Candy King Jaws Review


Candy King Jaws Review

Everyone’s favorite candy E-Liquid manufacturer is back at it with a fresh new release! Candy King is making a big debut into 2020 with their two new flavors Jaws and Gush. As soon as I heard Candy King was coming out with some new flavors I just had to get my hands on them so you guys know what you’re getting into. First off let’s put our scuba gear on and get in the water to take a look at Jaws!

Candy King Jaws is a fantastically sweet blend of sugary candy flavors that perfectly recreates the flavor of a real jawbreaker. As you peel away the layers of this vape juice you start to notice the subtle hints of sticky-sweet deliciousness in every puff. For fans of candy Vape Juice you should already know Candy King is the best out there, but this time they’ve really gone above and beyond the competition. The last time I had a flavor this accurate to the food it’s based on must’ve been the first time I tried Candy King Swedish!

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