has been holding me back.
6. Help more people out when I can.
7.  Spend more time enjoying life instead of  avoiding it .
8.  Believe in myself and  stand up for myself.


Cullen W.

1 Vape more
2 Spend less money
3 Learn to read
4 Learn to buy non Smok coils 
5 No Juuling till 2020
6 Vape less
7 Get out of the house
8 Vape more

Robert R.

Hello! Here is my list for 2019 now I know I will have a lot of competition out there but ultimately it just feels good to share how I intend to make 2019 and all the years to follow amazing! So here goes:

#1: First and foremost I plan to propose to my beautiful and amazing girlfriend and I want to make it as special, magical and amazing as she has made me through the years. We have a trip planned in May to go to Florida and during that trip we plan on visiting universals “Harry Potter world” it is there that I would like to purpose. Hoping to leave a moment she (and i) will never forget. She met me while I was in a very dark place with myself and she brought me back to the light and showed me how truly amazing I can be, and she deserves the best. 

#2: as I mentioned above I was in a very dark place and I had put on a lot of weight and I’m not talking 20-30 pounds... I went from a solid 230 to roughly 380... I’m not proud of this and I see now it didn’t help anything in our time together I didn’t really get much of it off but she loves me and accepts me for who I am, and I would like to spend my life with her so for that I need to get healthy and one of the ways I’m going to do that is by losing weight. So yes my second goal for the year is to lose serious weight. By the end of 2020 I plan to be back down to roughly 240 (I’m a wide guy so I need some weight on me or I look sick) 

#3: in 2018 I took many steps into furthering my career so I will be able to provide for my loving girlfriend in the future as well as our future children. In 2019 I plan on finalizing that by securing the job that will have us set in our road to building a family and a future for ourselves. 

#4: this year I will be making it my mission to get 5 people to stop smoking. Last year I got 2 people to quit and started them on vaping and another to stop altogether. These people were only friends of mine. This year I plan on getting: my mother, my 2 uncles, my girlfriend’s father and my cousin to all stop smoking and finally Kick the butt. I have 3 devices I don’t use right now so I will be needing 2 more then I will slowly break them into vaping and get them to quit cigarettes for good I am currently working on finding their flavor profiles it’s only a matter of time and the sooner the better.

#5: I switched to box mods and sticks about a year ago from pod devices like the Juul, in that time I’ve acquired quite the collection of mods and juices but with no where to put them without it being a mess, so this year I will be crafting a very neat storage shelf for them all it will make life a lot easier and will make my girlfriend very happy as she is always complains about my “vape junk” 

#6: in addition to #5 I will be building a small staircase to the bed for one of our dogs, last year she had 2 ACL surgeries so she can’t jump to the bed anymore like she used to in our house the dogs are part of the family and have free reign to the furniture so for that I am going to make her a small staircase so she can climb up and off the bed as she likes. She’s only 4 so I’d like to keep her as mobile as possible while she is young and can still enjoy her youth. 

#7: in keeping with the trend of building #7 brings me to our basement. We got this house back in 2017 and it needed some work since moving in we have done quite a lot of work but one thing that still needs a lot of work is our basement. All it is down there is framework and sadly that all has to be removed because it is not up to code I’m hoping to reuse the lumber for my framing work but in 2019 I would like to have it fully framed, insulated, and walled. Painted would be a bonus and I’m shooting for it but 1500 square feet is a lot for 1 man (working 2 jobs) to complete. It will be a lot of work but it will be well worth it.

#8: and lastly and this is last because well to be honest I usually put myself last.. and this one is a personal one for me but I need to get myself a new car... in currently driving a 1996 Nissan Maxima, and while it’s a semi reliable car.. I’ve put more money into it in the last year alone then it’s even worth.. so by the end of 2019 if I managed to secure all my other goals, I plan to treat myself to something I deserve, provided I can afford it by then, the dream car would be a Dodge Ram but to be honest I’d settle for anything bigger then a Nissan Maxima. 

