How did vape flavors help you quit smoking cigs? Responses From You.


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In October 2013 I went to my aunt's house and they were telling me about vape I didn't like the tobacco flavor so I wouldn't vape then my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer and I went to a vape shop that let me try favor vapes I stop smoking cigarettes on November 1, 2013 and started vaping favor vapes I had tried everything to quit smoking everything just made me want to smoke more until I started vaping favor vapes. 

- Faith

I used to smoke cigarettes. Due to smoking, I was told my aortic valve in my heart was failing. Ended up having my aortic valve replaced. And my blood pressure was off the chart, I needed 3 stents, 2 bypasses, and complete heart failure. After surgery like an idiot I continued smoking. Every visit to my cardiologist was horrible. My blood pressure was always at critical level, my heart was having a hard time pumping, my oxygen level in my blood was dangerously low. One day my cardiologist looked me directly in the eye and said "your going to F'ing die if you don't stop smoking".

Well when I left my appointment I stopped at a store to, yes get a pack of smokes. I noticed they had a cheap vape pen for sale (this was around 2012-ish) and I bought it to check it out, and yes I got smokes also. Well when I got home, before even having a cig, I charged & juiced up the pen. Picked it up, took a drag, and from that day on never picked up a cig again. My following cardiology appointment my cardiologist was shocked! my blood pressure was normal and my heart was pumping absolutely strong.

He looked at me and said "you stopped smoking" I said I started vaping. He told me well, if it's doing this kinda good, and it's keeping you off cigarettes don't stop. So, here I sit today still vaping and my heart and my entire cardio system is doing just fine. I owe my life to vaping and I am proof that it is better than cigs.... It saved my life, period.

- Stephen M

I am 33 years old and from Upstate NY. I have conquered many demons durning my life with one them being cigarettes. I smoked from the age of 15 to the age of 31 and have been cigarette free for 2 years now. I had tried several times to quit smoking.. using nicotine gum, lozenges and even the Blu & Vuse ecigs but none of those options were satisfying to me, they didn't get the job done. 

I have had open heart surgery twice, one in 2016 and once in 2017. My last open heart surgery I knew that I really needed to quit smoking so I went into a local vape shop where I live and I spoke to one of the workers and they sat there with me for a good amount of time letting me try all the different flavors that they had to offer. The tobacco flavors tasted horrible, they didn't even come close to what a cigarette tasted like and definitely give the same feel. After tasting many flavors I finally settled on a fruity cereal flavor and not only did it taste good but it tasted a lot better than a cigarette did and from that day on I haven't looked back. I can say right now, had there not been flavored ejuice I'd still be smoking cigarettes. 

Thanks for being so awesome!! 😊😊

- Stásha Y.

I'm not from Michigan but I absolutely do not want to see the vape ban come to my state.  I smoked for 18 years, I'm just about to turn 36 in 2 weeks. I've watched my own health decline over the years.  I've had bronchitis frequently, trouble breathing and sleeping. I haven't been able to exercise or do any vigorous activity for a long time.  And I have 3 kids under 4 years old. I did quit while I was pregnant but managed to pick it up after they were born and hated it.  

I was ready to quit after I watched my great uncle suffer from lung cancer from smoking.  He suffered 4 long months and it was the saddest thing I've ever witnessed. I knew it was time.  

I've tried several things and non-smoking aids... I saw a few people vaping on all kinds of devices and asked them if they all quit smoking, they had.  And easily.

I got online right away and started researching like crazy.  My husband was also ready and jumped on board. And a new friend referred me to Johnnys Juice and even mailed me some.  Right away we were so impressed with the no-sweetener-added juice. We've vaped it ever since and if didn't exist, I'm afraid I would most certainly go back to cigarettes.  If there is only tobacco flavored vape, theres no point in vaping. That flavor is disgusting to me now. Its gotta be fruit flavors or custards etc... its so satisfying and I feel SO much better because of vaping!

We have been cigarette free for 63 days, saved over $600 and havent smoked 1,500 cigarettes.

This is a no brainer.  Everyone realizes its about money and politics.  What it SHOULD be about, is people's HEALTH and wellbeing!!!!

Lift the ban!!! And keep our rights in place, especially the right to be healthy!

- Kristy R.

Hello, my name is Joseph E and vaping literally saved my life. You see I chewed tobacco for 20 years and 4 years ago I was told by my doctor I had early-stage throat cancer, now I know I'm not a smoker but tobacco is tobacco. Anyways, 3 years ago my son introduced me to vaping and yes he was legal age but day 1 of vaping just 3mg ejuice I quit chew then a year and a half ago I went to my doctor and he said I have no idea how this is..but you are cancer free!! I told him I stopped chewing and started vaping and he said,well whatever your doing keep it up i go back to my doc every 6 months to check out my throat and am still clear, so I thank vaping for saving my life and for not making my sons go on without a thank you vaping and thank you eight vape for providing me with the eliquid, mods and pods that saved my life.

Regards Joseph E

I started off trying the e cigs that you find at the local gas station. And to be honest none of them worked. I was a Marlboro smoker for 16 years so I would try all the tobacco flavors. All of which tasted horrible to me and would burn my throat.  That was at the age of 30. At the age of 37 I met a girl who doesn't smoke. Has never smoked and I wanted to quit smoking as to not have to put her through the smells and harmful side effects of second hand smoke. So SHE suggested going down to the local vape shop to see what my options were. And BOOOOOY and I glad I listened. I was paired with a 200w box mod with a matching tank and 18 months later here I am still cig free. We lead an active lifestyle and b4 vaping I couldn't get from my house to the corner without being ready to pass out. Now we do 2-mile walks (while I have my vape in hand) like it's nothing. Vaping is saving my health. For the government,  local and otherwise, to ban it is only going to lead to a lot of people to go back to smoking cigarettes. Now you tell me how that's a better option. I can tell you, just by the way I feel physically, that vaping is NOT a bad alternative to cigarettes. .... I'll stop there b4 I get more into a rant. Thanks for reading and sharing my story.

~ Jeff P

When I was a child both my parents smoked, so at the age of 12 I picked it up...  Long story short my mom lost custody of us to my grandma... Who was 100 % against smoking so I tried to quit solo just for my grandma... I tried it for 6 months and it didn't help... So at this point, my grandparents had passed away and we were living with our guardians and for my 16th birthday I received my very first vape which was a little pink Kanger tech... They allowed me to use it in the house instead of going outside with a cigaret... Slowly I got off both vaping and smoking.... A few years later as an "adult" I was 19 and stressed to the max with college and all that fun stuff 

So much so that without even thinking about it I drove to the gas station and bought a pack of Marlboro reds.

And it tasted so nasty I was gagging on it! So I located my vape and went to our local vape shop and had them make a strawberry limeade flavor with a touch of vanilla and now here I am 27 years old and still vaping.

~ Chrisanna F

Jan 3 2014, I was diagnosed with stomach cancer I was a smoker for 34 years that day. I decided to stop smoking, I bought a vape pen bought tobacco flavored ejuice and I did not like it, it disgusted me. So I bought a strawberry cream ejuice and I was like yes now think I can do it. After chemo treatments and 6 surgery's I lost half my stomach and lost 170lbs. I lost the taste in my mouth I could not taste anything but a metal taste from the meds I was on..but the flavored ejuice was my savior it gave me hope because it was the only viable taste I could have. It kept me going through the very rough days I was experiencing. I could not eat breakfast for over a year but I vaped breakfast cereal flavors and it reminded me that I was a normal person like everyone else. I been vaping for 5 years with the only way I could stay off cigarettes and that's with flavors. Not tobacco I'm cancer-free for last 3 years I only survived and did not give on to the possibility of dying with the help of flavors.....

No, flavors didn't take the cancer away, but it got me through the most difficult time that anyone should have to endure in one's life. Now you're telling me I cant vape anymore with the help of flavors? Shame on you politicians......signed -cancer survivor with the help from flavors

~ Dennis Jay

After being a smoker for 28 years and trying endlessly to quit to no avail, I bought my first vape with tobacco flavoring which helped me to slow down smoking but not quit entirely. After going back and forth between cigarettes and vaping I decided to try a flavored juice, and now I am proud to say I've been cigarette free for 2 years. 

I honestly don't know if I would be able to say that if a tobacco or menthol flavor would have been my only option. Every person is going to have their own opinion on what will work for them.

~ John A

I was 15 when I started smoking. A good girl, with a good family. My best friend smoked... We all smoked. I smoked menthols. I remember the flavored Camels that came out in a pretty little tin. Those were gross. Vaping started becoming a thing when I was probably 20. I tried the little ones, the old eGo kits, it helped me smoke less, but wasn't the same, it just wasn't satisfying. I dabbled here and there and kept them with whatever menthol juice there was, but never really stuck with it.  

Fast forward 7 years, and my fiance who is a recovering addict and I decided he needed to get away from all habitual things, smoking cigarettes included. He tried to quit cold turkey, it didn't work.

I bought him a mod. He did so much better, it helped him in more ways than one. He loves the custard flavors, and not smelling like smoke, "like an addict" he used to say. I loved cinnamon flavors. 

With those flavors and decent mods, we were both able to completely, 100% quit smoking. We both feel tons better. The hobby side of vaping has helped keep him focused and off of other substances too. He finds new flavors, builds new builds, and researches new mods etc. Now we are both in it together, and the flavors are what satisfy us! I am now able to go with a zero some days, and he is down from two packs a day to 3 nicotine. Not only are we both healthier and able to be more active, we both smell good, our children are never exposed to second-hand smoke. We aren't slaves to cigarettes. Our teeth are healthier. 

But without flavors, the ecigs just don't cut it for us! Tobacco flavors are not for us. 

Flavors probably saved our lives, his especially. And our kids and friends and family certainly thank our flavors for them not having to smell us anymore! No air pollution, no actual pollution (why does no one address this? Ever seen a discarded mod or juice bottle in our streets or oceans?) No Ashtrays!!

I don't know what will happen if flavored vaping has to go... It's saved our lives, relationships, and sanity!

 ~ Samantha M.

I started smoking when I was 18 I would smoke almost two packs a day, I wanted to quit but had no luck, I went to try a little pre-filled tobacco flavored ecig from a gas station with the Hope's of quitting cigarettes but was treated to the flavor of death, I tried a few and nothing tasted good so I continued smoking cigarettes. 

Then one day my friend told me about flavored salt nics and I gave it a try and haven't looked back since. I currently haven't smoked a cigarette in about 8 months and now at 22 I feel better then I have in a long time. I always thought cigarettes would be the death of me but with flavored ejuice that's not the case. Thank you for the good deals and great customer service.

~ Eric M.

Well I was smoking anywhere from a pack to two packs of cigarettes a day. I started when I was 15 and smoked for about twenty years. I loved cigarettes but I got to the point where I couldn't breathe any more walking a short distance had me out of breath and I started hating the taste. 

So, still in need of my nicotine, I started to look into vaping as a cheaper healthier alternative. I was skeptical that anything could replace my cigarettes but it was kinda the best of both worlds something that didn't taste good awful and had nicotine. It's been about two years since I stopped. I can breathe again and I can do physical activity again. Vaping flavors really made the switch for me

~ D. Adulfo

I started smoking cigarettes at an early age (14). Like many other teens, I never put them down leading them to become a very dangerous part of my lifestyle. I'm 25 now and it was about two years ago and two children later that I decided to put them down for good, all with the help of flavored eliquid. Strawberry milkshake to be exact. I will never go back to combustible tobacco.  

~ Josh F.

I started vaping in 2013 when I moved in with my cousin in Knoxville,TN and he started buying the old school little stick setups with the screw on tanks and juices and I have to admit I didn't take it to serious at first. Then a year later I moved back to my hometown and noticed that now we have a vape shop in our hometown. So, I had decided that I would quit smoking finally and stick to it, so, I went in the vape shop and the guys (still go to this same vape shop and are friends with those guys fyi) helped me get a good starter kit and good juices and so it began.  I am still vaping and have put down cigarettes and it is ALL THANKS TO VAPING!

I don't think they see the negative effects health-wise, putting shops out of business and employees,  and those who will go back to vaping. I have met so many great people in the vaping community and everyone's story is so positive and all end the same they quit smoking cigarettes! Why the government is attacking vaping is beyond me and if it's so "bad" and there is a "vaping epidemic" then why haven't we heard about this until now? Why is there all of a sudden so many bad things happening because of vaping?!?! We all know this isn't right and together we all need to fight and let them know, "We Vape, We Vote."

On my podcast me and my co-host on our podcast the Ready Set Show Podcast,( we have started letting our listeners,  family, and friends know what they can do to help. Together with all our voices we will win this fight and keep saving lives because of vaping. Thank you.

~ D. Tuggle

Well I was the biggest advocate for smoking, constantly arguing against the health issues until it started. I always had lung problems growing up, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, you name it. Well at 13 I started smoking, by my late teens 2 packs a day, then when I became a very accomplished chef that grew to 21/2 a day. At 27 I started getting sick more and had to get the pneumonia vaccine. 

At 32 I died and was revived after a couple minutes.

With a shortened life span guaranteed, still I smoked. Then I started passing out, my breathing would stop o2 stats at 87, I was dying. My DR did research on vaping with hopes to stop me and save my life, well thanks to all the companies I started vaping with and the enticement of good taste I have been alive my health has all improved o2 stats 98. But tobacco claimed a lung, ribs, and caused chronic pain that left me disabled. 

To tobacco, you’re the devil. To the vape industry, god bless let's fight and help others heal.

~ D. Homer

I was a 2 pack a day smoker for almost 25 years. I had tried several methods to stop, including the original VUSE device with tobacco flavor, but nothing worked for me. A friend of mine introduced me to 8vape and told me that I should try maybe one of the pod mods claiming that vaping has come a long way since the VUSE (which at the time I tried it was a cigarette size device with minimal vapor production and a very tight and unsatisfying draw). I took him at his word and ordered a Breeze 2 device and a tobacco flavored liquid. 

I quickly realized just how right he was in his claim. That device had an adjustable draw and serious vapor production. I fell in love with the device and it helped me to cut down on my cigarette smoking but I was still not satisfied with the tobacco flavor. The juice manufacturers do a great job of reproducing the raw or freshly cured flavor of tobacco such as you would get from chewing tobacco or the smell of a fresh cigar  (I'm from Tennessee so I know that smell of fresh cured tobacco as it smokes in the barn and as it's being stripped and formed into bales after curing)but,as a cigarette smoker, this is not the flavor I'm looking for. Cigarette smoke carries the flavor of BURNING tobacco, a flavor that I've never seen reproduced, so I continued to smoke cigarettes. 

My aforementioned friend saw me smoking a cigarette on a break at work one day and asked how quitting was going for me. I explained to him my dilemma to which his reply was "Dude, you need to stop with the tobacco flavor and order some other flavor. They sell fruity, dessert, creamy, candy...all kinds of flavors."

I explained to him that I was trying to stop smoking and didn't see how these wacky flavors could help with that, at which point he handed me his mod and told me to try it. After a brief tutorial on how to operate the thing, I took my first gloriously flavored rip. It was Keep it 100 blue Raz lemonade and I was just amazed at how this delicious flavor could be so accurately reproduced in a vapor. I then asked his girlfriend if I could try hers and she was happy to oblige. Cotton candy, sweet and unmistakable. I went home that day and ordered my first starter kit, a Segelei Snow Wolf, along with a selection of e-juice including Yami's Butter Brew and Fruitnola, Burst strawberry, and, a favorite of mine to this day, Pacha Mama's peach, papaya, and coconut milk. 

After about 2 weeks of vaping, I realized that I had only smoked about 3 packs of cigs. After about a month I had given them up completely. It happened that quickly once I discovered, and fell in love with, flavored e-juices. That was over a year ago and I am positive that if not for this discovery, I would still be smoking cigarettes today.

~ Tony J.

I was smoking Black and Mild Cigars for years.  Then I found a brand called Red Buck. They were half the price, but they offered flavors, so I switched.  I was smoking around 2 a day when I switched brands. After that, I started smoking more and more. I was up to around 100 a week.  I got to the point I couldn’t breathe anymore. A friend of mine introduced me to vaping and I was intrigued. 

So I paid a visit to a local vape shop and they let me try out some different flavors.  I enjoyed it. So, after a couple of weeks, I finally convinced myself to pick up a cheap vape pen at a gas station.  From there, there was no turning back. After a month or so, I was breathing better. I wasn’t coughing anymore. I’m always looking for my next favorite flavor.  It’s been tough, but I always seem to come back to Strawberry milk. I love it. If flavors get banned, I won’t be vaping anymore, and that is sad. My wife loves it when I vape, she says it saves her money on air freshener and breath mints.

Thank you,

~ Don.F

I smoked cigarettes for 33yrs. I quit 5mo ago and turned to vaping because it tastes much better than cigarettes. I don't smell like a stale ashtray and most importantly for my health, I became grandfather recently and I would like to be around as he grows. Smoking cigarettes would prevent me from that. 

I feel much healthier since I have quit smoking and have gained respect and support from friends and family. I want to thank eightvape for helping me kick the nasty habit I've had for 33yrs and supplying me with a much healthier and flavorful option. Rock On Guys!!! 👍

~ Rick B.

Hi, my name is Chris, I am 43 and I smoked Newports for over 20 years. In 2012, after many years of wanting and trying to have a baby, my wife and I found out we were going to have a baby. She was pregnant. We were so excited, we bought clothes, furniture, started decorating and baby-proofing the house. 

At 4 months my wife’s water broke and we almost lost our baby. After many many complications, my son was born in August but his lungs were severely underdeveloped. I knew as a smoker, I would not be able to smoke anymore because it would jeopardize his life. I tried quitting several times, but I just couldn’t. I bought a Smoke Anywhere E-Cig and it sort of helped, but it didn’t completely help me quit. When vapes started coming out, I purchased one and with many flavors being available, I was able to enjoy the vaping experience completely, and I have not picked up a cigarette since. After smoking for over 20 years I was finally able to kick the habit. 

Now politicians want to get involved. As a consumer, it feels like our government prefers we smoke cigarettes although they know it is a proven killer, and the government just wants the tax dollars they can charge on tobacco. If that’s the issue, which seems to me like is the true agenda, then just tax vapes and let us live our lives.

If you would like to see more of my son’s Miracle Story, check out

~ Christian F

It was a little over a year ago our son was turning five..I decided as a present to him I would quit I got a vape starter kit and some strawberry and cream vape fluid(that flavor is awesome). 

I went a week smoking and vaping then went to just vaping and haven't looked back since..the wide variety of flavors is huge..the flavored fluids helped me quit were the tobacco flavors didn't because I didn't like the taste of it(I mean that's what I was trying to get away from right)...after trying a whole bunch of different flavors I ended up loving almost anything strawberry flavored. In the end, if it wasn't for the flavored fluids I would still be (with our son watching) killing my self slowly by smoking cigarettes. 

Thanks for lending an ear..and as always Keep Vaping

~ R. Banks

 Hello I am a 25 year old male from Boston. I have been vaping for over 5 years now. Watermelon honeydew was the flavor that got me off of cigarettes. I was smoking from 13-20 years old. Once I got turned on to vaping and all the different flavor options I can have and not smell like an ashtray I was hooked!!! Vaping 100% saved me.

