Entries To The "Share The Luck" St. Patrick's Day Contest


Eight Vape’s “Share The Luck” St. Patrick’s Day Contest

St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect time to get out in the world with a positive attitude and hope some of that Irish luck rubs off on you. But this year here in the Eight Vape Community, we want to spread that luck around and share it with for fellow Eight Vapers.

So for this months contest we have challenged you all to write an Irish Blessing to bestow upon your fellow vapers. And keeping with the theme of sharing the luck there will be no 1st 2nd or 3rd place winners, rather one 1st place winner in one of three categories, each category winner will split the pot of gold and receive $50 in Eight Vape cash each!

The categories are, Most Original, Most Sincere, and Most Humorous. So show support to your favorites by commenting about them in the section below or letting us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

If you feel compelled to send in your own entry read the rules and submission guidelines HERE.

Remember to check back here for new entries as we update daily as they come in. Entries are ordered with the most recent submissions on the top.


Johnathan M.

May the Celtic coil of your heart
be wrapped in the warmth of organic cotton.
And your pot-o-gold be filled with flavorful ejuice
that brings back memories once forgotten.
Breathing in the vape will do you no harm
as you lovin'ly hold the mod that is your lucky charm.


Hillary B.

May your lungs be light, and airy! With no cough in sight!
May you juice be flavorful
And hearts flow!
May you coils be perfect,
And cotton stay white!
Enjoy your vape, and celebrate life!


Gail M.


Wendy B.

From a real Irish girl ... 2nd generation Wendy Burns

☘️May your vape supplies never be late ... for this we count on #EighVape my you find your rainbow Mfeng and you’ll never be sad again ... ☘️

☘️May your days ...be lucky  indeed  ... a most beautiful rainbow you’ll need ...MFeng  @EightVape place to be .... all the beautiful colours go see  ☘️

☘️May you never smoke a stinky again ...  box mods tanks and Pens ... eightvape is surely a friend ... May ejuice come  in clouds  never never never never to end ☘️



Irish Vape Fam Blessing

May the vapor rise up to greet you.
May the flavor always touch your tongue.
May the coil provide clouds of comfort,
and the tingle fill your lungs with love
And until we vape once again,
May the nicotine hold you over.


Scott S.

May your heart be at ease, you can blow clouds with these, give up the cigs, and you won’t drop to your knees! Via Scott S. The birthday boy  


Kelly W.

"Wherever ye may be, let your clouds be free!"

James N.

Oh lord, while it’s been said that the Irish ignore anything they can’t drink or punch, vaping is truly helping those who are searching for a way to drop their pack of cigarettes.  So now that we don’t smell like the ass end of a leprechaun our wives and girlfriends want to spend more time with, oh lord help me if they ever meet.


Melissa G.

Make sure your kilt is short enough to dance the jig, but long enough to cover your lucky charms!!


Caitlin R.

"May your clouds be hearty, and your tank always full. May you rejoice in your juice flavor with every pull!"

"May you start smoking less,  and start vaping more. So your pockets grow wealthy, and your health be restored."


Melody W.

May your day be blessed and ready to go
May your juices be tasty and have abundance of flow
May your batteries have plenty of life
May your coils last long and not cause any strife
May your mods be full of vaperous cloud
So you'll be blessed that you're not smoking, but vaping proud!!


I hope you enjoy eightvape.coms crazy deals as much as the Irish enjoy a good brew on any given day. And your luck be flowing like my juice does out of my airflow every time I drip. 


Hunter J.

May your pot o' gold become a pod o' vape juice


Katie T.
"Life is short, but your breath should not. May your vape juice be plentiful and your life be long."

Mr. Matney
"May your juice never run low nor your coils go dry. Here's to you, dear cloudy friends, and those wishing to try. Keep on vapin' fam, may you always find new flavors to buy."

Robert R.

May your tanks stay full and your bottles never empty so that the journey of life brings you peace, happiness, and serenity.

May your wicks stay wet and your juice be plenty so you can enjoy the company of friends and life long prosperity.

May your flavors be strong and batteries charged fully so you can spread the joy of vaping to your friends and family.


Charlene L.

