Best Disposables of 2019


Best Disposables of 2019

As we come to the end of 2019 I think it’s a great time to take a look back at some of the best selling devices this year. To kick things off let’s get into one of the fastest-growing products over the past year, disposable pod devices. Disposables get a bad rap, but for first-time vapers and cigarette smokers on the fence about switching to vaping these are the perfect products. They're easy to use and very approachable for non-users to pick up quick and enjoy with little direction or instructions.

After all, didn't you start your vaping journey with a disposable? If it wasn't for that first Blu that I tried all those years ago I probably would still be smoking cigarettes today. Not to mention they're a perfect alternative if you're going out to an event and you don't want to lug around some big box mod that you're afraid to lose.

If you want to give the gift of a healthier lifestyle this Christmas get one of these for your favorite smokers as a stocking stuffer. Who knows, they might just make the switch too!


6. Hype Bar

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A decent enough disposable but the name seems to have backfired on them because nobody is talking about this device at all. Available in a variety of flavors like Wulong Peach, Blue Raz, Boba, and others. This one utilizes 5% Salt Nicotine (50MG) and features a 1.3mL capacity and around 280mAh of battery charge. With a battery that small you can expect this device to last about 4-6 hours under heavy usage, users who vape less might get around 1-2 days of usage out of it. 

5. STIG 

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One of the older disposable devices, the STIG disposable vapes hit the market around 2018 and took the world by storm. Their ease of use and availability made these devices a best-seller among gas stations and convenience store customers. The STIG disposables are filled with 1.2mL of Salt Nic at 6% or 60mg. This higher nicotine rating makes the STIGS a bit stronger than most of the other disposable devices, but delivering that satisfying feeling to customers quicker means most heavy smoker tend to prefer the STIG over other disposables. Available in several flavors including VGOD branded flavors like Cubano and Mango Bomb. 

4. Hitt Go

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I gotta give it to these guys, they definitely had some good flavors in their lineup, and unique ones too. This is the first time I've seen anything like Grape Jam or Blueberry pomegranate flavors in a disposable device. Unfortunately, I had a bit of an issue with consistency on the draw with these devices. Sometimes it seemed like I had to pull way too hard in order to get the auto fire mechanism to function. 


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TWST comes to us from the makers of Lemon Twist, one of the best-selling E-Juice brands worldwide and their iconic flavors came along for the ride as well. While these TWST disposables are still relatively new I have a feeling by this time next year they’re going to be one of our best sellers. As far as disposable flavors go I’d say these TWST devices are some of the best-tasting ones on the market right now. The only issue that’s holding these back from being #2 is that there’s only 1mL of 5% Salt Nic Juice inside these devices. Lower capacity aside I think these are a great jumping-off point for folks who are new to vaping.



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A revolutionary pod style vape device designed to replace traditional tobacco usage with a healthier alternative. This device is compact, measuring less than 3 inches long, and perfect for vaping on the go. The intuitive design of the Mojo makes it an easy device to use for smokers transitioning to vaping. MOJO pods are filled with 1.2mL of 5% (50MG) Salt Nic vape juice and come available in about 12 different flavors including Cool Melon, Cubano, Watermelon Strawberry, and many more.    


1. PUFF Bar

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The PUFF bars have been our number one best-seller in the disposable device segment ever since they hit our website. In fact, these ones are moving so quickly we’ve been scrambling to buy them fast enough to keep them all in stock for you! The PUFF bar flavor lineup is so expansive they’ve got almost 20 flavors out on the market right now. That includes best selling flavors like OMG, Blue Razz, Grape, Lychee Ice, Pink Lemonade, and more. With all those flavors to choose from its no wonder they’ve been so successful, variety is the spice of life after all! These disposables are filled with approx 1.3mL of 5% Salt Nic juice and come charged with a 280mAh battery.

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