~ D. Seaback

I am a 23 year old recent college graduate, and I vape. What some may consider a “bad habit,” I consider my saving grace. Just 4 short years ago, in the midst of my sophomore year of engineering school, my stress levels were at an all-time high. School was growing increasingly difficult, my parents were in the middle of a rocky divorce, and I was struggling with various other aspects of life I’d rather not list. It seemed as though there was no stability or security in my life. Just a year prior, I began smoking cigarettes. What started as a casual smoke soon became a yearlong battle with severe addiction. The stress in my life caused me to turn to cigarettes because the buzz was, albeit minimal, an escape from the chaos and misfortune that was eating away at me. The worse things seemed, the more tightly tobacco took hold of me, and before long, I found myself smoking upwards of two packs per day. I couldn’t even sit through an entire class period without stepping away for a smoke. It got to the point where I could hardly walk from one class to the next without taking a break to sit down for a smoke, climb a flight of stairs without running out of breath, or wake up in the morning without hacking up a disgusting lump of tar. I knew how atrocious my habit had become, but the more depressing it made me, the stronger my desire for more and more tobacco became. For a while, I even opted to use snuff alongside smoking cigarettes to combat the need to leave in the middle of classes/social events.

All this changed when one day, whilst walking across the downtown strip of my college town, a vape store caught my eye. It was at this point that I first saw a light at the end of the tunnel. What had always been the subtle nagging of, “I need to make a change,” without any realistic initiative to do so, became a newfound alternative to smoking that had the potential to offer a better quality of life. I purchased my first vape pen that day, and began my journey of recovery. It took some time to adjust and to ween myself of the smokes, but in a matter of a few weeks, I went from two packs of cancer sticks a day to one pack a day with vapes in between, then to one cigarette a day with capes anytime I had the urge to smoke, then to throwing away the packs of stokes and lighters altogether. As this progression occurred, so did the immense shift in my feeling of health and well-being. My breath came back; my ability to walk long distances and to climb stairs returned; my need for mid-class smoke breaks became an occasional vape break, which I soon felt no need for at all. I was finally in control of my life again. No more smelly clothes, of stained teeth. No more constant painful and disruptive coughing. No more waking up to the inevitable hacking up tar. All this because of the godsend that is vaping.

Not only was vaping itself responsible for my salvation, however. I originally opted to vape tobacco-flavored e-liquid, in hopes that it would feel like smoking a cigarette did and would be the best replacement for an actual smoke that I could achieve. This was successful for a short while, but I quickly found it to become equally as repulsive as cigarettes without the satisfaction of having a smoke. Thus, I sought out a better solution. I began experimenting around with flavored e-liquids, and found the overall experience to be so much more satisfying. Finally, I had found a cigarette alternative that fulfilled my cravings AND that smelled/tasted pleasant! I cannot stress the importance of flavored e-liquids enough. If it were not for this, I may very well be smoking two or three packs daily as I type this testimonial. It is highly likely that my recovery would have been stopped dead in its tracks the second I began to lose my interest in tobacco-flavored juices. Because of flavored vapor, I no longer suffer from a detrimental addiction to cigarettes. My life is back on track, and I am satisfied with where I am today. I plead: please do not take this opportunity away from others in need of being saved like I was. Vaping saves lives, and flavors multiply the number of lives exponentially. Regulate the hell out of them, implement checks to ensure they do not get into the hands of children, do what you must to keep flavored vapor from becoming the gateway to a worse addiction in the younger generation, but do NOT take them out of the hands of those who need them as I did and still do today.

Thank you for hearing me out, and I hope my story, like many others’ out there, weighs on you as you make decisions regarding this matter in the weeks to come.

Flavored vapor saves lives.

With respect and gratitude,

~ T Brown


I am a 43 year old veteran who is disabled and I smoked heavily for most of 34 years. I needed to get healthier after hearing my scale say "one at a time!" and my health was declining quickly.

In the last six months, I have lost 75 pounds and I have been cigarette free for six months. I quit smoking cold turkey using vaping. Specially flavored vaping. Generally speaking as someone quits smoking they don't want to vape tobacco flavor because that is just a mental reminder to smoke cigarettes.

Flavors saved my life. 

Vaping flavors saved my life. 

Thank you 

~ Preston

I am 38 years old right now ... Started smoking cigarettes at 17 ... Last October I switched to vaping and it saved my life ... 1 year cigarette free.

Back in October 2018 I started having this intense heartburn and I didn’t understand what was going on ... I didn’t visit my doctor ... Instead, I did an experiment.

I woke up that Friday and smoked a cigarette and my heartburn hit ... I didn’t smoke another cigarette that whole morning ... Went to lunch and when I returned to work I smoked one and it hit again and that’s when I knew.

That afternoon was pretty rough ... I threw my whole pack away and visited Walgreens and purchased some of that nicotine gum ... That didn’t help much at all ... Went back that Saturday and purchased some nicotine pads and believe it or not they worked too good ... I was getting too much nicotine.

That Monday I stopped by the gas station and picked up a Mark Ten Pod and those really helped ... Then I went to Blu ... From there I went to Juul ... Then I went V2 ... Finally  I purchased a Smok Vape Pen 22 and I have never looked back.

Started with 24 MG nicotine juice and now I’m at 0 nic ... The smell of cigarettes now makes me physically ill and sick to my stomach ... You can literally smell that crap from a mile away and I hate it.

Strawberry and grape e juice is what got me off cigarettes ... Blueberry pie and Marshmallow e juice ... Tobacco and Menthol e juice just doesn’t taste right to me but that’s just my opinion.

I’m hoping a fruit flavor e juice ban doesn’t happen but if it does I’m ready.

~ j robinson

I started smoking when I was 14 and continued to smoke up in till 10 months ago when I took my first drag off an e cigarette. I had tried the Juul a couple of time but it did not work for me so I just kept smoking. A pack of Marlboro reds or so a day. For most of those years I hated every bit of my smoking habit. I would tear apart the house for change if I ran out of smokes and if I fell short I would leave and try to bum off someone or better yet find some butts to smoke.

I tried to quit but never was able to. I’ve tried the gum, the Patch and even the doctor prescribed pill. Nothing worked. The constant want and need to have smokes loomed over my head and I could not curb it. About ten months ago I tried a drag of a friends vape and one drag of strawberries and cream was all it took. I went out and got a tank and my first pen mod style e cigarette and never looked back. My last cigarette was the one I half-finished out in that parking lot that day.    

Banning the flavors of these eliquids is not the answer and will pose an even bigger problem in the long run. Don’t let the black market get even more stronger. There are other solutions to this problem. Work with the vaping industry not against them. 

Thank you,

~ j patterson

I started vaping in Aug 2014. I never planned on quitting smoking. I just wanted to cut back and save some money. I got my little starter kit and some Space Jam e-Liquid. I never wanted to vape tobacco. The Space Jam had amazing flavor. I believe it was Pluto (bubble gum and melon) that I bought. 

I was dual using just how I planned. Two weeks later, I was only vaping and didn't even realize it. I have not had a single cigarette since then. I can breathe better, I no longer cough all the time, and I lost weight (because I can actually taste food and drinks and found out I didn't like a few things I thought I loved)! I would have never been able to quit smoking if it wasn't for the delicious flavors I am able to vape. Vaping saved my life! Adults do like flavors!

~ casey lyn

With me I started vaping to try and quit smoking and once I tried my friends vape I wanted to get one myself and I haven't paid for another pack of cigarettes again and thats been about three years now. With flavors spanning all the way from Oreos to some tea time to mango grape slush the list can just keep going. If you want to vape it, it’s probably out there but only for as long as we are allowed to vape and make are choices! 

Thank you for your time I really hope vaping can still be a thing

~ Mike B.

I smoked cigarettes for over 30 years of my life, and was constantly in poor health, every year getting sick every spring and fall, sometimes in the winter as well. I tried all the e-cigs that came on the market-all the way from the 10 dollar gas station units to the 150 dollar mega units from the specialty stores (every time I tried one, I got even more sick than normal; bronchitis and pneumonia were common every time)...

Then I met a friend who vaped, and he convinced me to try this. I went to a local vape store and got a set up of the cheapest basic set-up possible. Figured if it made me sick like past e-cigs did in the past, I wouldn't be out too much money, and would just go back to cigs. Instead, I was able to quit smoking cigs from day one. I started with juice that were similar to the cigarettes that I smoked for years, then started to explore all the flavors available on the market, fruits, candy, cereals, and mystery flavors... 

I've gone from smoking a pack a day, with well over 1000 chemicals per cigarette every day, to smoking a juice at the level of 3mg (as ive been told, the equivalent of an ultra-ultra light cig) such a huge difference from the full flavor menthol that I smoked the last 25 years of my life. 

Vapors are aware, this isn't completely healthy for us, but even my Dr has told me that the difference of vaping vs smoking is so beneficial, that even just the past 3 yrs of not smoking but vaping is hugely benefits my overall health by not clogging my lungs with the tar from cigarettes... 

I personally have noticed a difference in my own health and all-around abilities... I'm in the best health of my life, now at the age of 43, then I've ever been. Haven't had a "normal" sickness like when I smoked since I started vaping. 

Do not take our flavors away from us! This is what is helping millions of smokers squish the habit of smoking, whether they are casual smokers or life long smokers like myself...

~ Mclain k.

A Haiku

     Flavors helped me quit

Since tobacco tastes like shit

      Now vape at zero

~ Leah Mathis

I had been smoking for 20 years and was up to a pack and a half a day of Marlboro Special Blend Red 100's, when I decided to quit. 

Every year I got bronchitis from smoking. Sometimes, it even went to pneumonia. After the last time I fought it from October to January, I actually was given the pneumonia shots. You usually don't get those until you're over 65. 

I tried Chantix, but the moment thoughts of suicide had began to enter my mind from them, I threw them in the garbage.

This time things were different: I was going to be a Grandma and I was over the moon about it.

I was asked by my Mother In Law if she got me a "vape thing" if it would help me quit and I said probably and I was willing to try anything.

I went down to the vape shop, not knowing anything about juice and got Naked Azul Berries. I put that in my tank and WOW It was the best thing I had ever tasted for nicotine!

I smoked one cigarette after that day and I never want to go back.

There are so many different flavors out there to try and we all have our favorites. I for one have never bought Tobacco or Menthol. I don't like either one.

The quality of my life is better now. I don't get sick now. I might get a cold here and there, but in 2 years, I have had only 2.

I can hike like no other and I missed that.

Please, do not take flavors away from people who genuinely use them responsibly!

Thank you,

~ sara utah

So a little about me. Ever since I was little I have always loved to sing. As I got older I started to smoke we all know cigarettes aren't easy on the throat and lungs. One day my friends and I decided to do Karaoke and when I began to sing I realized something wasn't quite right. After only being a smoker for a few short years I allowed it to rob me of the one thing I enjoyed the most other than my children. I decided that quitting was probably my best option but how?

I found out about vaping and didn't think it would be for me. Then I found about all the flavors vaping had to offer, even menthol options. At this point, I had nothing to lose and plenty to gain. I tried a few flavors and I was impressed. Not only did it taste better than tobacco but it smelled better too. Unlike tobacco I wasn't limited to only two choices menthol and non-menthol. I had the choice of flavors and the options were practically limitless.

I never got bored of the flavor which helped me stick to it and after a few months, I was able to sing again. Vaping and all the amazing flavors we have to choose from gave me back my voice.  

We deserve to be heard. I have now been cigarette free for 2 years.

~ franki stevenson

When I was 13 years old, mom's mother, who had smoked for years, handed me my first cigarette. I was hooked. I was the girl in school that smelled like cigarettes, who snuck out of class just to smoke. By the time I was 19 in 2013, I had just had my firstborn daughter. I kicked the habit when I found out I was pregnant, but craving cigarettes daily impacted what was supposed to be a joyous time for me. I lived in Hawaii at the time on a military base, and was introduced to Volcano Vape Pens. My favorite flavor was Honeydew.

Fast forward to 2014, and I had picked up smoking again. There were no vape shops around me so I instantly went back to cigarettes. My daughter was 1. We always smelled like smoke. I was ashamed.

I had my second daughter in 2017, and I brought her home in a car that REEKED of cigarettes. I didn’t realize at the time how bad it smelled and how much that would impact my newborn baby. It was selfish. But I kept on.

In 2018, I was smoking a pack to 2 packs a day. I was sitting outside while my kids played inside so I could smoke. Then I met my fiancé. He made a comment about how often I lit up a cigarette, even though he smoked, he smoked 1/4 as much as I did.

Then in November of 2018, I became self-aware of how bad myself, my children, and our belongings smelled. Not only that but at the age of 24, I couldn’t run with my kids. I would get exhausted going up a flight of stairs because my lungs were destroyed. I had been smoking the better part of 11 years.

We went to our local vape shop after having a long talk and deciding to quit. We picked up some Smok V8 sticks, and a few different flavors of juice. He liked menthol, I fell in love with desserts.

I have not smoked since then, and have no desire to go back. My absolute favorite juice is Tortise Blood, and I’m grateful for my Voopoo Drag 2. We just ordered new mods and tanks to upgrade. I’m never looking back.

I now have a newborn son, and our clothes don’t stink, and I can run up a flight of stairs and chase my children and run at the park while my children giggle and scream. I’ve never been more grateful for appealing juice flavors, that made me HATE the taste of cigarettes.

Vaping saved my life, and my dignity.

~ ashley hacker

Trump is trying to ban the flavors that save, He should take a puff or do you think he should trade?

For a puff of a ciggy that could make you sick and dizzy , or a puff of a flavor that might one day do you a favor!!

Don’t ban our juice, it’s all we have, to save a life , WHY NOT, That’s the power you HAVE!

Obesity kills and food has many flavors !! Let us vape and do the world a Favor!! 🙏✌️


~ brad culotta

I started vaping 4years ago. I got a SMOK and started using nicotine 3mg it kept be between cigarettes and vape life until I realized I needed to up my nicotine dose.

I smoked cigarettes since the age of 17 and I am 41 today.

I also got menthol cause I thought that’s what I should get cause that’s what I smoked, however, that wasn’t the case. I got a watermelon ice with a hint of strawberry and this is what made me put don’t the cigarettes. I had a slip up my first year cause my mother died and I went back to my cigarettes. But I said no after 3 months back in. I visited 8vape and I started a journey of flavors. And I haven’t touched a cigarette again. I order mango berries I mean so many hulk tears. I breathe better, I don’t stink anymore, my teeth aren’t yellow and I am not spitting yellow mucus anymore. The flavors have kept me on track and I can honestly say now I will never touch a cigarette again thanks to these awesome flavors on this site

Thank you so much for saving me and my family (I have a child and I am glad I don’t smoke anymore .. second-hand smoke kills others also)

~ bianca barnett

Hello my name is Billy Alex

I have been vaping now for about 6 years.

I am going on 50. I was 300 pounds for about 6 years. I had been smoking for more than thirty years. I found out I was a dad so I moved to Florida to get my rights. I took my future wife to Florida with me and headed there. When my son was about 8 he asked me why I smoked and my wife overheard this and they both started on me. I went to a smoke shop to by a carton of smokes, and noticed the vape juice and mods. So I spent 20 bucks on a pen mod and another 20 on juice, and started my vape journey. 

Now I have been vaping for 6 years and have spent more than 2000 dollars on equipment and no idea on juice. My wife enjoyed the smell of the juice so much she started vaping. I could not make it up a flight of stairs without having to stop and take a five-minute break. Now I am 180 pounds and have not had a cigarette for more than 3 years and have not felt this good since I was in high school.

~ billy alex

My story started 6 years ago I was at 2 packs of newport menthol a day until one day at work i seen a buddy of mine vaping and i went up and asked what that was and he told me and showed me how much better it was then smoking i then asked to try it of coarse i choked but i wasn't use to chucking a cloud lol 

I waited till my next check and i went to my local shop and snatched a istick 30w with a 20w kanger subohm tank and i was hooked but not immediately. i bounced back and forth to smoking and vaping then i decided i wasnt helping my self if i was still smoking/ so i threw my cigs away and chose vaping and til this day i havent turned back i will never give up vaping cuz ik that it is better for me and it saved me from smoking and suffering and i will not give up the fight on vaping cuz tell me how many ppl do u see post a pic of a pack of cigs and rights a story that this saved there life but everyday i see someone new to vaping post that it saved their life 

#vapingsaveslives #wevapewevote #6yearsclean #wewillnotfall

~ beastly cloudz

I smoked cigarettes for over 10 years and my youngest son at the time was 16 and he started vaping and he didn't like me smoking cigarettes so in 2014 he took me to my first vape shop and I picked out the cheapest little vape pen and started vaping. 

I absolutely loved all the different flavors they offered, I enjoyed vaping so much I quit cigarettes all together as the months went but I moved up to the bigger better vape mods been through a few different mods and now today I own the Aegis mod with horizon tech tank and I love it the flavors r amazing. 

I'm now vaping the jam monster juice my favorite one is the new mixed berry..if this ban goes through all States I will honestly lose my mind, vaping keeps me sane and I really enjoy it.

~ annette bedford

Back when I was trying to quit smoking & started vaping, I tried all the tobacco flavors to  help me quit the cravings I still had for a cig. I thought they were awful & none of those really helped, someone told me to try a coffee flavor, so I did. i found a coffee & cream that I still vape to this day, ( the last 5 years ) It really helped with the cravings. I started on 24mg nicotine & I'm currently down to 1.5-3mg  of nic & haven't craved a cig for years. I plan on going to 0 nicotine.

 I no longer cough every morning, & I can't stand the smell of a cig. Vaping is meant for the smokers who want to quit smoking, not for an extra activity to have fun doing. I completely agree these teens shouldn't be inhaling something into their lungs that could possibly harm them but for a 25 yr smoker like me who's on there way to COPD or something worse, it's a life saver. To take away something from an adult who is trying to improve their life is wrong. Without flavors to choose from, there will be very little people able to quit smoking. 

Why ban something that just may save millions of lives?

~ chasity rain

~ Tracee

This is how flavors helped me to quit smoking.

I smoked cigarettes for almost 30 years. During this time my health declined in many ways such as shortness of breath during menial activities and increased blood pressure (because cigarettes temporarily increase your blood pressure after ingestion and mine was already on the cusp of being high). I also gained a lot of weight because in order to get the taste of the tobacco out of my mouth when I had one too many cigarettes on any given day I would indulge in a snack or two (because let's face it your toothbrush is not available on the go). This caused weight gain because if I chose something salty it would lead me to wanting something sweet within an hour or two after I ate it and if I opted for something sweet I would eventually be hunting for something salty latter on. Since increased snacking leads to increased weight gain in most cases I will now go into telling you how flavored eliquids helped me to stop smoking.

Once I started vaping and stopped smoking I could taste my foods much better. This lead to me not choosing fatty, sugary, processed foods so often because regular fruits and vegetables were tasting much better. Also dessert and candy-flavored eliquids were more satisfying for me because instead of eating something sweet and filled with fat, carbs and other things that can make a person gain weight, which would make me feel better when I ate them then much worse after the inevitable sugar crash and even more unfortunate realization that I was going to get fatter as a result which led to depression. I could vape most of my favorite candies, desserts and sweets and feel better because vaping is 95% safer than smoking, I could enjoy calorie-free sweets without any of the guilt and remorse and I could get just the little pop of sweet that always makes me feel better without worrying about portion sizes or weight gain. I could also enjoy candies, sweets and desserts that were, fat-free and always hot and fresh plus satisfy my nicotine craving at the same time. As a matter of fact this year on my birthday I bought a few bottles of birthday cake flavored eliquids so that I could vape my cake instead of eating and was planning to make a tradition of doing that in the future I enjoyed it so much.

