Battle Royal: Element Vape vs Direct Vapor vs Vapor DNA vs My Vapor Store vs Eight Vape



The “best” has taken a transition from being a fact to a more subjective term in recent years. With “Best in the World” or “Best deal” and every other variation imaginable being thrown around without any intent to actually earn this once elusive title. However, here at Eightvape we’re not interested in saying we’re the best, we want to actually be the best and unlike some of our competitors we can back up our claims using facts.

Wanting to create a level of transparency for our community, we have put together a sampling of data to show the comparison of our site alongside a number of competitors. While I would like to say it was a close race, the truth is that when you put us head-to-head it is barely a competition.

For the purpose of this exercise, we have chosen 5 random items that all sites compared carry. Vaporfi was disqualified as after numerous attempts their selections were unable to provide proper comparison. For this study the participants are Direct Vapor, Element Vape, My Vapor Store, Vapor DNA , and of course EightVape . All items were found on competitor’s sites to ensure an unbiased selection chosen at random to try and simulate a normal purchase one of their customers or someone from our community may order.

The products

SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King Tank
SMOK Resa Stick 80W Starter Kit
iJoy Captain X3 Replacement Coils 3 Pack

Pachamama Vape Juice Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine

Lemon Twist Pink Punch Lemonade 120ml 3MG


The data, collected on 07/05/2018, shows a huge difference in price between the participants. In last place is Direct Vapor with a total cost of $137.75, followed closely by ElementVape at $133.20. In the third highest price is VaporDNA at $123.75 with My Vapor Store beating them at $111.91. However, the huge outlier is EightVape at a steal of a price at  $89.55 making the difference between last place and first a whopping $48.20. While some customers may think that fifty dollars is nothing to worry about, many would rather put that to something more useful than purchasing just the same product for a higher cost.
In terms of shipping, it seems similar across the board, save for a few exceptions who provide free shipping. Both My Vapor Store and Vapor DNA offer free shipping on orders $50 or more but when you’re overpaying by $22.36 and $34.20 respectfully, the $8.75 shipping from EightVape is far preferable. On that note, I would urge to watch out for some of the “deals” and “specials” that other sites may provide because as shown in this instance of “free” shipping, they may be taking it out of your pocket in other areas and at a much higher cost at that. Here at EightVape we do our best to provide good deals without hiding charges somewhere else.

Moving on to selection, we evaluated the most common area that any online vape store should be overflowing with, vape juices. Our community has made it clear that one of the biggest benefits to vaping and being able to walk away from smoking is the option of flavors. Our philosophy is the more the better because even if you don’t like one flavor, there’s a hundred more that may get your tastebuds running. After evaluating all 5 sites, it is clear where the real selection is online.

To garner these results, we looked at the number of flavors and not the number of nicotine options available in said flavor. So for example Flavor X may have 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG options but Flavor Y may only have 3MG, yet both count the same in these results. Looking at the data we compiled, coming in last, Direct Vapor has 403 e juice options, with My Vapor Store coming in next with 784. Vapor DNA brings 818 options securing them third while second standing goes to Element Vape with 877. However, again there’s no comparison once Eight Vape’s offerings are evaluated coming in at an impressive 1,251 vape juice flavor options. EightVape carries nearly the same number of options as Element Vape and Direct Vapor’s stocks combined do.

On top of trying to provide as many options as possible to our community, we also set out to bring exclusive items as well.  For one, we like to bring exclusive items to our fans before anyone else, as is the case with the FreeMax Mesh Pro Sub-Ohm Tank. This first of its kind, this tank was available exclusively only on and I can assure you that it won’t be the last exclusive we bring to our community.

Along with exclusives, EightVape provides DAILY flash sales for e-liquids, mods, and coils as well. From 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. PT, every Monday through Saturday, our community members will be able to get rock bottom prices on all types of products but fair warning, these WILL sell out. With juices as low as $1.00 to RDA’s as little as $5, every single day you are going to find an amazing deal to go along with our everyday deals. The reason there is no graph to echo this is because no site has come close to providing as good a deal day in and day out as we do for our community members.

The most important of any shopping experience is research and we encourage you to always do so. Whether your aim is to get the best deal or best quality or to get products you can’t get anywhere else the right amount of research will ensure that you always get what you want, without feeling cheated. So I welcome you to check out the other sites linked in this article because we are confident that you’re always going to end back up here at, no matter what your pursuit may be.

Numbers don’t lie and these numbers say that the best deal of online vaping products is and always will be EightVape.


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    Ughhh aren’t we leaving out a key factor though? That directvapor price matches?

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