Crown Pod Kit Review


Crown Pod Review

Uwell has been a very busy company these past few years, coming out with new hardware and kits at a previously unseen rate. It seems like they’ve really nailed the pod market with their latest offerings though. Both the Calibrun and the KOKO share the same coil/cartridge structure so it’s no surprise they’re both equally amazing. I loved the Caliburn’s cross-functionality with the button and draw-activated firing mechanisms, it really added a nice quality of life improvement over other pod systems. But the one problem I had with the Caliburn and the KOKO was that they were a little short on battery life, good for only a day or two at most before needing a recharge. Not to mention how quickly the juice ran out if you’re a heavy vaper like myself. 

Which is why I was more than happy to test out the new updated Crown Pod kit with its 1250mAh battery! 

The Looks

Now in order to accommodate the much larger battery Uwell had to make some compromises on the size of the device. So whereas the Caliburn was long and thin, and the KOKO was squat and thin, the Crown comes in a bit bulkier. It’s not as long as the Caliburn, measuring only about 3.75 inches long with a husky 3/4 inch diameter. The Crown Pod is built using the same aluminum alloy material as the Calibrun so there’s a brushed metal feel to the finish.

Speaking of the finish, the Crown comes available in several colorways including the ever-popular royal blue edition. But I think the main highlight on this pod has got to be the slick gothic style patterns found running up the center of the chassis. I think these add a nice highlight to the design and gives the Crown a regal appearance. The rounded edges provide a fantastic ergonomic grip for long vaping sessions and the mouthpiece contours well to your lips when you’re drawing so that's a great touch. 

My only gripe with is it where they put the charging port, on the bottom of the device, I always prefer those to be on the side so you can stand that pod upright while it charges. 

How It Works

The Uwell Crown takes all the guesswork out of pod device vaping with its Pro-FOCS technology. According to Uwell, this system allows users to get more flavor out of their devices than with any other device. When you pair that with the powerful 1250mAh battery inside of the Crown Pod the result is a very versatile vape indeed. This is one of the few devices that work perfectly fine whether you fill it with concentrated salt nicotine as well as regular vape juice. That’s without adding in a special coil or cartridge to handle the difference in juice consistency as well, this is the first device I’ve had that truly works well with both types of juices.

There’s no adjustable wattage or variable fire modes to switch through, like the Caliburn and the Koko the Crown Pod is designed to work straight out of the box with no need for unique customization or even any sort of instructions. It’s an intuitive device with its button activation as well as draw-to-fire capabilities, making it a perfect device for first time vapers looking for a hassle-free device without having to go through a whole learning process. 

With its more powerful battery, I think the Crown pod is as viable a contender for an all-day vaping device as any of the mini-mods out there. If you add in the 3mL juice capacity cartridge, with it’s easy to use top fill hole, you’ve got a real winner here. 

The Verdict   

I’ve been using the Crown Pod for some time now and I’m finding it hard to come up with a reason why you shouldn’t buy this device. It has a unique look that’s understated while still having some great design highlights. Plus it’s made with the same quality that you’ve come to expect from Uwell so you know you’re getting a reliable product.

If you want a device that does salt nic as well as regular vape juice while pumping out more flavor than just about any other pod device on the market, check out the Crown Pod Kit today.  

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