And there you have it there are the 8 ways I plan in making 2019 (and all following years) amazing! I hope you enjoyed the read as much as I enjoyed sharing my goals and dreams. 

Much love


Kristi P.

These are 8 ways I plan to make 2019 Amazing:

1.  Take my first trip to overseas
2.  Ride my horses 500+ miles
3.  Help, donate to and support local community efforts
4.  Use more of my vacation time
5.  Spend more time with out of state family members
6.  Get a new puppy
7.  Lose 20 more pounds 
8.  Vape all my favorite flavors using my awesome hardware purchased from Eight Vape!


Jackie A.

2019 will be the year for my family. I am a stay at home mom of 3 little boys . My husband is a firefighter working a crazy amount of overtime to provide for us and give me the opportunity to stay home with our beautiful children . One of our hobbies together is vaping for sure . I have to keep my sanity somehow with screaming hyper boys all day right ? But my husband will have a crazier schedule soon due to him starting paramedic school so we have goals to meet before then!
  1. Pay off all of our debt since his overtime will lower
  2. Do the 52 week savings challenge !
  3. Actually get my husband through medic school lol ( he needs a kick in the ass sometimes )
  4. Not let the kids defeat me !
  5. Eat healthier so I have energy to keep up with the kids
  6. Work out ...let’s be real ....ain’t nobody got time for that
  7. Read a book a week
  8. Not have a full head of gray hair by the end of the year !


Echo S.

1. I plan to move into my own house
2. I will continue to be addicted to vaping 
3.  I will continue to spend my year surrounded  with people I love
4. Screw negativity. 
5. My daughter starts preschool this year.
6. My marriage will hit 6 years this June.
7. My dogs will continue to get spoiled.
8. I will continue to spend money with eightvape!


Cameron F.

Hello 8vape and friends,

Here are my 8 ways to make 2019 better.

1.I am going to bring my 96 year old great grandmother on an outing from her nursing home to go to the casinos to gamble. Her favorite thing to do is gamble and all they have is "lame games"  at the nursing home. Those are her words.

2. I have struggled with being an alcoholic and drug addict for most of my life. I'm 3 years sober and will complete my CAC I and CAC II by june. Which is certified addictions counselor one and two. I know an addictions counselor bringing a 96 year old great grandma who's addicted to gambling might sound a little contradicting..... But hey she's 96. 
3. I want to bring my 9 year old son to Disneyland for the first time. He's always wanted to go and wants his dad to ride all of the rides so I most definenlty be sick by the end of that day haha. 
4. Going along with the addictions counseling field, I want to start a small non profit set up for ppl who want to get sober. Now days any kind of rehab cost so much money and let's face it, an addict doesn't have money but still deserves the chance for change.
5. I want to get at least 7 of my friends to transition from smoking ciggerettes to vaping. I would love to get more but I won't settle for less. By the end of the year I hope to have 7 ppl j care about transitioned into vaping. Even if I have to purchase their first mods.
6. I am going to help my best friend find a good women. Sounds easy..... It's not. Lol
7. I'm signing up with multiple sclerosis to be a peer specialist and talk to people who were recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I know when I was first diagnosed, it was very nerve racking and that's not something someone with MS needs. I want to help them see that their life is not over and there is hope. It humbled me and I am grateful for it. As weird as that sounds it's changed my life in many positive ways. 
8. Last but not least, I'm taking public speaking classes so I can become a motivational and inspirational speaker. I don't like being in front of ppl but I know it's the best way to spread motivation and inspiration to people who are struggling with depression, anxiety, drugs, alcohol or illness. I'm going to do my best. And if any 96 year olds say they are struggling with an addiction to gambling, I will help them also. Haha 
Those are my goals for 2019. I'm grateful for every day and every opportunity! 



Joshua S.

