Every Scavenger Hunt Hint Revealed


Every Scavenger Hunt Hint Revealed

Have you been searching high and low, turning on all of our social media notifications, waiting with bated breath for the next hint so you can win first place and $150 to spend on Eight Vape??

...Well then you're probably pretty bummed that we're re-releasing all the hints right now for all the others who sat back and waited for us to inevitably do this. But this will help you too! You can cross reference and double check, because remember, you can oly submit your guess once. 


So without further ado, let's get to those clues!


Turkey Clues

  • For those who haven't been following this hunt closely, sorry you unfortunately did miss one turkey who made two brief appearances on an email that was sent out to all those subscribed to our newsletter. (Now's the time to head through your trash folder if you missed it)
  • Did you look real close at the turkey hidden in plain sight on the rules page?
  • Checking out our happy hour ads on Facebook and Instagram may give you a happy reward...
  • We have two Thanksgiving themed contests happening right now on EightVape... have you been paying attention to the other one? Wild turkey sightings happening in that neck of the woods.
  • If all the hunting has got you thirsty, a nice refreshing beverage vape juice may leave you feeling Tickled Pink....
  • If you've employed the help of your friend Lucas to help you win this challenge, and you haven't found more than 5 of the clues. Get rid of him like a burnt Coil. It's time to Fire Luke!
  • AND TODAY'S HINT IS.......... Going to make you happy, for just a few HOURS


Now, email what number turkey you found where! Make sure you have found all 8!


Key Word Clues

  • Having a hard time finding key words? Maybe check some... Alternative areas on our site.
  • Think we're being too tricky? You must not know us very well. Maybe check out our About Us page and learn a bit more about how wild we can be......
  • You've checked Alternative areas... You've learned more About Us... But what about checking with some of your fellow EightVape MATES? You should probably REVIEW some of them. See what I'm getting At?
  • One fun activity to do with family in the fall... is sitting around the Campfire, getting cozy with all.
  • I'm thinking of a classic fall flavor. There are so many ways to enjoy this flavor in the fall. You pick them, bob for them, you make them into pies, you vape them. It's wild all the versatility these things have. They may even be good at hiding clues.
  • Today's clue is hiding in another dimension... A dimension of fruit... and dimension of spheres.
  • If you're running low on hope and this scavenger hunt has got you saying "I need to stop this," Don't get down on yourself, after all... You're a SMOK Prince.
  • This clue is so well hidden... It's in the description of a juice flavor that Doesn't Even Exist But It Should! If this juice did exist, it would be quite fitting of the season and a particular holiday coming this week.

Now unscramble this secret phrase and when you think you've nailed it email your answer!!!






  • Posted on by Michael

    Midnight Madness at Eight Vape

  • Posted on by mike eightvape

    Logan…come on you are the grand champion

  • Posted on by Logan D Hackney

    I’m terrible at scavenger hunts but I’ll poke around. rolls up sleeves

  • Posted on by Brian Medford


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