Hot Vape Product: Caliburn KOKO Prime Pod Device Kit


Four KOKO Prime vapes displayed on an outdoor bench,

The next generation of the beloved Caliburn KOKO has arrived. Introducing the Caliburn KOKO Prime by Uwell. While the KOKO Prime contains many of the same features for which the original KOKO was praised, it also presents a fresh take on creative and ultra-portable vaping.

For example, both the original KOKO and the KOKO Prime have a 2ml juice capacity in their pods, they are both draw-activated and both use top-filling for e-liquid. However, the KOKO Prime boasts a bigger battery and lower coil resistance, both of which allow it to reach a higher wattage output. Learn more about what sets the KOKO Prime apart from its predecessor.

6 KOKO Prime vape devices displayed in an array of colors.

As you can clearly see, Uwell has gotten pretty creative with the exterior of the KOKO Prime. Choose from any of these six expressive colors and even customize its face.

An exploded view of the KOKO Prime pod device with its panels removed.

 That's right: the panels on the vape's front and back are magnetic and can be switched out with other KOKO Prime magnetic panels, so you can customize your device even further.

A deconstructed KOKO Prime vape so each internal piece is visible.

Let's analyze the KOKO Prime piece by piece. You'll notice an added air inlet on the mod. This added airflow is designed to allow the user to install their pod in two different directions for two different vape experiences. By attaching the pod with its air hole facing inward on the device, you'll get an airflow more suitable for MTL. Connect the pod with the air hole facing toward the outside of the device for DTL. If that sounds confusing to you, check out the diagram below.

A diagram explaining the airflow pattern of the KOKO Prime vape device,

Another neat feature on the KOKO Prime's body is the battery indicator. Three different lights will display depending on the percentage of charge left in the vape's 690mAh battery. The best news of all is that the KOKO Prime is charged by a Type-C cable (included in your kit), so your device will last an entire day and recharge from dead in about an hour.

Three graphics depicting the KOKO Prime's battery life indicator.

The KOKO Prime's pods hold 2ml of e-liquid are are refilled by removing the mouthpiece drip tip and top-filling. The silicon valve check helps prevent leakage and allows for mess-free filling. The KOKO Prime replacement pods are dual compatible with the Caliburn G pod device.

A step-by-step guide to refill the Caliburn G vape replacement pods.

Just like the pods, the KOKO Prime's coils are also perfectly compatible with the Caliburn G device. Using Uwell's patented Pro-FOCS technology, the KOKO prime's coils bring the user superior flavor. Your KOKO Prime kit comes with a FeCrAl 1.0ohm coil pre-installed in the device. If you want a tighter airflow and richer flavor, you can also find the UN2 Meshed-H 0.8ohm coil when browsing KOKO Prime replacement coils.


Ready to grab a Uwell Caliburn KOKO Prime of your own? Want to learn even more about the KOKO Prime? Check out the video below.




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