ANNOUNCING: EightVape's November Community Contests!


How To Win On EightVape This November!

It's the season of giving back, so this November we are running two month long simultaneous contests for our amazing EightVape Community. You have DOUBLE the chance at EightVape Cash Prizes and awesome discounts. All while having fun too of course. 


The first contest offers you an array of ways to get creative! 

With three separate categories to choose from you can enter one or all of them to better your chances. If your fall crafting skills can really wow us, if what you’re thankful for can move us to tears, or if your Thanksgiving gatherings can make us laugh and/or cringe to death… send us your submissions.

What Are You Vapeful For?

Let us know what you’re thankful for this year, vape related or not. It could be a certain brand of vape juice. A feat you’re glad to have overcome. That one nice employee at your local vape shop. Your kids’ good grades. Your loving partner. Your favorite online vape shop…….

Crazy Family Thanksgiving Stories

These can be full of laughs, full of cringe, or even full of annoyance if you just need to vent about that one family member in particular (you know who it is). Now is your chance to get it off your chest, or expose your goofy family to the world, it’s time you embarrass them for a change.

Make Your Mod A Turkey

Bust out the feathers and googly eyes. Trace your mod on paper and add some color and feathers like in elementary school. Shove your vape device in a cornucopia or make it the centerpiece of your family meal. Heck even baste your turkey in vape clouds for added flavor. Just don’t stick your vape device in the oven please.


The Second contests allows you to use your brain, hunt around our site and social media accounts, and solve a puzzle!

Do you kill it at puzzles? Are you an expert at riddles? Do you know this website well? Put your skills to the test. From November 7th through the 30th we will be leaking hints at where 16 clues are hiding among this very site.


To win BIG you must find:

  • 8 EightVape Turkeys hidden in pictures scattered all throughout the website.
  • 8 Keywords and rearrange them in the correct order.
  • Email where the 8 logos were, and the winning key phrase.


Cross your fingers and hope you made it on time!!


You can win $150 EightVape store credit if— And only if —you solve the puzzle first.

  • Next five winners receive 50% off entire purchase
  • Next ten win 25% off entire purchase
  • Next twenty receive 10% off entire purchase
  • Anyone else who completes this before the deadline receives 8% off their purchase


Happy Thanksgiving!


We hope you take advantage of these contests and win all that you can this November. We want to give thanks to all of our loyal customers and active members of the EightVape community that has participated in our contests prior to these.

Have fun and stay tuned to see all the entries of our Vapes-Giving contest. And be active on our social media accounts to catch every hint we drop about hidden turkeys and words around the site!


Read the Rules carefully HERE:


Good luck!

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