Vaping has lead to weight loss for me. Since I started vaping which has been about a year now I have lost over 30 pounds without even trying. This can be verified by my doctor. I have also been taken off my high blood pressure meds because with the weight loss my blood pressure lower back into a normal safe zone. This can also be verified by my physician. I feel better, have more energy. Things like walking up a flight of stairs no longer leaves me feel winded. I smell better so my non-smoking family and friends are no longer harping on me about smoking and how bad it is for me. And last but not least my mild depression has diminished and is no longer a source of concern for me. Vaping has led to me drinking more water and stopping long enough to determine if I am hungry or thirsty, which also helps in weight loss. Vaping flavored eliquids is also helping me to rewire my brain as far as food in general is concerned because being able to enjoy other sweets that are not foods means that I can have my sweets and make more healthier food choices and have the best of both worlds. I'm working through food addiction because vaping provides me with the sweets I can consume without all the unfortunate side effects that regular sweets can bring into ones life. I enjoy flavored eliquids so much because I can have sweet without the awful artificial after taste that has chased me away from diets food products in the past. No diabetes, no further obesity, no high cholesterol, no worries about the amount of fat and other toxins I'm am making my kidneys filter from my body. No more squeezing into tight clothes because I don't want to admit that I'm getting fatter. No more cavities that need to be filled by the dentist. Vaping flavored eliquids has done all this and more for me in the year that I have been a vaper.

Flavored eliquids not only appeal to adults very much they are also helping us a great deal as well. I tried countless times to quit smoking and failed. I tried countless times to lose weight also in the past and failed. Flavored eliquids have help me to do both. This product needs to stay on the market and continue to be available to people who are of the legal age to consume nicotine. This life saving technology should not be taken away from all Americans because all Americans did not do anything wrong or unlawful when we decided to become vapers. You are punishing all of society for the crimes and mistakes of a few. The entire vape industry/community should not be punished because teens took it upon themselves to do something they clearly knew they were not allowed to do. It is clearly displayed on vape product packaging that consuming vape products is not allowed by persons under the legal age to smoke. All of the cases of people being hospitalized and or dying that has been attributed to vaping, happened because criminals manufactured counterfeit vape eliquids and placed them into vaping cartridges. Banning flavors will just give these same criminals a wider target market to sell their illegal and dangerous products to because it should be more the crystal clear that people like to vape flavors and all of the flavored eliquids that could be regulated will no longer on the market. Once you open the door to shutting down entire industries in order to protect teens and kids from doing things they should not be doing where does it stop? Teens take opiates? How do you plan to shut that industry down? Teens drink alcohol? Who's going to work on taking that off the market since the 1st try at doing so failed so miserably. Teens get pregnant? Are we going to try to take sex from everyone in order to stop that? Teens smoke cigarettes. Where is the legislature and the public cry to demolish that industry? Teens sniff markers to get high. Does that mean the art world is soon to be banished into mono chromed darkness and despair because we now need to take colors away? Seriously where does this end and more importantly when did we become the type of society that punishes everyone when only a few do something wrong. What is the difference between democracy and communism or fascism when the general public is being expected to endure things like what is now happening to the vaping industry? Also all the examples I gave of industries and products that teens use in order to harm themselves and others result in 100's of thousands of deaths each year. If teen were the only and main reason for destroying the vaping industry by removing flavored vaping products from the market, why then hasn't any of other things that have caused more harm in the past even been a topic of discussion or emergency legislation?


  1. Jordan Phillips 

Hi there. My name is Jordan and I am in favor of flavored vape juice. I feel like this is a non debatable topic as cigarettes are way worse for you yet there has not been such a quick ban on a product that is actually bad for you as this one. If this is about getting kids to not enjoy these products then this is not the way to go about it. They will find something else to smoke, which has been proven with the lung disease outbreak caused by the black market, not vape juices from professional businesses. There has yet to be any bad causes from this product. Banning this product only gives the black market more customers which in turn, more people will get sick. 

Flavored vape juice is a much better option than any of the others we have and banning this product will not stop people from getting their product elsewhere, it only makes things worse. I have been a cigarette smoker from the age of 16 for about 11 yrs. and never have I had the desire to quit until I had a better option that actually worked. Flavored vape juice has helped more people than it has made them worse off. To be so quick to ban something that has only been beneficial to many people is wrong and I believe if it’s that serious then cigarettes should be the first to go as they have done more harm to people. I really hope this isn’t the path that is to be taken and that this will be reconsidered.



I was a pack a day smoker for 27 years...I started smoking cigarettes when I was 12. I tried everything to quit...gum....patches...various medications and nothing worked. Thanks to vaping I haven’t had a cigarette in about 8 years. My life and health are so much better. I would have never been able to do it without vaping. I have never vaped tobacco flavor which was one of the things that kept me from going back. The few times I tried a cigarette after I started vaping they tasted sooo bad and I was happy to keep vaping my sweet fruity flavors. 

Vaping flavored juices has probably saved my life...I have gone from having serious bronchial illnesses several times a year and using an inhaler to being able to take the stairs at work without being out of breath. My hair, clothes, car and house don’t stink like an ashtray and it costs sooooo much less than big tobacco was charging me for their cancer sticks!


  1. Jon

Five years ago I was an alcoholic and drug-addicted. This stopped when I went to rehab to get help. There I discovered vaping and learned how to get sober. I started with an old mech mod and cuttwood unicorn milk. I found out how much I hated cigarettes and now being 5 years clean and sober I can thank vaping for helping me through it all. Today I don’t have to be a slave to alcohol and smoking pot. So in closing, I can say 100% that vaping flavored ejuice has definitely saved my life and helps other alcoholics do the same.


  1. rich vespoli

My name is Richie and I smoked cigarettes for 22 years,I lost my mom and dad due to lung cancer because of cigarettes, but I was able to stop, thanks 🙏 to vaping, I started with Blu e cigs, but it just reminded me of that flavor that cigarettes have, a couple years later, my friend opened up a vape shop and that is when I came across these flavored e juices, it's all because of this that I haven't had a cigarette since June 3,2011. 

It really hurts that my mom and dad didn't have this way to stop smoking, and it really scares me that if this ban happens, people are going to go back to smoking cigarettes, and we are going to have more deaths, just like my mom and dad. Please 🙏 think about this, do you really want to take away the only thing that has got so many people to stop smoking, such as me? 

Thank you, Richard Vespoli.


  1. Debi Meinwieser

I started smoking when I was 12 years old. I smoked two packs a day for 39 years. I have been vaping for the past 4 years and am down to 1.5mg nic.

You see, back when I was younger we didn't know that cigarettes were bad for us. As a matter of fact when my oldest son (37) was born we were allowed to smoke in the hospital. They used to hand out little aluminum ashtrays in the hospital rooms. We were not allowed to smoke if the baby was in the room but not because of the smoke, They just wanted to make sure that the baby did not get burnt by a hot ash! I'm embarrassed to say I smoke through both of my pregnancies. When I had my younger son (31) we were still allowed to smoke in the hospital but we had to go down the hall in a smoking room. Smoking cigarettes was a very normal everyday thing for most people. 

I used to smoke while I went grocery shopping, we were allowed to smoke in the mall and in the movie theaters. My dad also smoked three packs of cigarettes a day. He actually bought me a carton a week. When my dad retired from working 2 jobs his whole life to support his family he wound up becoming very very sick from smoking he had COPD and asthma with a horrible cough! Then he wound up having hardening of the arteries in his legs. He almost had to have his foot cut off because it went totally black from the blood flow being cut off. Within a six-year. He had five artery bypass surgeries in both legs they used artificial arteries, Pig arteries, and then his own that they took from his other leg. All of them failed except for his own arteries. He was cut on both legs from his ankle to his groin that caused him to have severe neuropathy. My poor father was in pain from morning till night and when he retired he was never able to enjoy his life! He was put on pain medication and as like most of us became addicted to it until the day he died at 80 years old. In May of 2012 we had my parents over for Mother's Day and also my son's birthday we had a nice day although as usual my dad wasn't feeling well. My husband took them home at the end of the night and 20 minutes later I got a call from my mom saying that Dad collapsed and the ambulance is on the way. I said I will be right there and I will call my husband to come right back. They misdiagnosed him and said he had pneumonia when really a blood clot hit his heart! They never did call the heart doctor or bring him into surgery. When they admitted him on our way up to the room, I asked is he going to surgery or at least ICU? The transport person said no he's just going into a regular room, they will have doctors treat him in the morning.  

My dad said to me Deb, I need you to promise me something. I said what's that dad? He said promise you will take care of your mother and I don't want the two of you to argue.  He said to my mother also you two better behave LOL I said that of course I'm going to take care of Mom. I'll sleep at your house until you get home. He said Deb you don't understand, I'm not coming home. I'm going to die.

Of course, I didn't believe him and I said “Dad stop you'll be fine” and he said “Deb I'm serious I'm not going to come home you need to promise me you're going to take care of your mother.” He told me to take her home and I kissed him and said I love you Dad.  He said I love you to honey!

We left to go home & 15 minutes later we opened the door & the phone rang, the nurse said you need to get back here your father took a turn for the worst. That's all she told me... When we got there I saw them performing CPR in the room. They were shocking his chest & pushing on his chest and blowing air into his mouth for 40 long minutes! Needless to say, I was screaming and crying, my mother was freaking out and crying and neither one of us knew what to do as we sat there watching my dad lay in the bed and he was DEAD! Yes, I should have sued the hospital but I never once thought about it until it was too late. My dad was right he knew he was going to die because they misdiagnosed him and weren't taking care of him properly.

My mother is 89 yrs old & has been living with me ever since that night! I didn't need to promise as I wouldn't have it any other way.  He always told me that before it's too late you need to get off these damn cigarettes. 

I enjoyed smoking I never thought I would quit even though I had asthma and use the inhaler and nebulizer every single day I didn't care. I also had vascular disease and I too suffer from severe neuropathy from the vascular disease. After Dad died I wanted to stop subjecting my mom to my second-hand smoke and I was tired of coughing up a lung every morning and having yellow walls.i was tired of sticking like a dirty ask tray. I knew it was time...

I tried to quit a few times but I always failed. One day I saw a vape shop and I thought to myself, I should give it a try. The shop owner found the perfect setup for me ( kangertech Juppi) and allowed me to try different flavors of E-liquid at his sample bar. I immediately fell in love with vanilla bean ice cream and blueberry cake! I didn't quit immediately but after 3 months of going back & forth I found myself reaching for the vanilla ice cream because it was so delicious. I still have my last pack of cigs to remind me how disgusting they are and how far I've come. I no longer have asthma nor do I need my inhaler or nebulizer. Also, my mother never smoked a day in her life but she suffered from COPD & asthma from second hand smoke. Mom no longer has either and her lungs are clear and healthy! 

I could never have been able to quit if I only had the choice to vape tobacco or menthol flavors. I would rather smoke. Flavors truly saved my life and prolonged my mother's life so she doesn't have to live attached to oxygen any longer. I love collecting different mods & tanks but without flavors they will all be useless. Honestly, I am extremely nervous if New Jersey imposes a vape ban. I feel so bad for New York & Michigan who already imposed the flavor ban. So many people are out of jobs, lost their business and most importantly are without their flavors!

We all need to continue to fight! I went to Trenton and spoke at the hearing. We haven't heard their decision yet. Praying this all gets resolved and we all can continue to use a product that is a 95% safer alternative to smoking!

A dragonfly has been hanging around my patio for the past 2 years.  They say a dragonfly is an angel coming to visit. My Dad sees that I am caring for mom and am finally cigarette free!! I did it Dad!!


  1. Exotic Petting Zoo

Did you know that nicotine is the only drug found to reverse brain damage caused by psychosis? I had been in and out of mental hospitals for two years. Diagnosed schizoaffective. I went from earning six figures to being unable to work. I drained my savings. I almost went bankrupt, almost homeless. However, I was getting better, much better, over time.

It was very slow as as I said, this was over a period of two years. I was 24 years old, psychotic, and alone. My family abandoned me during my first psychotic break. Anyways, I read about a study that said nicotine helps with psychosis. 90% of schizophrenics smoke.

So I went out and bought a vape. I intentionally "got addicted" to nicotine and it was the best thing I ever did. My mind started clearing up. I can't really explain it, because I wasn't really psychotic anymore after two years.

However, my brain just didn't seem to be working anymore. There was a lot of PTSD. My mind was just a mess. Do you know what it's like to have flashbacks of a delusion where you were speeding down the street, convinced that some group of people is following you. Hearing them say they are going to catch and kill you.

I've had that delusion several times. My flashbacks feel like there was legitimately people in my house. I don't know how to explain it. I was really stupid. I couldn't write anything. I barely spoke.

The medications took away my psychosis. However, my mind was still very broken. After I started vaping it all started to lift. I regained my ability to communicate, think clearly, write, and remember. After 6 months I returned to work part time. After a year I was working full-time again.

Now two years later, I feel like I have almost completely recovered my IQ. Nicotine is actually a medication. It's good for some people, it's okay for others. If they banned vaping I would have to start smoking.

I vowed to myself, when I was 8 years old and my grandma died of lung cancer, that I would never smoke a single cigarette. That's what they would force me to do so I can get my medication? Really?

We know lung cancer kills 160,000 thousand people a year! We have like twenty deaths "from vaping" nationwide after it being popular for 10 years. We also know that most, if not all, of these deaths were caused by black market THC vape cartridges.

I would rather see 60% of all students vaping and 0% smoking, instead of 20% of all students smoking. That's not what is actually been happening, but it would be acceptable if it did so, in my opinion.

Don't take away my medication for your crony capitalism scheme. Don't force people to use drugs in a dangerous out-dated method.



  1. Shelly C

Here’s a true story, no joking, how vaping flavors helped me quit smoking. I’ve smoked for over 20 years of my life, but I had to quit for myself and my wife. The flavors made it easy for me to quit, because it tastes better than the tobacco in a cigarette. Now I’ve quit smoking cigarettes for good, so vaping flavors does work as it should.


  1. Jared Arney

Well, for me this all started about twenty nine years ago.

I was about 16 years of age I believe, times were a little simpler didn’t have as many worries as I do today. Wow where do I start, I had an older brother that smoked and me being very young and impressionable I really want to try it, thought it was the cool thing wanted to fit in. I dabbled a bit in smoking and didn’t really get hooked till after I started my first job. Again, just wanted to fit in, hell I had already quit school been emancipated and was living on my own. Well years went on as they always do and of course little to my knowledge at the time I was hooked really bad.

I stared out trying I don’t know how damn many brands and flavors till I eventually found my flavor. Well the under a pack a day eventually became to about two and a half packs a day.

No matter how many times I tried to quit Wamo I always went back to those nasty smokes.

Twenty seven years later I was still smoking not able to quit and pissed off cause I could not cut back or slow down frustration at its worst I tried patches, pills even tried the little vaping pens, those were a damn mess tried vaping a couple more times. 

I actually ran into I guy from the wife’s work and helped me out and got me started on vaping.

I’m going on over two years vaping and no smoking.

I guess you just put certain things in the back of your mind such as smells cause cigarettes smell like burning dog shit. I don’t even think about them I believe I made the right decision based on how I feel now I can breathe for one cigarettes were killing me and I beat the cigarettes, I did it for me cause I matter.


  1. M. Dang

I was in the 6th grade when I started smoking. Aug 20th I turned 43. Before I started vaping I was smoking 2 ¹/² to 3 packs a day. I tried to quit over and over again but nothing would work. With the medications I'm already on for extreme anxiety manic bipolar depression, I couldn't take medicine to quit. I couldn't get pass a couple hours if even that without a cigarette. I have chronic bronchitis and had been in hospital twice for pneumonia, but even with that I just couldn't give them up. Sept.1st 2016 I was driving down Park Blvd about 4pm. My son was sitting in the back seat very quiet which is very unusual for him. I asked him what was up, he told me that some of the kids had asked if he smokes and had told them no but they said you smell like cigarettes every day. That hurt my heart so bad. Mom I use the body spray and cologne that you bought me. Anyone knows if you smoke it doesn't matter how much cologne you spray it stinks.

 I'm a single mom, and with all my health issues my kids said they want me to take of myself so I can be there for them. My children are truly a blessing. I usually don't put my info out there but I think these people that are trying to ban flavors needs to know everyone's story. So I saw this Vape shop on Park Blvd and went in with hope they could help me. They spent 45 mins with me giving all kinds info got me started with my first setup Kanger tech mini sub tank kit,and guess what? My first flavor was Beard 24 which is a Carmel malt shake. That's what started me on my vaping journey. Since I started vaping I haven't had a chronic bronchitis attack in the three years.i don't smell like smoke most of all my kids don't smell like cigarettes. I'm not weezy anymore. I don't wake up in the middle of the night for a cigarette... And that means a lot to me.

We all have our own stories about how we all started vaping, but we all have something in common and that is that we don't smoke cigarettes anymore. That is reason enough to keep the flavors. There's a lot of people that are affected by cigarettes, the people that do the smoking and the people that love them. Instead of trying to get rid of flavors that are helping people successfully quit smoking we should be embracing this new found miracle. This is a community of people that have this one problem, and there is a solution to this problem... It's not just vaping it's a community it's a better way of life with everyone in this community acting as a family to help one another out a beautiful support system that has grown to epic proportions.  

The Vaping community hasn't just helped people quit smoking but it's giving people other outlets in their lives. It's given people jobs and helped people start businesses, businesses that they are proud of, that they want to be able to help as many as they can, to share the same miracle that helped them quit. It's not all about money. It's a love of helping their fellow man.  

 Mary Dang


  1. Donnie McAbee

For 8 years I smoked 2 packs of cigarettes a day and on average 2 cans of smokeless tobacco a week. I started smoking when I was 15 yrs old and smoked until I was 30. I had tried multiple times to quit but, I had no luck. I tried gum, patches, and meds and no of it helped me quit. I just craved it and nothing was helping. At around the 30yr mark, my uncle who had smoked for 30 years was in the hospital dying with lung cancer. It was terrible to watch him suffer. After leaving that hospital room I was dead set on quitting. I tried and failed.  

My youngest daughter was close to being born and my oldest daughter looked at me one day and said "daddy, I don't want you dying like Uncle Michael" which really hit me hard. So, again I decided to go to the store and give nicotine gum a 4th try. When I was in checkout I looked up behind the lady checking everyone out and seen a "Blu cig" so when I got up to the counter I asked about it. She explained it to me and I decided why not give it a try. I bought the starter kit Which came with 2 tobacco flavored cartomizers, a cherry flavor and a vanilla flavor. I was excited to try it out.

I first tried a tobacco flavor. It tasted great but, it left me craving a cigarette. After 2 days I bought a pack of camels and put the Blu up. I figured "it just makes me crave a cigarette" I hadn't tried the other flavors yet. I didn't think it would make a difference. I finished that pack of camels in a half a day and went to buy another one. Well, later that night I kept thinking about what my daughter had said. I decided that I'd try the other flavors. I tried the vanilla. The first time it hit my taste buds I was in disbelief! No way something could be that tasty! But, sure enough it was. That night was a turning point. That FLAVOR of vanilla was the turning point. That was night marked the night that I would never smoke another cig and 8 yrs later I have never touched another. 

Since then I have tried all the flavors that I could. Switched to better mods, better attys, and better flavor. To this day vanilla and custard are my favorite flavors. In my opinion and the opinion of my fellow vapers, vaping has saved my life.



  1. rob phillips

I started smoking when i was 12 ,, been smoking for 40 years ,, Jan, 1 i stopped smoking and want to vaping i love all the flavors out there i want from 6 mg for 6 months  now down to 3 mg soon to be down to 0 mg . vaping have saved my life . back in Dec . i was diagnose with COPD stage 2 Dr told me i need to stop smoking then in Jan, i took up flavor e juice  and naver looked back , if they take a way flavor e juice a lot more people may not be so lucky as i am to suit smoking and going to vaping flavor e juice  


  1. Oscar Salgado 

Hello, My Name Is Oscar Salgado Im 23 And Heres My Little Story.