May the good saints protect you
And bless your vaping today
And may troubles ignore you
Each vape of the way

Today can be the day 
You look down on your vaping way
To hear the luck of St Patrick say
Look closely at the ground to find your way
Through the yee clouds of vape 
Will find you that 4 leaf clover on your way
Yee not let the vape cloud get in your way because there’s a highway 
Ahead yee might stumble upon the sway of danger.


Jacob T. 

May you have a blessed day,  With saturated cotton.
No stressful day, when your vape is an option.
Waking up, to a fresh drip from St. Patty, 
Clouds get puffed, the room goes cloudy. 
Happiest of days, from every single leprechaun,
Basking in a haze of fruitiness, and then he’s gone. 
Off to the next volunteer, for the abundance of juice, 
Oh what a great day, to vape with him too.


Christine G.

May you never endure a burnt draw and your drips never overfloweth and may every vape you draw be sweeter and more satisfying than the last!

Elizabeth M.

May your vape always be warm.
May your vape always be clean.
May your vape always be as sweet 
as a jellybean.
May a dirty coil rarely be seen. 
May you find a juice that is very keen.
Happy St. Patrick's day!!🍀


Kody H.

As they say in Ireland, Sláinte, (pronounced shlancha) means "health" and is said across the isle when you raise your drink (or vape) while making a toast in an Irish pub.


Stacy R.

May you always have coils for your tank, and batteries for your mod.
Eliquid a plenty sent from the vape god. Clouds to conceal and Flavors that fulfill And all the nicotine you may need


Nicole A.

May your days be filled with heath and happiness

May you find love instead of strife 

May you take that giant leap kicking those bad habits 

May you find switching to vaping can save your life. 

May the sun warm your skin and the wind blow through your hair 

May discovering Eightvape’s quality products and excellent customer service show you they genuinely care.


Erik M.

May your atomizer hold its weight
May your tank not crack
May your pod meet the expectations of your mod
May the wind carry your vape
May the juice not be reduced
May your mah flow raw
May the coil not toil
May the regulations not reep
May your base fluid seep
May the fda not creep
May your giveaway be won
May vaping bring lots of friends and fun
Happy St. Pattys Day


Echo G.

“Irish you all splendid luck on this journey to quitting cigarettes! And beginning a new life with the love of the vape family!” 


Xavier W.

"May your coils stay warm and your cotton stay juicy no dry hits or spit back with big clouds blown loosely"


Paul S.

May your coils be tight and your wicks stay wet. Quitting the old cigs, your best decision yet. Stay happy and healthy despite what they think. Remember to smile, your breath doesn't stink. Vape on my family, vape straight through their hate. Thanks for choosing to shop with the crew at Eight Vape.

Charlotte V.

"As you wander the road of life, vaping all the way, may the wind be at your back, sharing the sweet smell of your vaping, sharing the love with all you meet"



  • Posted on by Gail Martinez

    We are all vapors you know
    And eightvape is the place to go. For all our needs, I’m sure you’ll agree..this company is the place to be.
    So wishing you all the best of luck..purchasing here is definitely worth the buck!!

  • Posted on by Brenda howell

    May the luck of the Irish be good.💚
    Follow the rainbow to the pot of gold 🌈
    Just keep calm and vape on!!💨

  • Posted on by Ashley R

    May pods and mods surround you,
    cigarettes doesn’t have to be an option anymore,
    Thanks to Eightvape for my vape needs and for what you do,
    Thanks to vaping, my health and senses have been restored.

  • Posted on by James Neustice

    Oh lord, while it’s been said that the Irish ignore anything they can’t drink or punch, vaping is truly helping those who are searching for a way to drop their pack of cigarettes so we thank you. So now that we don’t smell like the a$$ end of a leprechaun our wives and girlfriends want to spend more time with, oh lord help me if they ever meet.

  • Posted on by James

    (Heavy Irsih Brogue)
    OH Lard, Now it’s said that the irish ignore anything they can’t drink or punch, but this vape game is helping out those dropping their cigarettes. And that we no longer smell like the of a leprechaun, our wives and girlfriends want to spend more time with us, Lard, help us if they ever meet.

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