Aspire Mynus Disposable Preview



What makes the new Aspire Mynus Disposable so special? could it be its micro size or its noiseless design? Although these two options sound so awesome and unique, the Aspire Mynus Disposable has many more qualities. From its vaporless technology to its high grade polymer, this luxurious pre-filled disposable vape can be enjoyed anywhere without having to click any buttons. Simply, inhale and vape

Flavor Oh Flavour !

The Aspire Mynus Disposable has flavorful options, depending on the color of the Pod. Red is for a rich and elegant tobacco finish, grey is for that icy and refreshing menthol taste, and black is for that citrusy and tropical mixed fruit zest.

Precision and Specifications 

With a 150 mAh battery capacity and 1.8Ω coil resistance, Aspire Mynus pod contains a E-liquid capacity of 0.9 ml. allowing between 100 and 150 puffs. Did I also mention that the Mynus is remarkably small? You heard me right, the Mynus is ultra convenient as it only weights 12.8g, and it can easily be disguised in your palm. 

Hassle Free?

ABSOLUTELY! The Mynus is fully disposable, no recharging, no refilling, once done is done, throw it away and get yourself another Mynus.

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