Well For Me Vaping Basically Saved My Life. I Was 13 When I Started Using Drugs/Cigarettes and i Ended Up In The Hospital. After That I Had A Baby So I Decided For Her I’d Stop.

Then I Found Out About Vaping Like 4-5 Years Later On Youtube From (RipTrippers) I Thought It Was Cool/Amazing So Then I Got My First Kit Which Was The Kangertech And An Ipv2 Or 3 I Don't Remember But I Got Into Fruity/Candy E Juices And Cereal Flavored E-Liquids.

I Started Vaping At 18 Or 19 And Im 23 Now And Im Healthier Now Then I Was Back Then, My Wife Loves That Im Not Into Drugs Anymore She Prefers Vaping Over Anything For Me. As For My Daughter Im Glad I Stopped All That For Her.

Lately The Flavored Ban Is Scarring A Lot Of Us Because It Can Or Might Take Us Back To Our Old Ways. It's A Scary Situation But I'm Still Hoping It’ll All Go Away And Go Back To Normal.

Thank You Guys For Letting Me Share My Story,
I Hope It Can Help Someone Else.


  1. Laura Sawyer

I started smoking before I was 16. I had stopped once for 3yrs, gained a lot of weight, started back, mainly to get back to size I once was. Then some years later I stopped again for a year and a half. Started once again. I tried the first ecigerettes, that were supposed to taste like cigarettes, that didn’t work for me. 

Finally, the vaping craze started. I tried once again. This time something worked for me.  The flavors are what got me to finally lay the cigarettes down. I vape sweet flavors. It satisfies me in every way. I don't want cigarettes. Don't like the smell of them. I've went from 24mg to 3mg. I get my fix of my desserts without eating them and I've not gained a lot of weight. Plus, my husband found out he had COPD. So, this doesn't hurt him. I took care of 2 situations with one little thing....flavor!

Thanks to all that developed this wonderful alternative to cigarettes. They truly have saved many lives.

Love, Laura Sawyer 


  1. Gin P

After a visit to my dr office I found out I have copd. My Doctor recommended vaping to stop smoking. I started vaping 3-4 years ago. Flavors make it pleasant to vape and menthol flavors help me breathe better as well. I used to be on oxygen most all the time. Now I just mainly use oxygen to sleep and I can function and breathe much better. 

Vaping has changed my life and I got my husband to vape as well. No more sitting outside in the cold or the heat so I don’t have to feel sick anymore. I am thankful for vaping and improving my health. 


  1. Ashley M 

I think of the 5 years

I spent enslaved to its beck and call.

I think of the lies I told myself to ensure

its hold on me. How I convinced myself

that its treacherous act was fulfilling some 

Need, some longing that mysteriously

never went away. I think of the twenty

times each day I held the delusion

that it was making me feel better,

and thought I was sane in the process.


And now I think of the past 6 years

Being about to move and feel more alive

I think of the times I relied on something that wanted me to die

This new feeling is amazing, the smell of fruit

The no longer aftertaste, 

being in  shape 

I now feel like I’m in control 


I think of the lengths I would go to

to get one I was 15 - Late night solitary walks

to liquor stores in dangerous neighborhoods,

taking money from my friends and my family,

Waiting for checks, working at a young age just to support my habit. 

I think of how I convinced myself I was normal

and not a “real” junkie. How I lied to myself

constantly. I shudder at the thought. But things

are better now. I am free. I looked the demon

in his face, and saw him for the liar that he is.


When I look back now, here we are 6 years later

The late nights turned into drives blowing my blueberry goodness throughout the night

Working to try the new amazing fruity flavors my brands real ease,

Convinced I’m more in shape and better minded then I was when I was young

I lied to myself and listen to others when I thought it was cool and helping my mid life crisis 

I look up now and I’m in control


  1. Caleb Thomas

Vaping saved my life.

 I used to smoke almost a pack to a pack and a half of cigarettes a day. I tried to quit smoking so many times but I couldn’t. My wife hated the smell and the fact that what I was doing was killing me. The fact that if we had kids, secondhand smoke was a big deal. I would be putting them in harms way because I couldn’t stop. Secondhand vapor is not harmful can provide scientific and medical studies if you want. It was when I got married that I made the switch to vaping. I started out at a high MG (24mg) and have tapered myself down to between 3mg and 0mg. 0mg has absolutely no nicotine, the addictive component in tobacco products. We see a 90% failure rate for people who try to quit smoking the traditional way, either through cold turkey, patches, or even hypnosis. Used to be, I couldn’t Go 5 or 10 minutes without a cigarette. They control your thoughts AND your actions. I still vape, but I don’t need to use it every 10 minutes. I can go hours without using it and have even gone days. I can run a mile without a problem. Before, I may have been able to run 40 yards before getting too winded to breath. How was I supposed to be able to play with my kids?! I made Ashlee a promise that I would actively try to quit altogether when we had kids and I’ve been doing that. I don’t have to worry about the little one getting ahold of it and accidentally dying because it’s sweet and she drinks it. 0mg can be drank straight from the bottle, although I don’t know why you would want to. One of the main things that helped me switch and get to the point where I am now was the flavors. I tried e-cigarettes that were tobacco or menthol flavored before I was married and it didn’t work. But when I discovered the candy flavored vapor products, I knew I found a winner. I haven’t had a cigarette in 5 years. I can kiss my wife without feeling subconsciously insecure because I know she smells me and it turns her stomach. I can sit in a car and use it without the worry of hurting her or anyone else. The flavor is what attracted me and enabled me to stop smoking cigarettes (the leading cause of death in the US). Without it, I may very well still be smoking. Struggling to quit and failing miserably. I feel confident that I can stop using the vape product in the future, something that I never thought would be possible with cigarettes. These flavor bans do nothing to protect the youth that are using them. They will use tobacco or menthol flavored products in place. It’s the feeling that comes with nicotine that these youth want. The “high” you get as a new smoker. Those of you who smoke know exactly what I’m talking about. When you smoke a cigarette for the first time, or anything with high amounts of nicotine for that matter, you get a buzz. That goes away very soon and all your left with is addiction. 

These kids aren’t getting their hands on these things because of the flavor, they’re getting them because adults are making poor decisions and are buying them for them. We have a kid at work who continually asks me to try my vape, saying that he smokes already. I have zero tolerance for that crap. It’s a stiff no each and every time. In order to protect our youth from these lifelong addictions, there need to be stricter laws on providing underage kids these nicotine and tobacco related products. Age limits need to be in place but higher than age 18 or even 19. I will flack from the vaping community for saying that it needs to be 21 (I also believe that about cigarettes) because a child’s brain isn’t fully formed until ages 20-23. Why an age limit? Because I believe that every person has a choice. It was my choice to start smoking at age a Christian college that bans smoking (shoutout to MVNU). I may have legally been considered an adult, but I was still very immature and my brain was still forming. That’s how I got addicted to nicotine, and it’s taken over 10 years to get to the point where I am now. I didn’t actively try to quit altogether when I made the switch, but because I made the switch, it has made the possibility of quitting jump through the roof. Please, don’t let misinformation mislead you and guide your decision making on these products. Rather, be an advocate for these youth by demanding that stronger laws be put in place to punish adults who provide teens with these products. And for the love of all that is good, DON’T START IN THE FIRST PLACE...whether it be vaping or smoking in the first place. But like I said, as an adult you can make your own decisions. You want to wreck your health by smoking, then by all means, wreck away but don’t drag anyone else down with you. Don’t start vaping if you don’t smoke in the first place, but if you do, you need to be an adult and aware that it is addicting if you vapor products that contain nicotine (again anything other than 0mg). If that’s the decision you want to make...AS AN ADULT...then that’s your choice but don’t be handing kids these products and don’t be buying them for them. Be responsible IN your actions and be responsible FOR your actions. 


  1. Leanna Frede

My son Nic constantly nagged me about quitting, (believe me I tried many times and failed!) one afternoon he made me stop at a vape shop in council bluffs Ia so I could learn more about it. I was closed minded and stupidly thought it was just as bad as smoking cigarettes!! We walk in and I’ve got my “let’s hear this BS” attitude and just wasn’t on board until she’s explaining this vape pen to me and I tried it. I immediately coughed for what felt like hours and just wasn’t having it. I decided to give her a few to explain about this “pen” and well needless to say she opened my eyes! 

I walked out of there with some grape juice and this pen. I gave it several months actually returned and got this mod that I loved but was still smoking cigarettes. Then I’m introduced by my son to the surorin drop and within 2 weeks I was completely cigarette free. That was 2 years ago. Although I need to cut back on the nicotine and probably go back to either my mod or pen I am proud to say I kicked a nasty smelly “more expensive “ habit by vaping. If this is taken from me I will absolutely lose my shit! I have a very high stress job and without some sort of relief I’m absolutely unbearable to be around!


  1. Randall Lamb

I'm 49 and had smoked a huge portion of these years.i quit and started again so many times I just quit counting. Until I tried the vape.when that I began vaping I noticed the cravings for the real cigarettes was going away. I vaped for two weeks and kicked the smoking habit.have not touched a cigarette in almost 3 years. It's because of the lemonade flavors that I enjoyed much more. Hated the tobacco flavors. So now not only I kicked the cigarette habit.and have even worked myself down from 24mg to 3mg with at times I go to gonna vape the lemonade for the flavor and go 0mg all the way. So I say .....Leave the Vape industry alone. It may have some effect on some. But they just go overboard on the nicotine levels.and poison themself. I feel much better than when I smoked. Last thing I'll note. To much of anything is dangerous !!!!!!....


  1. Lisa Brown 

How did flavors help me quit? Well let me tell you about that. 

This is a story of 2 people, myself and my husband. I had been smoking cigarettes off and on for 10 years. Usually when I was stressed out at work or something in life, I would immediately reach for a cigarette to calm my nerves and diffuse my anger. My husband on the other hand, he was a heavy, 2 pack a day smoker. He started smoking cigarettes back when he was 12 years old. He was working on farms before and after school as a farm hand to help bring in money for his parents so that way they had food on the table. He would get up at 2 am, go to work and at 6 am get a ride to school and start his day there. After school let out that day he would go right back to work and be home by 8 pm that night. Do his homework and be in bed by 9. He did that for years, but within the first few weeks of working as a farmhand he picked up smoking cigarettes. 

Marlboro Reds were his brand of choice and working as a farm hand cigarettes were easily accessible. It was his outlet for how busy his life was at a young age. It was his way of escaping. When he tried quitting the first time he was 20, he had smoked 8 years. He tried the gums, the patches, pretty much everything you could buy at the store, nothing worked. Most of the time when using the patches or gum he would end up smoking while using them. He eventually got tired of trying to quit smoking and game in to the cigarettes and continued to smoke. He continued to smoke for another 10 years, for a total of 18 years. And then I got pregnant with our first child. He wanted to give quitting another go and promised me, he a smoker of 18 years, he would give his best effort to try and quit smoking. For me, for our child, for himself. But he didn't want to go back down the path of patches/gum/lozenges because he knew they didn't work from the times before he tried to quit in the past. 

He decided to see what other methods were out there and do his homework on them to see if they were for him and that's when he came across the Royal College of Physicians research on vaping. After reading it, he decided to give it a go. His first device was an ego-pen with 24 mg freebase tobacco store juice. 

The first flavors he tried were a Tobacco Flavor and a Strawberry Flavor. The tobacco juice he used first, filled up his ego-tank and fired it up. The look on his face was quite disturbing as he said "This tobacco flavored eliquid tastes like garbage". He proceeds to empty the tank and toss the bottle of  tobacco flavored juice and proceeded to fill it up with the strawberry flavored e liquid and his face changed. The next day he took his cigarettes, tried to light one up, took a puff off it, and immediately tossed the cigarette and threw his pack of cigarettes away.

 That was almost 7 years ago. We both feel better, can breathe better, don't smell like an ashtray and we did it together. For our family. Flavors helped us quit smoking cigarettes. My flavor was Strawberry Watermelon Lemonade (18mg) and his was a plain Strawberry Juice at 24mg. Today he's down to 6mg e liquids and I'm down to 3mg myself. And we've never looked back at cigarettes since. Not only did flavors help us both quit, they've saved our lives from cigarettes and saved our family so our children and grandchildren one day will know their grandparents. Unlike my husband, his great grandfather and all 3 of his grandfathers died before he was 20. All of them died due to cigarette related illnesses. He doesn't want to go down the path they did. I hope that this story gets out there to others that could be saved from cigarettes and show them what our battle was with them. If my husbands and my story reaches even one person and they make the switch from cigarettes to vaping. I will feel like me telling these stories was well worth it.


                  Lisa Brown


  1. rusty russell

When I was a kid (almost 40 years old now)they didnt realize how deadly cigarettes were, so I grew up with smoking in my house and in the car...with the windows up! Needless to say, I ended up with mom would let me mow yard and shovel snow for a pack of cigs when I was 10 years old or so,it turned into a pack a day habit by 15 years old,and by my early 20s I was up to a pack in a half a day!I kept that up for over 10 years!needless to say after 10 years I knew I couldn't make it another 10 years at that rate,but by then your kinda trapped without much escape in sight,sometime in my early 30s I started hearing about "vaping" didnt pay much attention at first till I seen my doctor for repeated phenomena and walking phenomena and he said it was do or die for me!so it was time to pay more attention to alternatives!

 I ordered my first vape setup with a menthol tobacco e juice,tasted horrible and went back to cigs right away,a month later I was sick again! So it was time to stop for good! I ordered a new vape setup and a cotton candy flavored ejuice and after a couple days the smell of cigs make me sick to my stomach,they still do to this day!as the days went by I could breathe a little better each day, its now been over 3years without a cigarette and 3 years since I had any kind of chest sickness, I can run up a flight of steps without getting light headed and run around with my 3 kids without having to stop to catch my breath! After a few of my buddies seen how much change it made in my life they also dropped the stinkys for something fruity and delicious! I've moved on to more dessert and cereal flavor juices now but I can honestly say that cotton candy flavored ejuice saved my life!!!


  1. justin troop

My name is Justin and vaping has saved my life in more ways than one. I started smoking when I was 19 in the Army while in Iraq. Everyone around me did it and eventually I just followed suit. I quickly became a pack plus a day smoker. This went on for 6 years. In 2011 a fellow Soldier showed up to the office with this crazy pen looking thing and started vaping in the office. I lost my mind at first but then he explained to me what it was. I quickly jumped onto the internet and found a local Vape shop and drove their that night and got set up with an early set up from Kanger. I tried like 15 flavors that night and was hooked on the house blend peaches and cream. 

I haven't picked up a pack since. I instantly felt better, waking up not coughing up science anomalies. My quality of life just seemed to be improving drastically. Fast forward to 2018 I go to the dr and was told my lungs and everything look great, but I was at serious risk of diabetes. Me and little debbie have this love affair that I couldn't say no to. So being the smart guy I think I am I went to the vape shop and grabbed a few dessert flavors, of which I have been purely fruits at this point. I have now been curbing my sweet tooth using other flavor varieties and am happy to say lost 50 lbs and am at no risk of diabetes now. Vaping not only helped me stop smoking but now is also helping me control my sweet tooth and saving me from diabetes as well. Vaping truly is an amazing thing, I owe my life to it.

Justin Troop, Virginia Beach VA


  1. Linda Garcia 

 I smoked for 47 years, about 1-1.5  packs a day depending on the day, I have tried the well known Patches, Gum, Lozenges, Acupuncture and  even tried to go "Cold Turkey", at times, I was able to make it a few days, but eventually I would go back to smoking because I was not able to get rid of the feeling of needing to smoke, that is until I started vaping. 

It only took a couple weeks to completely get rid of the cancer sticks. I credit the availability of the flavored  ejuice to shake the cravings...I can experience flavors much more pleasing to my taste buds than the ashtray taste of tobacco ejuice. The ban on flavored juice would take that away. Cigarettes have been killing millions for YEARS, and with under 20 deaths with vaping (and no proof yet of what is really at fault) they want to ban flavored ejuice? I think the success of so many lifetime smokers to give up cigarettes, is proof that it works. This could be a catastrophic blow to those who rescued their health & life with flavored juice. I am a living testimonial to that!

 Linda Garcia


  1. Orion Marra

It is funny, you can not remember when you picked up cigarettes and started to smoke but you can remember the exact day you started vaping. For me it was December 10th, 2010. A year prior I had a heart attack, mild one thank goodness but still something to trigger a change needed in my life. I have the kind of personality that I go all in when I do something. So 12/10/2010 was the day I dropped cigarettes and started vaping and never looked back.

I started with menthol flavoring and then slowly got into fruit flavors. Nine years ago there wasn’t many vape stores or flavor creators. To me, it almost didn’t matter the flavor per say, but I was not smoking cigarettes and that meant more to me than anything.  Two years later I started my own E-juice company. We were a profitable international E-juice company and we sold the company 5 years later. But that didn’t deter me from informing and helping as many as I can to switch to vaping.

I have never gone back to smoking cigarettes and still see my cardiologist every six months. To this day he is proof vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking. Vaping saves lives, we need to make sure that this healthier alternative to smoking is here to stay.

Orion Marra


  1. Carmen Johnson

 In Oct of 2012 I remember buying a pack of Newports and then lighting up that cig & puffing on it like it was my last. Little did I know that it literally was the one and only cig I smoked out of that pack. My sister in-law was telling me about this pen thing that is supposed to help you to quit smoking. I thought to myself here we go with another gimmick for someone to make money. In all honesty I'm the naive one that is always down to try something new. And let me tell you" I'm so HAPPY that I did!" I started with them lil ego pens and the highest nic level the shop had to offer I believe was 32mg of watermelon flavoring. The guy at smoke shop filled tank for me & was showing me the other pens/mods they had. I like pretty things but they were a bit costly for my pockets so out the store I went. I continued to hit my pen with NO thought of my Newports. I live like 40miles from the shop I went to and I started becoming a reg customer. Next thing I know shops were popping up EVERYWHERE!!!  Being a newbie I never wanted to go into shops jus asking questions until....I realized that the shop had so much to offer from juice, knowledge, mods, pens, batteries etc. I was in heaven. Within a month or two I was down to no nicotine just FLAVORING!!! 

If a person that doesn't vape, will NEVER understand how much the flavoring is what's helping SO MANY PEOPLE QUIT THEM NASTY CIGS!!! To be able to have your nic in any flavor you desire is AMAZING! Never realized how much cigarettes make u stink until I quit. Can't stand that smell anymore literally makes me nauseous. I don't understand why all of us have to suffer or even pay the price for the carelessness of others. Everything has a warning sign from drinking, smoking, drugs, guns, even food the list goes on. It's unfortunate that some have died gotten sick etc BUT that Caution label is there for a reason use at your own risk. 

Taking flavors away will only drive some vapers back to smoking cigarettes and I feel that cig companies are losing money because of vaping products. What about the dangers of cigs causing many health issues? Why NOT ban cig sales or guns sales or alcohol??? Y the flavoring of juices? How many of us would be alive today if vaping wasn't an alternative? How many family members would have lost someone because smoking cigarettes was the only option out here? I know I'll NEVER GO BACK TO THEM STINKY'S but I do know I'm trying my best to stock up on all the juice flavors(I love) that I can. 8vape I wanna thank u for having such great deals and affordable prices, u are my FAV go to site for ALL MY VAPING NEEDS.


  1. James Scisciani

It helped me quit back on 3/15/14 d@$# it's been a pretty long time but the first juice I used that helped me quit was get by the standard it's a pineapple, coconut with a hint of menthol but then I realized that I smoked menthol my whole life so I chose to get away from that and here I am 5years and some change vaping strong. VAPING SAVED MY LIFE PERIOD.


