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Best Vape Tank for Flavor

Jordan Premonics

Posted on March 28 2019

Best Vape Tank for Flavor

An EightVape Review of the Top 5 Tanks for Flavor

Back in the old days of vaping people would say the best vape tanks around were the ones that could produce the most vapor clouds. It was hard to make a Sub-Ohm coil with a low enough resistance to be used with high wattage for cloud chasers so these low resistance tanks were often lauded as the best of the best.

These days almost every tank on the market comes with a variety of options for coil resistance, and most of them offer coil options for high wattage vaping for users who prefer chucking clouds. Now, flavor has taken the lead as the most important factor to a majority of vapers who’re looking for new vape tanks.

Here’s a short list of my picks for the best vape tanks available on EightVape today!

#5. SMOK TFV12 Prince

This tank is the workhorse of the vape world, remaining one of the top selling vape tanks ever since it was released back in 2017. Before this tank arrived on the scene the best flavor tanks around were drippers, also known as RDA’s. This was a bit of a problem since the majority of vapers out there don’t know how to build or even use a rebuildable atomizer. The TFV12 changed all that when they released one of the world's first mesh/screen coil systems. Thanks to the innovative coils and an insane variety of coil options, the SMOK TFV12 prince is still one of the best tanks for flavor on the market today.

#4. Uwell Crown IV

UWell crown 4

Uwell has been banking on their Crown lineup for years now, but the Crown IV is the first tank they’ve released that really impressed me with its functionality. Built with a proprietary self-cleaning mechanism, the Crown 4 makes clean and pure vapor juice flavor a priority. The coils inside this tank also contain a new Uwell technology, the Pro Flavor Core Optimization System. While that title may be a little daunting the technology itself is relatively simple, it takes the air you draw in through the air ports and cycles it through the core twice to saturate your clouds with more flavor. Basically, it just doubles up the flavor!  

#3. Digiflavor Drop RDA

Regular Sub-Ohm tanks may have caught up to most RDA’s in terms of flavor production, but the Digiflavor Drop holds a special place in my heart. This was the first RDA I ever bought for myself, after learning how to build on tester RDA’s I really wanted something that could chuck clouds and produce amazing flavor. The Drop RDA is by far one of the easiest RDA’s to build on, with a wide open build deck and easy to use terminals. But more than that, it’s one of the most flavorful tanks I’ve ever used! The Drop even contends with the best mesh and screen coil tanks out there. In fact, the only reason this isn’t my number 1 pick for flavor is because it’s an RDA and not everybody wants to deal with rebuildable atomizers.

#2. Horizon Falcon + Falcon King

Horizon Falcon King

Horizon made a winner with their Falcon tank and the updated Falcon King tank takes the technology even further! These are easy to use tanks built with new vapers in mind. Both are also compatible with horizon techs new mesh coil series! These coils are made in a variety of resistance as well as options between wood pulp, flax cotton, and bamboo cotton coils. These different coil cottons are designed to allow users to customize the flavor output of their tanks even further. There’s really not that much more I can say about the Horizontech tanks, they don’t have any special gimmicks or proprietary technologies. These tanks do what they’re supposed to do, and they do it very well.

#1. Freemax Mesh Pro

You had to know this was going to be my top pick for flavorful vape tanks! The Mesh Pro has been the top dog in the sub-ohm tank world since the day it was released. They might not have been the very first company in the world to introduce a mesh coil system, but they absolutely were the first company to perfect it. Freemax even introduced the world's first triple mesh coil with the Mesh Pro, the first 100W capable mesh coil! No longer would vapers need to worry about choosing between a flavorful vape or a cloud chucking vape, with the triple mesh coil you can have both at the same time. If you haven't tried the FreeMax Mesh Pro tank yet, you're missing out!


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