1 try to push some of the people in my squadron to be more active and lose weight 
2 mom is petrified of needles I'm going to talk her into getting matching tattoos with me 
3 get my name put on one of our military jets 
4 go to Japan 
5 to make my close friends and family proud to bring home honor to to my country 
6 idk how but I’m going to ride a camel like how many people you know can ride a camel 
7 I’m going to get back into volunteering 
8 last but not least continue to fight for the freedom, liberty, democracy around the world #hooyahhh navy 


Tammy F.

This is going to be a great year for many changes for me. One of my plan-to’s is to try as many different flavors of ejuice each month.  Another plan is to try at least one new RDA each month. I also am setting a goal to spend less then $40 a month on my vaping needs. I will also set goals to find the best deals. My goals is to drop to zero nicotine level by the year ending. I am making a goal to sell a mod as I buy a new one. I plan an adventure on making my own ejuice. Then giving samples to family and friends to try. I am going to set up a meet friends day to trade a mod/tank for a week each month I think this will be fun! My resolution is to stay on task complete each goal and have fun on my vaping journey. 


Malik H.

1.Help the homeless
2. Volunteer anywhere I can
3. Clean my house!
4. Promote cigs smokers to use vapes!
5.Give away money to the needy!
6. Make my wife happy so I can live happy  
7. Bring a baby into the world
8. Stop smoking cigs myself!


Jeffrey S.

Hello all you wonderful people at Eight Vape! I’m so happy to be able to share with you all my goals for this year! Mine may be a big ordinary for some but they’re pretty powerful to me. My goals are to continue vaping full time instead of smoking, which I honestly don’t miss at this point. I also have a general goal of bettering myself, I’m about to start new job on the 22nd, one that I’ve been psyched about for a few months. And I’m hoping that it will help solve a lot of problems in my life. 
Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest and share my goals with you



Melanie W.

My daughter is graduating high school this year and hopes to attend Northwestern State University in the fall of 2019. I am doinuîssissssss EVERYTHING I can to SAVE, EARN, APPLY for SCHOLARSHIPS, etc etc To
Earn money for her college. Reason being, colleges and the government doesn’t think that middle class and above Americans are “NEED BASED” when it comes to be in need of money or getting free money for kids for college. This is VERY unfortunate because MOST Americans have bills that HAVE to be paid. 
I’m on disability and my husbands paycheck is not enough to pay the bills AND Pay for the $11,000++ Per semester for classes as well as  to a LIVE on campus. I wish they understood the actual hardships. It seems they only want the parents financial information. It makes it really hard to send out kids to
College. Americans that are low based income are “need based” and EASILY get their college paid for with a government grant. If your parents were in the military, kids get a grant. Middle class  Americans are considered to make TOO MUCH money. In conclusion, ANY money would help out my situation. Whether it is money to assist with my vaping or money I can put in my daughters college fund


Michael C.

1. I am going to sponsor a child through Compassion International (only 38 bucks a month). You Pen Pal with your child. This great charity not only feeds,clothes, and educates them to a high school level they also teach about God. Additionally, they help ravaged cites and towns with life saving projects like building wells, power sources, generators, buildings, etc. It is awesome to be a part of this and to support this Amazing organization.

2. My Yellow Labrador Retriever is going to be 14 years old on Valentines Day and to me that is Amazing. There will be a party!!!!

3.  I am going to super clean my home and either throw out or donate a lot of great items. I am not a hoarder, but I tend to get things that never get used and they pile up (sometimes for years), so maybe someone else will put them to use more than me. The Amazing part is that I will have a much cleaner home.

4.  I am going to visit family in eastern Upper Peninsula, Michigan after that I am going to  explore the shoreline of Lake Superior across the most northern part of Michigan, from east to west, check out the Grand Pictured Rocks (if you unfamiliar with this -google it- it is truly a breathtaking Amazing site to behold), then drive south to the bottom of the Upper Peninsula and follow the Lake Michigan shoreline, from west to east until I reach the great Mackinac Bridge.