  1. Lori Strother

I smoked my first cigarette on the night of March 19th 2006. I remember it vividly because it was the night that my husband returned from Iraq and shot himself in the head in front of me. I was offered a cigarette on the way home from the hospital and that was all it took. Cigarettes became my go to for some tiny bit of relief of stress I guess. It was a rough time and I lost the will to live so I didn’t care about the harm smoking would do to my body. 

I smoked for 8 straight years after that. I became a firefighter to keep myself busy and get myself out of the house more. Fighting fire isn’t easy work and it was really beating me up combined with the smoking. A friend suggested I start vaping. So I got one and started out with tobacco flavor. I hated it! Ended up going right back to my cigarettes. A few months later another friend was vaping at my house and I smelled it. I asked what it was because it smelled amazing and she replied with “Atomic Fireball” I tried it and instantly fell in love with the flavor.

 I ran out the very next day and got some and stopped smoking in February of 2014. I haven’t smoked a real cigarette since that day. Having flavors is the only reason I was able to quit smoking. Vaping has helped me breathe so much better. When I fight fire, I’m not gasping for air or coughing my head off. I feel like I’ve never smoked a cigarette ever. My kids don’t have to smell that nasty smell, our home doesn’t stink like tobacco and I don’t have to worry about leaving my kids completely parentless by getting cancer from cigarettes because thankfully vaping doesn’t have all of those harmful chemicals. 

I truly never seen myself being able to quit smoking. Back then, cigarettes were my crutch. Now they’re just a bad memory and smell I try to forget. I’m truly grateful for having nicotine flavors! They satisfy any and all cravings/urges to smoke. Without them I’d still be killing myself and my kids with Marlboro black. 


  1. Gasper Diosdado

I first started smoking at the age of 19, yes the same old "smoking to be cool in front of my friends" phase I'm sure others can relate too. It started out casually just at parties and get togethers, well that changed quite quickly. I found myself easily annoyed and anxious during the week so that's when I decided to go buy a pack for myself, nobody around for me to look cool in front of just me starting what would be worst addiction of my life. Fast forward 8 years later and there I am smoking a pack and a half a day with no end in sight. I would wake up from my sleep every night gasping for air, drenched in sweat from the panic attack I would get from feeling I was going to pass out from lack of air. You would think that would've scared me into quitting right then and it did at times but patches, nic gum, and lozenges were not effective at all.

One of my closest cousins had been vaping for a year or so and would always be at my house showing off his mods and what not but I never really paid it any mind. Occasionally I would take a puff from his vape but he always had this mint tobacco flavor that would leave me nauseated afterwards and I remember thinking vaping is just not for me. Then came the day he came by with a new ejuice he had just bought. He opened up the bottle for me to smell and I remember my mouth drooling when I caught a scent of what resembled a strawberry smoothie to me. It was the Kilo Moo liquids strawberry milk and when I took that first hit it was love at first puff. I couldn't get enough of it I swear I must've had his mod in my hand more than he did that day. The following morning he took me to his favorite vape shop  where I got my first starter kit and a bottle of that delicious strawberry milk. That was the first day in years I had only smoked 1 cancer stick and exactly one week after that was the day I smoked my last cigarette. It's been going on 5 years now since I last smoked and have tried hundreds of different flavors from fruits to desserts but these days I vape mostly on a strawberry filled donuts flavor and I do enjoy the occasional cereal flavored liquids. I know that if it wasn't for all these flavor options I would probably be on 2 pack of smokes a day regiment and I can't imagine how many other people out there can say the same.


  1. Brandon Stanfill

My story starts on my birthday in 2013. My best friend, brother-in-law, and I started our three hour journey to Dallas, Texas for a Rangers game. We had been drinking and at that time I was smoking at least a pack a day. My brother-in-law had a simple dripping ego battery. I remember constantly hitting the thing and thinking this is a terrible flavor (blueberry cheesecake). I couldn't stop. Three months later, I stopped with the cigarettes and committed to vaping. Now I can run without losing my breath.


  1. roger roark

In 2013, after smoking for 20 years, a friend suggested I try vaping. I was skeptical as patches and gum and just cold turkey never worked for me. I went to the only vape store around and thought I would do good with tobacco flavors, but I was wrong. None of them was remotely tasty and I knew I would never stop smoking with tobacco flavors. 

I found a mint that tasted like toothpaste and was easy to use. A couple weeks after no cigarettes and just using my mint vape, I was in traffic at a red light on my motorcycle. I could smell a cigarette as if it was right beside me. To my surprise it was about 5 vehicles in front of me. I had not been able to smell anything that clearly in 20 years. I soon realized I wasn't coughing up mucus of a morning and was able to breathe better after just a few weeks. For me, vaping has made a huge difference in my life for the good. 


  1. Charles Ray 

My successful release from a 40+ year Nicotine habit

First, a bit of background.  I'm 72 and was a smoker for about 50 of those years.  Pipes, cigars, cigarettes (at one point 4 packs a day – of course, cigarettes were $0.35 cents or less a pack), and I inhaled everything.  Filters, no filters, no difference.

I knew I needed to quit, and nothing helped – cold turkey, patches, pills - nothing worked.  I felt lousy. I heard about e-cigarettes and my interest was piqued. The first ones that I tried (in the early days of e-cigs) were cartomizers with exceptionally wimpy vapor production and little flavor.  I supplemented analogs with e-cigs and even got a no smoking room at a hotel during a business-related technical conference. High nicotine, little vapor – not a winner. I still went outside to smoke my pipe and bummed a few ciggies when someone else was ostracized for their addiction.

As the vaping industry matured and my understanding of the product increased, I was able to achieve greater satisfaction with some of the early tanks and variable voltage\variable wattage devices.  More visible vapor with the same or less nicotine provided more enjoyment but still missed the mark.

Finally came the newer higher powered low resistance mods capable of producing massive amounts of visible vapor clouds!  There was one problem – the nicotine was now too high, and the ‘throat hit’ from the nicotine was detrimental to my enjoyment.  The cure for that? Remove the nicotine. This gave me dense clouds, a pleasant warm flavorful vapor on inhale, and best of all, no nicotine.

OK, now that the rambling preamble is over (would that constitute a preramble? :-) ), to the subject.

My vape of choice is a 200W mod with battery protection and a tank with temperature-controlled mesh coils.  The liquid is a 65-35 mix of USP Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol. Also mixed in the liquid are food-grade flavorings, no coloring or other additives.  No nicotine – zero, zilch, nada, bupkis nicotine.

So I ask – how is that a tobacco product and why should the government treat it as such?  There’s nothing in there that comes from tobacco or even remotely resembles it. This has allowed me to remain smoke-free after almost five years when nothing else worked, and the government now wants to regulate and tax the hell out of it because… why?

By the way, the VG/PG mixture above (possibly in different proportions) is used widely in films and stage productions to simulate foggy or smoky conditions.  I don’t see actors walking off the job with health concerns over it, or complaining that they have to breathe second-hand vapor.

'Nuff said.  Thanks for taking the time to read and consider the possibilities.

Charles Ray


  1. Lisa Eastman 

I was a smoker for over 30 years, 2 packs per day, sometimes more. I had thought about vaping but knew almost nothing about it and just thought I would get to it "one day."

I was at a local (Las Vegas) swap meet and saw a vape shop in there. I stopped and talked with the person behind the counter to get "just the basics." Two hours later I walked out of there with a Twister and some house juice. Unfortunately, I was still smoking AND vaping as I didn't feel the Twister was giving me enough to overcome my desire to smoke.

I went back to the same place the following weekend, bought a "larger" device and even more flavored house juice. This time I was determined.

I have since moved on from house juice and use only premium e-liquid. I am 100% certain without the flavor selection, i NEVER would have quit smoking cigarettes. I enjoy the flavors so much more then I ever thought I would and I KNOW how bad a cigarette would taste that I don't have a desire to ever go back to it.

I started with 6 mg nicotine and in less than a month went down to 3 mg nicotine. My "quit" day was March 30, 2019. (A trip to the DMV required a cigarette...LOL)

Thanks to flavored e-liquid, I have now been cigarette free 6 months as of September 30, 2019.

Thank you 
Lisa E.


  1. Marsha

My name is Marsha I had smoked cigarettes regularly since the age of 18, I’m 45 now n just put them down 2 months ago it was the hardest habit I’ve ever had to break thankfully I was introduced to vaping 3 yrs ago I used it to taper down only smoke cigarettes at work (it was stressful) o told myself! After months of using Drip Co unicorn & Frateberry  I was chocking on cigarettes 🚬 the taste was so gross omg 😮 I was literally disgusted by the smell better yet the nasty taste I wonder how did I become so dependent on something so gross!! 

I can smell and taste better now that ever before! Without flavored ejuice I would still be smoking cigarettes I was bad hooked .I am absolutely so proud to say I have been cigarette free for over two months now and I was doubtful that I could or wanted t quit,However vaping something so delicious made it Quite simple in fact !! I have never been so absolutely proud of myself I do VAPE  6mg however even my general practitioner said it is the safer alternative to smoking cigarettes the flavor ban Certainly affects me in negative ways as I would have never stop smoking cigarettes if it were not for flavored eliquid! Proud vapor!! Ty to the entire vaping community for helping me to quit smoking! I haven’t been sick in awhile in fact even my allergies are better than before plus I dnt have to change clothes every time I wanna visit my grandson n hold him ! From the bottom my heart and my family we 🙏


  1. Robert Martin

I smoked my first cigarette when I was 10 years old.  My parents smoked, and my friend convinced me to take one of her cigarettes.  For 5 years I smoked occasionally. At age 15, I was hooked. Stealing cigarettes from my parents, and asking people on the street to buy them for me.

    Smoking never agrees with my body.  Ever since I started getting sick. By my 20’s, I was getting bronchitis at-least twice a year.  Tried quitting several times, but couldn’t stay off the smokes. By age 28, my first son was born.  I swore I’d stop. I quit for several months, but again I caved and went back to smoking. This year, I had a doctors appointment for yet another respiratory infection.  My doctor told me i was practically guaranteed to get COPD before I turned 45. He said I was almost certain to die before age 50. Smoking was already slowly killing me and my body wouldn’t be able to fight it off much longer.  He suggested vaping. I had vaped in the past but never really gave it a shot. That day I decided to try. 

     I went to my local vape shop, and told them I had to stop smoking.  I already had a mod from a year earlier when I thought about switching to vaping, but I needed a tank, batteries, and juice.  The shop owner suggested Blue Razz by Chubby Bubble vapes. I bought a bottle of 6mg nicotine, and a tank. He gave me two batteries for free and said to come back if I had any questions.  For about a week I did both. I smoked about 5 cigarettes a day. The first one was always in the car going to work. About a week in, I got in my car to go to work, and I reached for a cigarette.  Before I lit it, I saw my vape kit sitting in my center console. It was then when I realized I would rather use the vape than smoke the cigarette. Haven’t smoked since. Here I am 5 months later. My doctor says my lungs sound perfect!   I sleep better, I have more energy, my cough is gone! My doctor is thrilled. I owe it all to the shop owner who sold me a bottle of blue razz ejuice. It saved my life.

      I have two sons, and they deserve to have their Father while they grow up.  Now that I vape, I won’t die from COPD and can take care of my sons. Best decision I’ve ever made. 


  1. Israel Sanchez

When I 14 it was okay to smoke. I was smoking in high school back in 2009. It was just an acceptable thing to do. My parents smoked, my teachers smoked, older kids smoked, almost every adult I knew smoked. So, when I started smoking in high school, no one really thought twice about me picking up the habit.

My father had passed from lung cancer on October 28, 2011. But regardless of how much pain and suffering we all went through, it still did not phase us from taking a drag off a cigarette.

By the time I graduated; I started to notice that I was a little short of breath during certain activities. I decided that maybe I should quit smoking. Going cold turkey was very hard, and only lasted a couple of days. Once I tried to quit using the patch but it really made my arm itch and burn, and the nicotine cravings were never quite gone.

By my the time I was twenty, I had noticeable health issues and decided that maybe I needed to try to quit once again. I opted for the nicotine replacement gum. The taste was unbearable and it really never helped. I tried a few rounds of cold turkey again, but was unsuccessful.

Next, I tried prescription medication. While taking the medicine did help me quit for a few months, but the side effects were causing more health problems. I couldn’t eat because food became so unappealing that I would eat only a few bites a day and it was damaging to my body. My doctor removed me from the medication when he noticed how much worse I was.once I stopped the medication, my appetite came back along with the habit.

It seemed as if nothing was going to help, so I accepted it, I moved on and kept smoking.

Through some friends I learned about vaping. It seemed interesting enough and thought I would give it a try. I didn’t even think about using it to quit smoking. What I soon realized is that I enjoyed vaping. In fact, it didn’t take long until I actively vaped more than I smoked cigarettes. Another day passed and another day passed. I began to feel the physical changes. Soon after I put the cigarettes down for good without even realizing it.

After a year I noticed that I couldn't stand the smell of smoke. I could smell it on other people. I felt embarrassed that I had walked around for decades smelling that awful. The smell made me he gag.

My coughing had stopped. I used to cough so much in the morning, and now it was gone. I felt as if I had been able to take a full breath. I also began to feel more energetic. I could never have imagined that smoking caused so many problems.

 It has been over a 2 years now since I has picked up a cigarette. I am still vaping, but even that has slowed down. I simply feels great and tells everyone that if they want to kick the habit, they need to try vaping.

I am 25 now going on 26 next month in November. I now have a little girl turning 1 this October. I believe that smoking was also holding me back from ever having any children. I'm extremely happy and grateful vaping made such a big impact on my life. I want to be around longer than my father was, so I can watch my little girl finish school, start a family, and spend time with my grandchildren. 

My name is Israel Sanchez and I support Vaping.


  1. Leslie's Vaping 

My Name is Leslie I'm a 56 year old woman from New York. I started vaping March 12th 2013 on a vape pen with a Lime flavor. I smoked from the time I was 12 years old till I was 50 never thinking I would be able to stop since I had tried so many times. Staying with the little vape pen did not last long as soon as I hit a vape shop and saw all that was out there. I bought my first 60 watt mod with an RDA 4 months later and open my taste buds to Apple pie flavor and a Cereal and milk that I could not get enough of. 

  In my mind, heart and soul I know it was the flavors that made vaping a way for me to never go back to smoking. Just the thought of the taste and smell  of smoking just is so nasty to me that its a non issue. The taste the smell and choices of flavors is what makes vaping so good. Taking flavors from me would be like taking part of life away. No one cared if I died from smoking but care so much that I'm free of that awful habit and I'm happy and feel better smell better none of that matters. They are banning my happiness and my freedom.

Thanks so much for hearing me.

Leslie Gambrell


  1. Tony

Smoking is a choice that a lot of us made it before we are old enough to

make decisions that will affect the rest of our lives. I was a 2 pack a day smoker for over 40 years and I started smoking at 14. I was sick every winters with bronchitis and upper respiratory

infections. About 10 years ago my doctor told me that I had COPD and if I didn't quit smoking it would keep getting worse and could even kill me. My dentist told me that smoking had lead to gum disease and my teeth were breaking off below the reduced gum line, I lost that battle as well.

I tried all the traditional methods and even the early vape products

with tobacco flavor but just couldn't quit. Then one day while working on a car behind an industrial area with noone around I overexerted myself and couldn't breathe, I couldn't take air

into my lungs and blacked out. After a few minutes I came to and it took awhile for me to get my

bearings and I was scared. I knew that I had to do something. 

A vape shop had opened just a mile from my house and I went the next morning and talked to a young lady who said she had luck quitting with getting away from the taste of tobacco and think about flavors that don't remind you of smoking. Well I bought a pro tank with an ego-c battery and fruit flavored liquid, I think it was apple. Since that day 6 years ago I have tried hundreds of flavors, but no tobacco. I like fruits, custards and pastries the best, I found one liquid that is a cinnamon apple custard with a shot of caramel that has been my go to for 3 years. I also like strawberries in just about anything. My health has improved over the years since I quit, my COPD is still there but not near as bad and it takes something really extreme to even get the short of breath feeling. I am convinced vaping saved my life and my wife of 34 years who never smoked has to put up with me for a little while longer, but at least I smell better.


  1. Prank Skanks

Hi my name is Cody I am from northern michigan. I am currently 26 years old. I am a sufferer with Chronic Asthma. Born with it. I also smoked cigarettes for 10+yrs which contributed to a lot of health problems. About 4 years ago I started vaping and it totally changed my life. I went from doing treatments with a sport nebulizer to barely ever having to use an inhaler. I can do long-distance bicycling without being whooped. I love vaping. I have not had not 1 health problem from vaping. By making a flavor ban on Michigan your going to make Marlboro and Newport money. More people will die. Kids will still smoke. More than likely cigarettes which have thousands of chemicals. Idk... All I know is Vaping had helped me become a better person.


  1. Faith Maree

I started smoking in 1982, I was 10 years old.  My Mother was a smoker, my Father was at one time a Cigarette Rep, who quit, after watching a friend take his last breath.  Right after smoking his last cigarette. 

Over the years I quit when pregnant, but as soon as I delivered I was running down to have a cigarette.  3 Children later and after 25 years of smoking, I watched my Grandfather take his last breath. A chain smoker.  He would have one behind his ear, one in his mouth and be rolling another. He had quit 20 years before, then one November morning, he couldn't walk and after visiting the doctor was diagnosed with lung cancer.  By the 5th of December he was gone.   

I figured it was time to quit and brought one of those BluCigs.  The Tobacco taste wasn't like a cigarette it was horrible and the Menthol flavors were even worse.  I picked up a cigarette within the week.

Fast forward to 18 months ago.  A friend explained vaping to me, I was all yeah done it, it sucks.  He said no, you don't want to smoke Tobacco flavor, go to a vape store and give the fruits and desserts a go.  I brought a simple Mod and a Sub Ohm tank and I tried Reds Iced Grape and that was it, I haven't looked back. Reds Grape, Reds Berries, Reds Apple and finally I tried Beard Cinnamon Funnel Cake and fell in love.

That hole in my chest, that I woke up with every morning.  The hacking cough that happened when I lay down at night. Gone.  I can take flights of steps without feeling like my chest is going to explode.  My blood pressure is that of someone half my age, my circulation has improved, I can taste food again!

I had high blood pressure, got bronchitis every year, caught every cold, even had pneumonia a few times.  I haven't been sick in 18 months. Haven't even had a cold.

I realize the flavor ban has to do with Money, MSA, States needing to fix holes.  We as a community need to focus on life, quality and quantity. Make it harder for those not of age to get their hands on a product that has helped so many people to kick a habit that is PROVEN to take lives, but is still on the shelf and still sold to both minors and adults alike. 

I am 47 year old woman, who loves flavors.  I also love Captain Crunch Cereal, Donuts, Hubba Bubba and I'll still pick up a Cherry Blow Pop and suck on it whenever I feel like it.


  1. trevor_pulgados

For me, flavored ejuices has helped me in a big way. I grew up in a family of smokers and I've been smoking cigarettes for 6 years. Yes, I know that's not a long time compared to many other people but I switched to vaping when I turned 19 which means I started smoking cigarettes at a young age(13). I never had the need to quit smoking until my local mall opened up a vape kiosk and tried Blue Watermelon from Volcano Ecigs for the first time. When I tried it for the first time, I knew that "this" was going to be the end of my bad smoking habit. I have never gone back to smoking cancer sticks since and I'm very happy with that.



Kalei P.


  1. King Justice

First of all I am 49 years old was a smoker for more than 20 years. I knew about vaping never pay really mind to it until 5 months ago my wife game me a juul   I used it for 1 week on that I did research about vaping and flavors started watching videos of reviewers on youtube and decided to give my self a chance to try vaping with mods and sub ohm tanks and try different flavor man I love the flavors I never try tobacco while vaping I was more interested on the flavor and how gd the taste and made me feel much better Now after 5 months I just try my first rda tank and build my first 2 coils and using pre made coils and have like 25 different  flavor 30ml bottles of juice and Im telling I love it.its changing my life completely and my health is better. I created a youtube ch for vaping and to help others quick smoking Haven’t post any videos yet but I will join the fight to educated my self more and educated new vapors like me. Thank You! 


  1. Lauren Singer

My name is Lauren, I'm a 33 year old female, vaper for over 3 years. I started smoking cigarettes at age 12, progressing quickly from a few a day to a pack at 16 to two packs by age 18. Eventually I started rolling my own because I couldn't afford to buy packs and packs every week. Once I started rolling them, I lost count of how many I smoked a day but I know it had to be close to 50. I felt horrible, end of story. Every morning I woke up wheezing, coughing and spitting gross stuff into the garbage. I couldn't climb stairs, or play with my nieces and nephews without wheezing and losing my breath quickly. My clothes, car, and hair stank. My teeth were yellow. Worst of all, I couldn't quit. I had tried lozenges, patches, gums, cold turkey…but nothing worked. I smoked for 14 years.

I tried vape pens with 24mgs of nicotine and in Birthday Cupcake flavor around two and a half years ago, and within 6 weeks I was completely off cigarettes. I now use regulated mods with subohm tanks and am down to 6mg of nicotine, my favorite flavor now being Unicorn Milk. I haven't picked up a cigarette at all. I smell good, my teeth are whiter, and most importantly, my health is 100% better! I can walk up and down the stairs to my apartment. I can run around with my nieces and nephews like never before. I can breathe and not gasp for air when I wake up. Vaping flavors has saved my life, and I, along with all the other adults who choose to vape, deserve this right to live a healthier way of life, without having to vape a flavor that is close to the cigarettes we're so desperate to leave behind. 


  1. Scott Soleski 

     I was a young kid and all I knew was a party. My whole life party party party and that’s all I knew. I had gotten into so much trouble it was ruining my life. I first went from cigs, to spice, then graduate to the big boy heroin. There wasn’t much hope for me. I literally always had to be smoking something. It sounds so dumb to me now. I sold everything I owned and lost everything even my family. They hated me. I lost tons of jobs because I was always strung out. Arrested so many times and I never ever got the hint that I need to change. I finally got clean but my urges for everything was still strong .

I finally got clean from the drugs and started living life. Still smoking cigs I was still getting older and looking it. My boss whom was a vapor would always be around me while I was smoking and he was vaping. His device looked so cool. At the time I was still struggling with my addiction but not strung out. He told me where I could go and I bought a prince stick. At the time I thought it was the coolest thing. After a month as dumb as it sounds I hadn’t used a single thing. No foreign substances entered my body. I ended up buying myself a drag after that. Every week I was buying vape stuff because it started to become a hobby. People at work would ask me did u buy another mod. I said yes but no one understood. I finally found something that I LOVE and it occupies my time. 

Believe it or not vaping has helped me overcome my addiction to cigs but it also helped me with my substance abuse because for once in my life I had something to look forward to. I’m finally a productive human being to society. Life was a roller coaster and it was awful. If they take vaping from me I’m going to be a mess and I will no longer have the joy of looking forward to getting new mod or trying news juices in new tanks. This is extreme. It’s one of the only things in life I actually enjoy :/


  1. pabbz 509 

I smoked Marlboro reds for 20 years I tried everything I could think of nicotine gum, patches i tried all sorts of medication.  I even remember my wife buying me nicotine toothpicks, a couple hrs later i had a cigarette in my hands. Then one day I walked into my local vape shop in yakima Washington i bought a Smok novo and sqweezed 50 mg mango salt nic. What can i say, i walked out of that shop smoke free. I could not believe that little device did something nothing in 20 years could do so to any one supporting a flavor ban you should not punish  grown adults for choosing a safer alternative to cigarettes.


  1. Janelle Hewson

I am writing this to tell the world how vaping flavors helped me quit smoking cigarettes. 

I started smoking when I was just 15 years old. It was the worst thing I had probably ever decided to do. I am now 32 years old and have been exclusively vaping flavors for one year as of Oct 8, 2019. I had “quit” smoking so many times, but always ended up picking it back up not too long after. My first attempt to quit smoking cigarettes was after I had my first child in 2009. That lasted all of a couple weeks.. it was the same story so many more attempts after that. I again tried to quit after I had my second child in 2016. My brother had actually introduced me to vaping and I chose the fruity pebbles flavor. I was amazed! However, as it took the edge off of the cravings, it wasn’t strong enough for me with the nicotine and chemical withdrawals from cigarettes, so after just a few days I returned to smoking. Now here we are a few years later. Last April I gave birth to my 3rd child in April of 2018. In October of 2018 we had a family trip to Florida planned and were staying with my fiancé’s grandparents. My brother had told me a few months prior about a newer version of the vape juice called “nicotine salts”. He said they were perfect for people who were heavy smokers, and for people who had tried standard vape juices and weren’t satisfied. 

A  few weeks before our Florida trip, my brother gave me one of his pod systems with the Mr Salt E blue razz lemonade flavored juice at 45mg. I alternated between the vape and my cigarettes for a few days just to get a feel for the Nic Salts. My cigarettes began to taste unbearably disgusting, and I found myself using the vape more than I wanted to smoke a menthol cigarette. One night, at 11:00 pm, I had one cigarette left in my pack. I smoked that cigarette and decided it was going to be my last EVER. And that it was. On October 8, 2018, I started to regain much sense of smell, my sense of taste, I breathe 100% better than I ever had in YEARS, I don’t get out of breath walking up a flight of stairs, I don’t smell like smoke, but most importantly, nic salt flavored juice gave me my life back. I’m no longer spending $80+ a week on smelly cigarettes that were literally failing my health, my children don’t have to smell it, my family’s doesn’t have to smell it. I’m not buying dozens of perfumes every month trying to make the smell to hide it from my family and friends who thought I had quit years prior. I’m not embarrassed anymore. I got my life back thanks to FLAVORED VAPE JUICE!!! I’ve been able to focus on my health and everything else that is important to me. My fiancé and I have saved SO much money that has allowed us to do more things as a family. Things we could never do while we were each spending at least $160 a week combined, on packs of cigarettes. Now combined, at the most, we spend about $80 a MONTH on juices and pods, and that’s probably pushing it with how much we spend. 

Our right to our health has been stripped from us. Our rights to choose have been completely taken right from underneath us. I owe vaping my life, and I will continue to vape even through this ban, because I know my body and my health matters!!

Best regards, 
Janelle Hewson


  1. Lisa Glauner

Vaping has helped me cut down on smoking! I was smoking 2 to 3 packs a day and now I am down to 2 or 3 Cigs a day! Eightvape is my go to for quality regulated products with informal reviews on a variety of products that I have turned to for curbing my nicotine addiction. This has saved my family money and put me into a healthy and wealthy remodel to my adult children and my grandchildren. I do not stink like a cigarette and am able to start working out and not out of breath. Thank you eight vape! My favourite flavors are custards and I have lowered my nicotine mg on each order! Literally hundreds up to thousands saved just this year alone! 

Lisa Glauner 41 Y.O.


  1. Bill Sohmer

A fast background is needed to understand my situation. I smoked a pack a day for 42 years, after trying the gum which did nothing for me, patches made me feel like I drank 10 pots of coffee, and Chantex gave my violent dreams, nausea, headaches, vaping is the only thing that allowed me to stop smoking. A Vape Shop gave me advise on devices and also not to use Tobacco flavored liquids since that's what I'm trying to get away from. I started with a desert flavor and have continued ever since and only 3mg nicotine. Please give me back flavors I like so much.  



October 11,2019

Hello my name is Marie Wright and I’m really unsure how to even begin I guess I’ll just tell you my story. I’ve been smoking since I was 14 young I know but it’s the truth that’s when I started. Young enough to think I would live forever nothing would hurt me well my grandfather got sick with lung cancer still I didn’t get the connection even though he smoked camel cigs.Still thought I could smoke and be fine well years passed and all the time I smoked then my father came down with lung cancer I finally saw the connection but by this time I had smoked so long there was no way I could quit and I did try at times. My daughter in law started vaping and suggested I try that so I did I tried the tobacco flavor I thought this would be best since I had smoked for so long but I hated it. It just wasn’t the same so I thought I would try some flavor and at first I was unsure if this was for me or not but I keep trying different ones until I found one I really liked and started smoking it regularly. I was smoking two packs of reg cigs a day before I started vaping and at least once a year I would get very sick with either pneumonia or some other lung problem.I would do breathing treatments, inhalers several different types of medications every winter I had that to look foreword to not to mention the face I coughed all the time and was wheezing all the time , couldn’t walk five feet without feeling tired and start coughing not a great way to live but when I started vaping all that changed I never have to have the breathing treatments anymore the coughing has stopped everything has changed for the better . 

It scares me sometimes to think I might have to go back to the cigs.I have been vaping for four years now and have never felt better. I turned 60 in October and I had smoked all my life wanting to quit on and off several times but the only thing that finally got me away from the cigs was finding a flavor I truly enjoyed to think other people wouldn’t have the chance to do this also is just sad.I wish there had been another way but there wasn’t I just thank god I was given the chance because I don’t ever want to go back to smoking cigs and I’ve dropped my nicotine down to 3 mg. and at times I mix it with a zero nicotine so my level of nicotine is down to practically nothing so I don’t think I would ever go back I never even think about a cigarette anymore. It’s kind of funny now I’ll be around someone smoking and I’ll ask for one but after two hits of it I’m totally over the ideal they are nasty to me now.I just hope and pray they don’t take our flavors away from us, people like me that it has changed our life for the better.





  1. William Altamura

Who can say they like the taste of tobacco? I don’t, and I don’t know anyone who does. But that didn’t stop me from picking up cigarettes, and getting addicted to the nicotine. But having a certain flavor, hippie trail by nasty ballin, got me to enjoy getting my nicotine from a different, comparatively healthy alternative. Cigarettes are absolutely horrible for the human body. Vaping is not nearly as bad. And if it wasn’t for having a flavor I like , I wouldn’t of started vaping. I would of continually smoked cigarettes and kept killing myself. Only because of flavors was I able to quit smoking cigarettes and make the transition to vaping. But if they didn’t have any flavors other than gross tobacco, no way I would even have tried to quit. Flavors saved my life!!


  1. Jim Parris

Hi Everyone,

 I would like to make a few comments first off before I tell my story. First let it be known I am a U.S.M.C. Ohhrahh!!! I fought in a few conflicts over the years and currently I made it to be 57 years old.

  1. No matter the story the political idiots that we do not elect;  give two fucks about anything we say, it is who pays these ass clowns and what they say politically for their agenda.
  2. Everyone that was at one time a normal teenager, unless they somehow skipped this part of life (how I don't know) they were and they should also know you can't tell a teenager what he(she) can or cannot do because they will do what they want period. 


OK, now I have said these two things. Well I grew up in the Great State of North Carolina which was at one point in time a tobacco state, oh yes it was. I think RJR is still in Winston Salem to this day, and of course I started smoking cigarettes at the ripe age of 11 or 12 years old.

   I could buy 5 packs of any brand of cigarettes at the store for $1.00USD and I could buy them even though the age limit was well above my age.  I think it was 18 at the time just like Beer and Wine. So if I could not buy cigarettes because the clerk would not sale them to me that particular day, then I would steal them some how some way.  I got what I wanted to get as a matter of fact I could get beer and wine too if I put my mind to it. It was a lot easier back in those days of course less security and the like, but there were these things that we call automated vending machines, you know the ones that distribute a much more harmful drug called "sugar",  these days that is known to kill millions every day and this has been known since WWII. 

Why do you think everyone is getting more obese each year? But hey that what fills these political idiots that we call politicians pockets. 

So back to my story now, I smoked up until two years ago for over 45 years, also I was a bodybuilder and always ate healthy and the like and took really good care of myself eating and cardio and training very healthy lifestyle. Yes I did take some juice not a lot but when they made it illegal I found it actually much easier to buy on the black market (Hey that sounds familiar) but I was quite huge at over 300 lbs of muscle  and shredded/ripped, but I did still smoke and did my cardio etc. Even when I was in the Marines I could run a 3 mile PFT at the weight of 260 lbs in under 23 minutes at that weight of course they gave me Nicorette gum to try to quit, and did nothing for me and made actually smoke more.. So recently about two years ago I started feeling like crap one day at work, I then went to the doctors and told them and they did test after test on me like CPOD lung tests Xrays, ultrasounds, MRI's etc. and they would say, your lungs look great like you never smoked, well I can't breathe I told them and I don't feel well and my stomach keeps getting larger and larger, come to find out I had CHF, so they told me to quit smoking this was my first vape time.

  Everyone said to try vaping, I tried the normal route with the big rigs and that didn't even satisfy me at all and I was still smoking cigarettes with vaping,  I went again to the ER and this time they did massive test on me and was told my heart is not working well one valve is bad and leaking and you are 95% blocked on three of your arteries and will and will need a CABBAGE etc. As someone that takes care of themselves like me I was like Oh crap, no more bodybuilding for me with a huge scar down my front. So they told me I had to quit smoking for real. I  then started using a Rubi and salt nics, Flavored of course like Slushie, Blue Lemonade and this worked just as good as a cigarette instant satisfaction I tried a lot of brands and of course tobacco trying to find something that tasted like a Newport but every tobacco flavor tasted like dirty old potatoes to me, So I was still looking for something that was like a cigarette then I found JUUL's Mango and this worked the best and have not smoked once for two years now. 

  I had my operation and I am still not back to full normal feeling and have other health issues still as well, but I haven't smoked since I started vaping with JUUL and salt nicotine with you guessed it Flavors!!! yes an old man likes Lemon Tart, Mango, Grape, Peach, custard, wintergreen, blackberry tart, strawberry tart,  and so many different fruit and dessert flavors in his Voopoo alpha zip 12W pod stick it rocks and hits perfect to me and has great flavor almost as great as my big mods. I have all kinds of flavors and many of these filled with different flavors and have not looked back on smoking I don't like the smell but if I can't get a good flavor I will go back to smoking I am sure because every other method out there sucks (nicotine gum, patches, longezes etc.) I have  no breathing problems and not smoking cigarettes anymore thanks to having flavors. 

So if these idiots that keep saying we are going to ban flavors except tobacco flavor ( I call it a fucking flavor too) to stop kids then they are truly massive idiots. I fought for this country and I wish they would listen but they really do not care about the normal adult its how much money you make is how the game is played and they say it will stop underage vaping (RFLOL)., I say they are full of shit!! you will not stop a teenager that wants to do something from doing it unless you lock them up or shackle them to you. I say this will make a great black market grow and probably more health issues as well and then you will see kids smoking again instead of vaping, I guarantee this to be a fact. Go ahead let the black market take over and kill more people you will not get taxes from the black market for the doctors bills and hospitals for your pockets unless you are the kingpin of it. 

 I will conclude my rant and I hope you enjoyed reading it of course they don't care what we think at all or our opinions and they don't listen. I hope my rant isn't to bad that it makes all the sheepeoples out there start crying, boohoo!! he said things that hurt my feelings! I just hope you will publish it on your site and others will enjoy it. I am old and I am stating facts not what some political ass wipe that was not a normal teenager would ever know. 


  1. Wendy Friedman

 Call me the “Marlboro Cowgirl”, yeah, that was me, for 30 years. I enjoyed my cigs, loved them, and it was going to be an extremely difficult habit to quit. I knew it would kill me, yet, I still puffed away. I tried all the smoking cessation products, but nothing worked. Then I got the news.

  My mother was diagnosed with cancer. I had to figure out something~quick! I also promised my mom I would quit. There would be absolutely no smoking allowed in the house (understandably!), or in the presence of my mom. No exceptions.

   With my hopes high, I started trying electronic cigarettes with flavorless tobacco. I bought different ones. They were all carrying menthol or non-flavored tobacco. I kept thinking; if I get a really good one, maybe I’ll quit. Well, this went on till the summer of 2015.

 Tobacco shops were now catering to the people who wanted to quit smoking. It was time for me to go to one. So, I looked for a tobacco shop that sold better devices, and most importantly, had a great selection of flavors to choose from!! The convenience stores and gas stations were mostly pushing “Big Tobacco”, and their cheap, flavorless pens. Looking back now, I know I never would’ve quit if I relied on “Big T” to help me; sounds like an oxymoron? Don’t you think?

 The local shop employees had the knowledge that would send me on the path, to a smoke-free lifestyle. I tried a Butterscotch flavor and a simple set up. It was nothing like I had before! I was feeling pretty good; my cigarettes were becoming more and more tasteless to me, and my habit lowered substantially.

  One afternoon, the smoke shop I was frequenting, recommended “Sugar Bear”, by Cuttwood. Today it’s known as “Sugar Drizzle”. Cuttwood was *The Boss Sauce”, and I loved the cinnamon!! I always purchased it, and I was nicknamed “Sugar Bear”. I always think about how much that flavor made the difference in my life~every time I see it!!

   It took a sugary, cinnamon, breakfast like flavor to be the game-changer. Without the evolution of vaping and the delicious flavors available, I couldn’t say right now that **I’ve been cigarette free, gone with the nasties, for over 4 years**!!

  • Vape On💨•Vape Safe💨•Vape what you want!!

~Wendi Friedman

  1. Jennifer Allegretta

Flavors help me quit a nasty 14 year cigarette smoking habit. I vividly remember when I first started smoking I dreamt of a never-ending cigarette. Low and behold vaping became a thing and my dream became a reality. For the first time I feel like a product was made specifically for me. I quit cigarettes and never looked back. Started off with juul flavored pods and graduated to a rotation of refillable pod type devices. I keep each vape filled with a different flavor and mix and match and really just have a blast with it. I’d really consider myself a vape connoisseur of sorts.


  1. Gamers Korner

Carlos Gonzalez 

First of all I am 49 years old was a smoker for more than 20 years. I knew about vaping never pay really mind to it until 5 months ago my wife game me a juul   I used it for 1 week on that I did research about vaping and flavors started watching videos of reviewers on youtube and decided to give my self a chance to try vaping with mods and sub ohm tanks and try different flavor man I love the flavors I never try tobacco while vaping I was more interested on the flavor and how gd the taste and made me feel much better Now after 5 months I just try my first rda tank and build my first 2 coils and using pre made coils and have like 25 different  flavor 30ml bottles of juice and Im telling I love it.its changing my life completely and my health is better. I created a youtube ch for vaping and to help others quick smoking Haven’t post any videos yet but I will join the fight to educate myself more and educated new vapors like me. 

Thank You! 


  1. Skip MacWilliam 

I smoked for about 45 years. Almost 3 packs a day. I tried to quit many times. I tried Patches, gum, Chantix, meetings, NJoy e cigarettes only available in tobacco flavor and hypnosis. I was approaching my 60's and I could hardly climb a flight of stairs. My Doctor told me he was about to put me on oxygen for my COPD.

That's when my sister told me about Vaping. I bought some gear and a bottle of Strawberry and another of Apple. Two of my favorite flavors. I feel without these, I would have failed again. I set my quit date to May 2. On May 1st, I smoked 3packs, on and since May 2 I never touched another Cigarette. This was 4 years ago!