5. I am going to teach children how to fish and hope they can get past putting a worm on the hook. If i can get past that I am sure they will love it. I will also introduce these same children to the joys of being on a Roller Coaster. We will start on small slow lame Roller Coaster rides, then a few faster ones, then Corkscrews, and then move up to the more challenging, wet your pants, rides. Thrillingly Amazing!!!!  

6. I want to successfully retire, who doesn't??

7. I want to put my metal detector to use in hopes of finding something of value, even if it is just old coins. It would be Amazing to find shipwreck items or Arrowheads as well. 

8. I  would love to get out of debt completely. That would be Amazing.


R.Skip Andersen

1-I am retired due to age and before that an injury. I am now wheelchair bound. I spend my time with people that have TN (Trigeminal Neuralgia) which I have. I use my experience to help others that have this horrible affliction.  I'm 77 years old. I have pre-diabetes, 2 heart attacks (quad bypass), Peripheral neuropathy, trigeminal neuralgia, osteoarthritis of the spine, stroke left side suspected but not diagnosed, spin disc degeneration, osteoporosis, Gout, Osteoarthritis, left shoulder rotate cusp pinched and should be operated on but told I am a bad candidate for operations, High blood pressure, high calcium. I was a Black belt third degree, pilot, could run 2 miles in 12 minutes, sky dive, scuba instructor, married 33 years (I had better be right about that lol), I used to be very active so I know how these people feel that(as I) can not do the things they used to. But I got through it so I try to help them do so too.

2-I am rigging my power chair up with lights and vapor additions to entertain hospital shut-ins for encouragement. I know how hard it is to lay in the bed of a hospital any length of time. Rehabbing from and accident or disease is difficult.

3- I spend time on the fixya site answering questions on how to repair things that get broken. I was a nuclear engineer before retiring and have a journeyman’s card in manufacturing processes so I have some knowledge of things.

4- I am a witness for Jehovah and try to teach young ones what it means to love God.

5- Try not to be an aggravation to a loving wife. (This is a tough one lol)

6- I read a lot and try to stimulate the national economy by buying everything I can, (even when I can’t afford it.)

7- Well I am running out of things to do already but if I payoff my card debts I could really help the banks.

8- ok last one but not the least. I have a son that has MS served in the Marines and got it from the war spray. I pray for him everyday and all the young people that have to do those things in a world like we have.



1#- ONLY Vape & Continue to stay CIGARETTE FREE. An find myself the mod kit that fits my needs...
2#- Find a GOOD Vape Company that has good prices, quality products, free shipping, fast delivery & GREAT Customer Service... 
 3#- Do more Rving...
4#- Be more involved in with my Family...
5#- Spend more quality time with my Husband...
6#- Do more VOLUNTEER work with local Animal Shelters(non-Kill)...
7#- Donate more to Family's that may have lost a child (as I did)  help with Funeral cost,etc...
8#- Pay off some credit card debt...
9#- Watch my health, STAY HEALTHY...
10#-Take some alone time for MYSELF...


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  • Posted on by nobody

    Couldn’t sleep, browsing web an found this, so gave them all a read. Opinions are like a$$holes, whatever here’s mine…..only one person doesn’t hype or promote or in some way kiss a little a$$ with there plans for the new year. I mean all is fine with all the rest but this dude just throws it down straight an cuts up a little too. Those kinda people are my kind of people. Enjoyed the read an keep keeping it real PAUL B !!!!

  • Posted on by Sonya Rivers

    I have gave them all a good close read and only one stands out as someone who is real. Loves his family, thinks before he speaks, an has the ability to laugh at himself. That will make 2019 gr8 for everyone around him! #GO_PAUL

  • Posted on by Jessie

    I read all of them and I liked some more than others but I definitely felt identified with Wilson M., it was excellent, I hope he wins and can buy his drag that he so desires !! good luck to everyone!

  • Posted on by Victor Lopez

    I think that despite Wilson M. being the last to participate, I thought I was the best !!

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