I am now 61 years old. COPD has almost gone away. I no longer use my inhaler. I just had a lung function exam about 2 months ago and the Dr said my lungs are healing well. Blood Oxygen is good and my cough has all but gone away.


With all of the attacks on Vaping lately, I can only assume it is Money based. There is no way they can say it is worse than smoking cigarettes!

 Damn, UK is opening Vape Shops in Hospitals!!!! Wake up people@@

Alexander (Skip) MacWilliam


  1. Caleb Long


I seen that eightvape is asking for personal testimonies on how much flavored eliquids have aided in the journey to living a cigarette free existance. While I am a vaporizer user and connoisseur of all different vape devices/eliquids I figured I couldn't scroll by and not add my own personal experience when it comes to these products and just how substantial they have been in my path to a tobacco free lifestyle. 

I'll start off by saying first that I started smoking marlboro reds at the age of 18, I am now the ripe age of 33 and while alot of people tell their stories as it was just a "way to be cool" or "fit in with the crowd" my personal reason was because EVERY girl I ever dated/went out with, and then even eventually married was in fact a smoker. It wasn't that I looked for girls that smoked, in fact I despised smoking before I myself started. I hated the smell, the taste, the negative health implications, the way the stale smoke lingered on the clothes and in the vehicles of the smokers I knew...I quite simply just HATED cigarettes... I had a step dad that refused to not smoke in the car when I was a younger kid, and I always hated the smell and his selfishness of "having" to smoke with me and my mother and little sister in the car... I in no way blame these people for becoming a smoker, but I guess it's just to paint the picture and Express just how many people in my own personal life have fallen into the grips of the big tobacco industry, and I haven't even gotten to my high school friends!! (Or elder family members who have passed due to tobacco related illness) I realized when I was about 16 that I was the oddball out, all of my friends, cousins, girlfriends, family, seemed to smoke cigarettes and it truly made me physically ill to always be around soo much cigarette smoke. It would make me cough, and wheeze, and nauseous, and not to mention all of the pressure of being a young man that didnt seem to have the desire to "be cool" and smoke... So after about my 3rd serious girlfriend (that smoked) I decided I was tired of kissing what tasted like an ashtray...I was tired of being around it and always trying soo hard to fit in when I was honestly miserable being engulfed in cigarette smoke all the time... so one night when she lit up, I said screw it "give me one"... and the next 10 yrs of smoking cigarettes is history.  I found that as a smoker, the smell didn't bother me anymore, I grew a love/hate relationship with the taste and the way they made me feel. Once I got a job in the oil field I came to realize that EVERYONE seemed to smoke, and hey I got 10-15 min breaks JUST for being a smoker! Where's the downside!?? When i had an alcoholic beverage, there was nothing more pleasing that a cigarette to chase it down with... I lived like that for a whole decade, spending soo much money on cigarettes I could have put into a down payment on a house probably...It just was a fork in the road, and I was ignorant enough to go down the wrong path.

It wasn't until almost 6 years ago that I happened to be working in Colorado springs,  CO and I was out looking for a laundromat to wash some work clothes for the week ahead. Now I had heard all about the legalization of marijuana and was trying my best to steer clear of places that sold it(only because of fear of losing my job if I failed a UA), and I happened to find a shopping center with a laundromat, so I stopped. I went in and loaded my clothes into the washer and looked at my watch. I thought "45 minutes to kill", I walked outside and lit up a cigarette and across the way from where I was I seen this building  with the doors open with what looked like smoke billowing out the doors. I swear I thought the place was on fire!! lol My curiosity got the best of me so I walked over to see what was going on. When I got to the door I still had about a half a cigarette and i figured that this must be a smoke friendly place so i attempted to walk in with my cigarette. This very pretty red haired girl walks up to me smiling and said hello, welcome to absolute vapor lounge, we would love to have you come in, but we don't allow THOSE, as she pointed to my cigarette. So i turned and flicked my cigarette out in the parking lot and proceeded inside.

 I still feel like it was another one of those forks in the road that was laid before me, and if i had chose to not go in who knows, i may still be a smoker today. But instead i walked inside and there were all kinds of friendly people sitting on couches, and they had a bar with stools where you could try all different types of flavored e-liquids. Now I had never even seen a vaporizer before, so they showed me all different types and told me their main mission for opening their business was to help people stop smoking combustible tobacco. They were very informative and were truly loving and caring individuals.  They didn't pressure me, they just honestly wanted me to try some of their offerings and told me stories of how they were all cigarette smokers too. I decided to try to make the transition, at first I kept asking about tobacco flavors. They said, "well, we do have some," "but the whole idea is to break the habit of the taste, smell, ANYthing related to cigarettes," they said "trust me." After I had tried the tobacco flavors, I was glad that they had advised me to try other flavors. I found that I just fell in love with rich custard flavors, Cake flavors, cinnamon roll flavors, and CEREAL flavors. Since I was a 2 pack or more a day smoker I started at a pretty high amount of nicotine, but as the weeks/months went by I started making myself get a little less each time I bought some e-liquid. I now can vape with zero nicotine and not even notice. For the first week of vaping I still kept having to beat myself up because when my battery died on my vaporizer I'd of course STUPIDLY, light up a cigarette...after the first week I only had about 10 cigarettes left in a pack and one night I just finally decided that I was done... I left the pack of cigarettes on the smokers bench outside the hotel I was staying at and since then I have never looked back.

Now that it's been going on 6 yrs since I've stopped smoking, all the old senses of why I always hated cigarettes is back...I hate the smell, I don't want to be anywhere near a cigarette. I no longer wheeze, or hack up black and green phlegm every morning, I have a sense of smell and just overall feel healthier.  The couple times I have actually decided to take ONE drag off a cigarette I literally feel like I turn green like the old Tom and Jerry cartoons when tom tries to smoke lol I just plain and simple am no long a smoker. And I thank God for the day I walked into my first vape shop. I am soo very thankful that there were flavors and the technology that helped me to make a clean break from the certain death that the cigarettes would have eventually caused. Take away the flavors, and you are taking away one of the biggest incentives for alot of people like myself to break free from the routine of killing themselves slowly with combustible tobacco's.  I have a daughter and she always hated cigarettes most likely just the way that i did when I was younger. Even though I tried to keep them away from her the smell was ALWAYS there and around her, and I hated that. She actually loves the smell of my E--liquids though, she even runs and jumps through the vapor outside when I use it lol She says it smells like cookies, or a birthday cake lol 

I hope that this short inside look of my personal experience with vaporizers will open some people's eyes, and make a difference because if I were to no longer be able to get the products that have kept me away from cigarettes it would really be a huge shame, and an injustice to people just like me that are in the same boat I was 6 yrs ago. While I will never go BACK to cigarettes,  I do thoroughly enjoy using my vaporizer and I really hope that with enough testimonies like mine, we can get to the root of the real problems surrounding this issue, and quit trying to blame FLAVORS for things that they have absolutely nothing to do with. It's very easy, VG/PG/Flavors/nic does not cause health issues. It's the inexperienced teens and a black market selling these ignorant victims harmful substances and telling them it's going to get them HIGH that is at fault... Its very sad, and my heart goes out to the parents and the children falling victim to these black markets selling THC cartridges with harmful additives... The vape industry is NOT AT FAULT for these tragedies.

I truly thank God for the Vape industry, and in simple words I can't explain how thankful I am to have found a way to cut tobacco out of my life FOREVER. Vape on, vape safe, and vape from reputable sources! 

Make VAPING great again!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 
Keep FLAVORS great!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Thank you for your time,

Caleb Long


  1. Geoffrey Holman

I quit smoking five years ago and  have been vaping ever since. Formerly a menthol smoker I naturally first tried tobacco menthol vape which was pretty gross for my taste. However I quickly found a mint flavor that suited me well. I stuck with that same mint for almost a year. Then I started experimenting with more savory flavors like ugly butter, and cereal trip which are both awesome.  Then I found jam monster and oh damn is it good. Pretty much everyone's palette is different. My wife likes the fruitier variety. Such as PACHA mama Fuji apple, and mixed fruit monster. Flavored vape has never made me sick in my five years of heavy vaping (give or take 300ml every two weeks).

Thousands of people die from cigarettes every year.
A few people die from contaminated THC cartridges.
Now everyone is like “lets ban vaping!”
Selective hysteria is fun.


Geoffrey Holman


  1. #TeamLoboVape 

I started smoking at 14 , both mom and dad smoked and I thought it was cool by 16 I was full time near a pack a day. By the time I was of age I was full blown a pack a day every day no breaks. I smoked til I was 1 month to the day of being 29 so 15 years, at nearly 2 packs a day. My friend told me he wanted me to try it for a 2 week period and if I hated it hed reimburse me and that would be that that was November 15 2017. 

Here I am smoke free for almost 2 years fully and never felt better in my adult life flavors did this they helped me get healthy and live longer for my family and friends and I will not let this ban get the best of me or this community.

  1. Diana Piastowski 

I was a pack a day menthol smoker for 43yrs at the age of 8 i had already decided i couldn't wait to grow up so i can smoke cigarettes but i started a little early. At age 13yrs old i started smoking my mothes & grandfathers cigarettes. i watched my grandfather die from lung cancer from smoking 2 packs a day of non filtered Pall Mall cigarettes. My Father died at the early age of 43yrs at least a pack a day of filtered Pall Mall.  My dear sweat mother died at an early age of 53yrs due to complications of COPD from smoking a pack a day of Tareyton 100%. I remember them so well because at the age of six, my mother would write a note that said please sell my daughter Diana a pack of Tareyton 100 for me i am her mother thank you Cecelia may she RIP. 

At the age of 13yrs i started smoking non menthol but was told by the doctors i was allergic to my smart ass switched to menthol first Cool 100 cuz they were longer & i could smoke more than by the age of 15 i switched it up to New Port 100 menthol continued smoking them even after 1998 when i was diagnosed with COPD. Even after a biopsy of by lungs proven to be blacked all the way through there is no pink to be found anywhere on my lungs i smoked those until one day in the begining of this year 2019 without a second thought.

&walked in to a vape shop walked out with a cool talking smok vape I to was looking for that flavor of the cigarettes i smoked but thats not how the vapping world rolls no way we got us fruit flavor desert flavors sour sweet salty ice cream i like the carmel hazle nut flavor and i like the vanilla bean vanilla cake so guess what i do i take sometimes as much as three different flavors i like and mix them all together add a couple drops of menthol i get the best genuflections savored of superstition and popery taste and completely enjoy it the gourments want to savor our game specialties.

But i wont stop with just one flavor i always try new flavors i enjoy being able to mix the flavors that i love together do u see the billion dollar economy vaping has brought to our nation all the jobs and the small bussiness vaping has created having my choice of the savoring flavors increases my use of thoughts and actions my choice of flavors has increased the intensity duration and appreciation of positive experiences and emotions it is a topic commonly studied in the domain of positive psychology it can also be referred to simply as the up-regulation of positive emotions


  1. Nikki's Pawz

Smoking is a global health emergency. One smoker dies every six seconds every single day across the globe. No other cessation product on the market today does what e-cigarettes or vaping can do, and because of that, more and more smokers are switching and hopefully one day that appalling number will go down. You have to be 21 to go into a bar, you should have to be 21 to go into a vape shop, but vaping is NOT the evil that some are making it out to be. Flavors save lives. Vaping saves lives.   

Before I talk about how I quit smoking by using vape, I want to talk about how I came to be an addict. There was this annual carnival that came to our school parking lot every year in the spring. Along with the hot dogs and gold fish in a bag, and cotton candy, there was the 'roulette' booth. Play a game of roulette and win cigarettes. You would win single packs or several packs or even cartons of them.

This was going on in the parking lot of an elementary school in 1973. Of course the sign said you had to be at least 16 to play, but how many kids in a grade school parking lot are actually 16? Everyone was super excited because people could WIN this game! And what was the real harm? Even my pediatrician smoked at that time. Kids were walking away with bags of cigarettes. And what do kids do when that happens? Just like Halloween, they divvy up the spoils, they trade and even give them away and pretty soon almost every kid in that parking lot had at least one pack of smokes hidden in their book bag or lunch box. including me - and I had never even been at that booth, but it didn't take very long at all to become hooked.

I discovered e-cigarettes in 2008. By then I had tried every single fad, medication and/or cessation device on the market. I was frustrated and depressed. My father had died of lung cancer and my mother had died of complications related to COPD. Enough was enough already. I hated the looks I got, I hated the stench and the way cigarettes were making me feel, and one day, after googling stop smoking searches for the umpteenth time, I ran across something new. It was an e-cigarette device.

I was very curious, but also cautious. I book marked the page and then googled e-cigarettes to find out more. I found a forum dedicated to them and finally made the leap. I purchased a kit and bought tobacco flavors because I didn't know other flavors existed. I posted something about it in the e-cig forum which is where I was getting most of my information. Something to the affect of, “Yuck, gross! This tastes worse than old shoe leather. I don't get this!”

And some kind lady not only replied, she sent me about four bottles of flavored vape juice. They knocked me off of my feet. One was a Creme Brule, and the other was Pear. And a funny thing happened. I stopped craving cigarettes COMPLETELY. Oh, don't get me wrong. I was and am a nicotine addict and if I couldn't get my hands on a device or ran out of liquids, I would smoke a cigarette. But the cigarettes were an awful alternative to the vaping. They tasted horrible, made me sick to my stomach, and smelled disgusting.

My transition from smoking to vaping was completely organic. One day I woke up and realized that I hadn't smoked or even thought about smoking a cigarette in several days and I was actually shocked. I was an ex-smoker - officially!! There was a very minor withdrawal, but cigarettes had completely lost their appeal. My sense of smell was returning, my sense of taste was returning,. my sinuses were clearing up.Wow!

One thing I love about this little community I found, is that word gets around fast. If something is iffy or questionable, people are talking about it. People will warn other people about it. They are also encouraging, non-judgmental and informed. I also like the fact that some of the companies selling flavors include safety data sheets about the product (which you can view online)and  that way you know exactly what you are buying. Cigarettes companies don't do that. Cigarette packages couldn't even fit the thousands of chemicals that go into the average pack and they would rather you did not know what you were putting into your body: toxic sludge.

What do I tell children about vaping? I tell them it's not cool, but it is my answer to something I view as terminal. Smoking is a killer and I tell them that when I was little like they are, I was fooled into thinking that cigarettes were harmless things and I vape because that is what helped me quit smoking. Not one of the kids I have had that discussion with vapes. I believe age restrictions should be enforced. Once again, you have to be 21 to enter a bar; you should have to be 21 to enter a vape shop or buy vape products. But taking away flavors is not the answer. 

Lisa MacDonald

  1. Nate Mountzoures

I was smoking between 10-20 ciggarettes a day before i was introduced into vaping. I'm a recovering addict as well and vaping not only helped me quit smoking but it also gave me a purpose and a passion in life that I desperately needed at the time. What really changed me for good was the variety of flavors and options of brands, nicotine levels and intricacy of some devices. Once I found out about vaping I was instantly drawn in, the crowd was accepting and very friendly. But ultimately being able to get the satisfaction of smoking, while being able to enjoy some of my favorite flavors and smells rather than the horrible smell and taste of cigarettes is what really hooked me.

Taking away flavors would ultimately destroy the entire industry as we saw with the recent bans. By limiting the flavor to strictly tobacco I feel that many people will unfortunately not find vaping as pleasurable and not make the switch from traditional cigarettes. Being able to vape a nice fruity custard blended e-juice is much more enjoyable to me than a menthol tobacco flavored juice and I hope that the government realises that the effect vaping has on people's lives, goes far beyond just being another cigarette replacement.


  1. David James

Hi my name is Dave Jones yes the one in a billion David Jones that's in this beautiful country today. Ha. I'm 34 years old and I've been vaping flavored Eliquid now for just roughly over a year. Yay!

I quit smoking last year around this time my birthday is on November 29th and I know by the time I hit my birthday last year i was full on vaping and only vaping, no sneaky sneaky between the cheeky would u ever catch a cigarette hanging out of my mouth by that time last year.

So yeah it took a bit to come to that point I would say vaping was introduced to me by my now girlfriend at that time new person new friend I had made. So I'll be honest at first when i seen someone vaping i was actually overcoming a different deadly addiction i was in a drug treatment program for opioids.  Off track for a sec i was addicted to opiates for the greater part of my life 19 years. So when I was in treatment I would go to my groups classes every day and every hour we had smoke break. Tell u what coffee and cigarettes for drug treatment centers is a whole different addiction in itself there. Yet I guess it's better then both deadly addictions. So one of the participants of the program. I was in vaped and yes I'll admit I use to call him names and make fun of him vaping. At that point I was so not giving up smoking I didn't even think of trying his vape when he asked me. Yet I do remember smelling the vapor clouds and thinking mmm popcorn cause of course at first all flavored dessert style vapes smelt like buttered popcorn. 

So now fast forward a few months now its summer time that previous part was dead winter time. Anyway yeah it's like july and I've graduated treatment I have a year off opioids and all bad type of things u can kill ur self with. Yet I'm still gunning a pack of smokes down a day. So I get introduced to this girl and shes vaping well odd enough she would ask me for a cigarette here or there and I would trade her and vape on her vape. She had a Smok alien with a Smok baby prince tank. Hahaha I wasn't into the desert flavors at first being they all smelled like popcorn and some tastes a bit to buttery.  But one day she was vaping on this juice called bird brains. I was like what laughing at her when she said try it you'll like it its fruity cereal flavor. So I did and oh man sold I loved it. 

So now fast forward a few more months. This friend of mine, Emily, well now she's my girlfriend it's about the end of September.  And we are together everyday. I have found my rhythm with vaping, figured out what nicotine level I needed to cure my carving I started at 12mg but it was kinda harsh. I found once I switched to 9 mg i completely stop buying and smoking cigarettes especially as long as i had my fruity flavored eliquid and candy flavors I was good to go. Being that said Emily my girlfriend completely stopped smoking cigarettes too cause I wasn't smoking being that now I'm the person she is around 24 7 .  

So yeah probably not a winner type of story no gut or heart wrenching cigarettes killed my mom dad so on so fourth. Thank god but Emily and I both smoked cigarettes since we were teenagers cause that was they thing to do when u ran with that crowd that experienced or experimented with everything.  We both had overcome a serious opioid addiction. And also overcame an addiction to cigarettes with the help of dessert flavors for her like hit that donut and candy fruity flavors for me like cloud nerds. 

We both have almost 2years clean from drugs and alcohol and just over a year clean from cigarettes.  We both vape 3mg flavored eliquid and are talking about going to 0mg nicotine and just vaping for the flavors and the fact that it's also a lifestyle and hobby.  Not just a thing but a life changing way.


  1. Mike Gregory 

I smoked nasty cigarettes for years, while friends around me were not only on their way to  quiting smoking, but the were enjoying the process. I haven't smoked a cigarette in 9 months. I've been vaping ever since. I've tried all kinds of flavors, and have really enjoyed it. You have to watch out what you put in your body, as it is our Temple. There is a lot of black market, cheap and dangerous stuff we definitely want to avoid ingesting into our body's. Vaping if done properly, with products we can stand behind should always be available to us and Withstand The Ban. I love the flavor options I have had, it really gives me pleasure looking through the menus. I started vaping at 12mg of nicotine, I'm down to 6 mg. I'm on my way to being to 0mg. I've used vaping to quit smoking cigarettes! Use my path with me and quit smoking cigarettes.


  1. Ryan Crompton

Hello my name is Ryan Crompton and I had been a smoker for years; I lost count after 20 years went by...? I never thought that I could just put them stinky sticks down like I did without the help of those super expensive over the counter quit smoking  medications? 

That's exactly what I had down over a year and a half ago! I picked a date to stop and start vaping. I had read and heard it to be best way, to pick and stick too your guns. I never thought that the nicotine or the vapors itself would be enough to satisfy my cravings for nicotine,  especially after so kany years of none stop smoking?! I became a believer and still am to this day that vaping is a safe and completely plausible way to quit smoking. 

Now, knowing that nicotine is addictive; an adult should and would understand that vaping juices with nicotine would and is just as addictive as smoking?! With the exception of being able to step down you nicotine amounts and flavoring profiles to ones taste, inorder to make it as easy as possible to stop all together. As what I have done to some extent, I still vape on occasion without nicotine... Souly because I enjoy the taste and it is my right as an adult to do so. Just like I my glass of cherry bourbon every once and a while?! It would be right to take my cherry bourbon away , trading it for just straight bourbon due to underage drinking? Sounds like a parent to child problem? 

We; "Vapers" take full responsibility for what we do as adults and our health insurance, as well health may be impacted in a negative way but, our rights being stripped away over the lack of parenting is completely unethical! I understand and do not want any child to start smoking, vaping or get hurt in any shape, form or fashion... Being a parent myself; it falls on my lap, my responsibility to steer my child in the right direction. As is does for all of the parents out there in this great nation. 

Flavoring in vape is what makes it what it is.... Take that away you essentially put those cancer sticks back onto the mouths of thousands upon millions of US law abiding citizens. The flavor of the vape may entice younger folks but, so does all the alchohol flavors! But, everyone's already addicted to alcohol; no change there will ever happen. Make vape harder to get for these children, raise the buyers age, force identication inorder purchase online(driver's license as well as crrfit cards)and charge parents with neglecting their children before you punish all these tax payers who make this country turn. This is just one more freedom that will be stripped away. There ultimately is a huge benefit that vaping provides to RESPONSIBLE ADULT SMOKERS! Not children! Change the laws not the product!!! 

Yours Truly, 

          All Responsible Adult Vapers....


  1. Debi Meinwieser 

My father smoked for 60+ years and wound up with hardening of the arteries.  He almost lost his leg when it turned black from no circulation. Throughout his last 10 years he had 5 artery bypass surgeries. They had to take an artery from a pig and use it in his leg.  It kept failing after 5 attempts they finally took one from his left leg and used it in his right leg. It was very sad to watch my dad suffer. He also had copd and asthma. My dad died on my son's birthday/ Mother's Day in May 2012 from a blood clot to his heart. From the day my dad died, I vowed to care for my 82yr old mother who had asthma, copd & heart disease from my dad's second hand smoke. My mom has been living with me now for 7 years.

Im 56 yrs old & I smoked for 39 years. I didn't want to endure the same torture that I witnessed my dad go through. I already had asthma, vascular disease and had 2 blood clots. The last being in my lung! 

I knew I had to quit I just didn't know how I was going to do it. I've tried so many different ways and nothing helped. I was tired of having that disgusting smell in my house & car, yellow walls and furniture & burn marks all over the furniture & carpet etc. I no longer wanted to ever taste or smell a cigarette again! I felt guilty subjecting my mother to my horrible habit. She has lived with second hand smoke her whole life and enough was enough!

In 2013 I discovered vaping but didn't know much about it. I tried the cigarette style pens from E-Smokes but they didn't really work because I was using both the vape & cigs.  In 2015 I stopped into a vape store. The guy behind the counter asked what he could do for me.  

I said I need help! I want to quit smoking but I don't know anything about vaping. Mike was extremely helpful and tailored my setup and flavors to my likes & needs. They had a sample bar for customers to try all the flavors. He made me feel welcomed and as if I was not alone. He was also willing to answer any and all questions which made me feel very comfortable after talking me through and teaching me how to use my very 1st set up, the Kanger Juppi.  That day was the beginning of my new journey living a cigarette free life! It took only a few months to completely switch over to vaping. I used 9mg nic vanilla Ice cream, birthday cake & blueberry cake flavors and I would rather have the delicious tastes and smells than a cigarette. I'm proud to say Ive been cigarettes free for 4 years and Im down to 1.5mg nicotine! I don't ever want to have to go back to smoking ever again and Im on a mission to help as many people to quit smoking as possible if they're willing to quit. I no longer have asthma and neither does my 89 yr old Mother!! For the first time in years my mother no longer has an oxygen machine, nebulizer or inhaler. Mom is so proud of me and she knows vaping is a 95% safer alternative to smoking with no second hand effects.

Our only regret is that her husband, my dad didn't have the same chance at saving his life! 

If vaping or flavors become banned I will never go back to smoking. I will continue to vape and continue to help anyone else who needs supplies and e-liquid. I am willing to do whatever it takes to fight these bans!!

  1. Nathan Karbginsky

 I don't know how to really start this but here we go. i started vaping when blu came out with the starter kit. it worked for a while but i ended up going back to cigarettes do to limited flavors and it wasnt fully satisfying for myself. I was up to 2 packs of cigarettes a day it was expensive and harmful for me. it made it harder to breath it takes away flavor on everything you eat or drink and its so hard to quit. well i started fulling vaping with a smok alien 200w mod. my first flavored juice i had was aqua oasis 6mg. it helped but wasnt fully satisfying. i finally quit smoking cigarettes when i started using the breeze aspire. i started with 25mg and ended up at 50mg. the flavors really help and eventually i all around havent touched a cigarette in about 2 years. 

since ive been vaping flavors now the smell of cigarettes disgust me and i wonder to myself how i ever enjoyed that and wanted it so badly everyday. my buddy has the tobacco flavored vape juice cause its all he could find here in michigan and it was just horrid. Also since i quit cigarettes and started vaping my breathing is better than it was from cigarettes, food tastes better and i havent gotten sick since i quit smoking cigarettes. cigarettes caused me to get bronchitis every year and since i quit i havent gotten it since. all because of flavored vape juices. Also side note. how the media wants to say its attracting children to do it because of all the flavors. well thats a line of bs because when i was 13 i started smoking cigarettes and there werent any flavors. thats just an excuse. im 26 now. they blame flavors yet theres marshmallow flavored alcohol. makes sense. but anyway thats my story it has helped me alot and it will continue to help me. thank you for listening.


  1. Jocelyn Taylor

I am a 41 year old woman and I smoked cigarettes for 30 years. I am also a recovering heroin addict. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever be able to stop smoking cigs. Kicking heroin is much easier than kicking cigs! I am so thankful to the vaping industry for giving me such a wonderful alternative. The thing that these lawmakers and people that want to ban certain flavors need to understand is that for most of us we need to find the right device and the right flavor in order to say goodbye to cigs for good! Its a journey and a process and I feel extremely angry that people want to take these options away from me! If I would have had only 2 or 3 flavors to choose from I never would have quit and its been nearly a year now. I feel at 41 years old that if I want to vape fruity or candy flavored vape juice that is my business! This is my only vise now and I am so afraid of what could happen if it is taken away from me! I don't see how these flavors are any different than the many fruit flavors of alcohol on the market, in fact a lot of vape flavors come from names of alcoholic beverages. I don't see anyone threatening the alcohol industry and hypocrisy makes my blood boil!

 Don't tread on me because some youngsters might want to try vaping that is part of growing up. It is up to us to educate our kids about the dangers of smoking, vaping, drinking, drugs, walking across the damn street. But I don't want anyone telling me what flavor I can vape. I am old enough and smart enough to make those decisions for myself. Anyone who votes to ban or regulate the vaping industry will not get my vote. Come on President Trump as a conservative I don't like regulation or government trampling on my rights. Please do not disappoint me. We can come up with ways to protect our kids but let me make my own choices! I can choose whether or not to have a baby but you would take away my right to pick what vape juice I can buy?? Do you see how freaking ridiculous that is???

Sincerely, J Taylor

  1. Brad Culotta

Depression was running my life , it stole my joy in life a cigarette is what I used to abuse myself because I had no self worth.all I wanted to do was punish myself and a cigarette was almost a means to an end!! UNTIL I discovered flavored vaping,still skeptical at first but stuck it out and kept telling myself there is a light at the end of this tunnel!!

Dr said I need to stop smoking and she might as well have told me to stop eating but vaping gave me hope and people started looking at me differently, because they could see that I had completely quit smoking cigarettes and I didn’t smell anymore and I was accepted more and it boosted my morale and the depression was soon a distant memory! So flavored vaping wasn’t cool to me it was a godsend that saved my life!!!!!! These pharmaceutical companies get people addicted to prescription drugs and we become hostages to a system that should be in place to help its fellow human!! So flavored vaping, once people get past the stigma, serves a great purpose for those who truly are trying to make a difference in there life!!!!




  1. Robert Bartman

So it all started when I was about 13.  My grandmother smoked cigarettes and I would steal them from her to smoke.  She smoked More Menthol. I spendt the next 24 years smoking. At the height of my smoking I was at 2 packs a day.  Then the Blu Vapor Cigarettes came out. I tried then and they did not work. It just didn’t feel the same. Then I was at a hookah bar, and someone had a vape.  I was interested, but I did not pursue it. After this I went to the Doctor and he told me I had COPD. And it was quite bad. I was unable to run for more than a couple hundred feet.  Then I found Peach rings flavor. Peach Rings are my favorite candy. And I switched. At first I bought a simple mod and a bottle of juice. I continued smoking off an on for about a year.  And then I got to a point where I did not like the taste of cigarettes anymore, and I switched. 

 After 4 years I went back to my doctor, and much to her amazement my COPD had not progressed much in 4 years.  Stunned she asked me what change I made. I told her I went to vaping. Right away she started to tell me how that was bad for my health.  This was after she already saw the beneficial effects it had. I decided to switch doctors. I went to the new doctor and showed her the results, and  she said that it’s obvious that vaping is not worse than cigarettes. She actually recommended I stay with vaping, and don’t pick Cigarettes back up again.  Since then I have been vaping. I don’t have issues walking up stairs, I don’t have issues running. Since I switched to vaping my life has improved tenfold.  I should be the poster boy for vaping. It has completely turned my life around. After years of smoking I can finally breathe again. THANK YOU VAPING.


  1. Todd Michael Maddox Glover 

My girlfriend shana and myself we're smokers. Shana was hospitalized about 4 years ago unable to breath and in very bad condition. The hospital and doctors informed shana she can no longer smoke cigarettes ever again. When shana came home we didn't know what to do. I researched online. We then began vaping and shanas health improved from not smoking and so did my health. We have been vaping for about 4 years now and both of our breathing problems have improved 100%. Our doctors even gave us breathing tests and we both passed with flying colors. We love how vaping has rescued us from a future of very bad health and we will always vape for as long as we can. We love vaping!


  1. Chris May 

I was 39 and breathing had become a chore, always had headaches and cigs were getting expensive.

I drove a beat-up 1999 Camaro, couldn’t afford much nicer.

One day I decided that I really wanted to quit smoking to try and not die before I was 50.

I went to my local gas station on my way home from work and grabbed a “e-cig” from the counter and thought I’d give it a try.

Figure that if I could make it 1 night without dying for a cig I might have found a way to quit.

After a week of sucking on the device which actually looked just like a cig, I knew it might work.

I just wished that it didn’t taste like tobacco, that was keeping me from fully committing to it.

Back then there were very few if any vapor shops. I knew of none other then tobacco shops that had some pre-packaged e-liquid. Decided to pay them a visit not for the liquid but for a bigger unit that would stay charged longer.

That’s when I noticed that they had different flavored cartos that was more then a generic e-cig. They had Camel/Marlboro/Menthol flavors and thought that was awesome. (The only juice they had was tobacco flavors)

Went with a Camel cig flavor, which Is the brand i had smoked since I was 13 Yrs old and smoked 2 to 3 packs a day.

After about a month with a more powerful battery and in my mind better flavor I was breathing better, but also not fully committed because of the flavor.

I was at a point that I loved not spending the cash on smokes, but was constantly wanting a puff that didn’t feel or taste fake.

I mean I was going through the same motions as smoking without the satisfaction.

I was actually headed to a job in Lewisville, Texas  and saw a sign for a Vape shop called DFW Vapors, and knew I had to check it out.

I was blown away by what I saw. Over a hundred different flavors of juice that didn’t taste like tobacco. I had to give it a try.

I ended up buying a Lambo mod and a tank that the carto fit in and I added my juice.

(Incredible) I was truly amazed.

I bought a Tropical Flavor 30mil /18mg Nic.

5 min before seeing the sign for the Vape shop I had picked up a pack of Camel lights.

Figured that quitting just wasn’t going to happen.

After that point I was sold on it. Over the course of the next few months my wallet got fatter, my health got even better, I smelled better, looked better and the smell of a cig actually made me nauseous.

If it wasn’t for the option of a flavor other than tobacco, I would have never quit.

My last cig was in April of 2012 and I save over $400 to $500 a Month by not smoking.

I am more productive at work, Drive a nice car that I can now afford because of what I save by not smoking.

I’m now 46 and feel like I’m 25.

I vape daily, Candy flavors are my favorite and without that option, I don’t want to imagine where I would be financially or health wise.

Flavored E-juice saved my life. I honestly believe that.

Please excuse my poor punctuation.

Chris may


  1. Andrew Collier 

I had smoked for going on 20 years with no hope of stopping. My mother was diagnosed with cancer this year and it was devastating. It made me think about what was truly important in my life. Smoking had become a priority in my life. I had tried tobacco flavored disposable vape products of my friends but it was just gross to me and choked me up. I knew the risks and what smoking was doing to my body so I ordered some candy flavored juice and a cheap subohm kit. I received it on June 6th of 2019. After 3 days of using it I just wasn't craving cigarettes anymore. Since then I started running and lifting weights daily again since my lungs had cleared up so much. I feel great now and can breathe without all the issues cause by smoking. I have finally talked my mom into trying flavored vapes instead of smoking as well! I hope they work for her like they have for me. It would help her alot during the cancer treatment if she was to quit smoking also. I can only pray! I don't know what I would've done without these products to help me get this far!!!


  1. Terry-Lynn Traina 

I have been cigarette free for over 2 years now. I was borderline copd and I had tried everything from nicorette products, hypnosis, prescription medication such as wellbutrin and Champax with absolutely no success.

I am a chronic migraine sufferer also prone to bronchial pneumonia every year. I was at point where I had a horrific cough spitting up mucus on a regular basis. My son was worried about my health as well as myself. My son suggested trying vaping as an alternative to quit smoking. He had been vaping for a few months and said it was worth a try for me. So he bought me my first vape that was October 2017. He bought me my first bottle of strawberry milk ejuice in 12 mg of nic as I was a 2 pack a day smoker. 

It took a few tries to find a flavored ejuice that I liked. Without a variety of ejuices, i think i would have given up. I found twelve monkeys ejuice as well as a couple other brands that we to my liking and was happy to have a variety that i could choose from. After 3 months i had dropped down on my level of nic to 6 mg. I am currently at 0 - 3 mg of nic and have not smoked a cigarette in over 2 years now.  I have NOT had any signs of bronchial pneumonia or copd since I starting vaping as alternative to quit smoking. 

If it weren't for all the variety of brands and flavors available I know I WOULD NEVER HAVE SUCCEEDED IN QUITTING SMOKING. If you ban flavors I know i will fall back to smoking, and I do not want that. Also if you ban flavors and only allow people who vape to be able to buy tobacco flavor ejuice, you are going to force many vapors right back to smoking

(Including myself. )  

All I have achieved in my success to no longer smoking would have been for nothing and my health will deteriorate back to what it was or even worsen. 

Please dont ban flavors to those adults who use ECIGARETTES and ejuice as an alternative to quit smoking.  


TL Traina 

  1. Ashley Capps 

I started smoking cigarettes at the age of 11 because of peer pressure right after my mom died. I would at least go through 3 packs a day all the way up to my 20th birthday and my boyfriend finally introduced me to vaping I was a little iffy about it at first but he told me about how I can have customized flavors and I like fruity stuff preferably pineapple.Yum! And I have been vaping for over a year and never went back to cigarettes. Vaping has changed my life for good.

  -Ashley C


  1. Mary Prescott 

The vape flavors helped me quit about 12 yrs ago. I was smokin for almost 30yrs. I couldn't breath well etc. so I tried the e cigs that were on the market then. The fact that were many flavors were available made it so much easier to quit cigs. My breathing is 100% better and I still continue vape with no problems at all and I've tried many different flavors from many different brands.

I say that it's gonna be a big mistake if they band these in Ma. unless maybe they want people back on cigs. Also kids aren't supposed to be smokin vapes anyhow. It says right on the label just as cigs do and it's just as for easy minor to grab a cig. which is known to kill people. We never had this prob until pot was legalized and people started started making bad THC vapes. So I think its B.S, Just the record I picked up cigs at 11yrs old. So....




  • Posted on by Karla

    Some of these are good but PAUL B. made me pee a little bit! LMFAO Trump’s pie hole😅. That’s good stuff!!

  • Posted on by Stephen swenson

    i smoked cigs for 18 years tell I descoverd vaping if it wernt for baked good flavors of wouldnt have ever quit smoking cigs proud to say its been 2 years since ive bought s pack of cigs

  • Posted on by Kevin Hallman

    If it wasn’t for vaping I would be dead right now instead of writing this message. Flavors has saved and changed my life and it infuriates me to no end that they are trying to take our flavors away from us. We are adults making responsible choices and they should respect that decision. It has been proven over and over that vaping is 95% better for you than smoking. As far as teens vaping it’s up to the parents to make sure that they understand all the dangers in the world and that includes nicotine dependence. They just want the regulated products off the shelves I instead of “being a parent” and having these conversations with thier kids!!! All that will do is cause more problems because that will only leave the black market harmful products to buy.

  • Posted on by Ramiro silva

    Since I discovered the vaping my life has improved I stopped smoking cigarettes for 2 years and I feel much better thanks

  • Posted on by Manda

    I started sneaking and smoking when I was 13 years old. By 15 I was hooked. I have tried quiting 1000 times which I know most smokers have. Couldn’t stop for any reason. Even under doctor orders. I smoked for 20 years and finally decided to try favor ejuice. Didn’t think it would work. I only tried tobacco flavors. I would do vapor in the house and in my car but I kept going back to cigs. 2 years ago I started getting sick all the time. I stay so nauseous and still couldn’t quit. I was taking zofran everyday of my life. I felt horrible. Got where I couldn’t eat and started dropping weight like crazy. Thought I had something horribly wrong with me. So my husband and kids begged me to quit. I wanted to so bad but still couldn’t. Last January after an bad report from my doctor, I say enough I was going to try vaping one more time and this time commit to it. I went a bought a mod and some grape jam flavored juice and some bubble gum flavor juice. It was hard at first but I only broke over a few times. I started trying different flavors like sugar cane and other jam flavors. I loved the taste and not waking up sick. The flavors are what helped me quit the icky sticks (cigarettes). They have helped me get my appetite back and now I’m able to eat and not be sick all day. My breathing is better. I’m feeling so much better. I know in my heart I would have never quit smoking or started gaining my weight back without my grape jam flavor. I have cut my nicotine level from 12 down to 3mg. I’m so thankful to people who have gave vaping a try and stop smoking. Thank u to the maker of the many wonderful flavors, because of u I can be around to raise my kids. Our government has no idea how the flavors have saved my life. I was so sick. Please don’t take away our flavor juices, they have helped so many. My kids will tell u, vaping saved their mommy life. Been sober off drugs since 9/19/2014 now I have another clean date 1/15/19 off cigs. ONCE AGAIN FLAVORS SAVED MY LIFE!!!!

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