#WeVapeWeVote: Wesley C.

From Wesley C.:


Firstly, I feel if they want to ban vaping, and all things considered with vaping—or anything at all having to do with vaping—they must ban all tobacco products at the same time, and all alcohol products as well.

Seeing as minors smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol, and alcohol has flavors catering to minors, and cigarettes have advertisements catering to minors, (and have been known to do that for over four decades,) anything else is bullshit, and is favoring the big tobacco companies.

Last time I checked, this was the United States of America, where people had a choice. We are adults. We should be able to choose what we want to and what not to do. If you take everybody that ever was hospitalized from inhaling Vape juices, and made all of that happen in one day, and then compared that to the amount of people hospitalized and dying in one day from tobacco products, the tobacco product number would dwarf the numbers for vaping. And I mean all vaping, since the first day of it to right now, compared to one day of tobacco products. Tobacco products kill more people in one day than vaping ever harmed in the whole  of its existence.

I, for one, will never abide by New York's vaping laws. I will not be able round other people if needed. I will vape in my car, I will vape in my house, and I will purchase flavored nicotine Vape juices whether I have to travel outside of the state to purchase them or not.

Personally, I think Governor Cuomo needs to be placed in jail. He has taken more rights from the people of this state then should be allowed, and he should be jailed for this; at minimum impeached, and jailed. I know a great many people that will never be voting for that piece of shit again. He once said he would never legalize cannabis in his lifetime—one of the most stupid, asinine statements ever to be made, seeing as cannabis raises so much money when it's made recreational; and now Cuomo is saying that the state is broke, and they need to legalize cannabis.

This man will not stand on a solid word and has zero Integrity. He follows the money; always has, always will, and should be placed in jail for such. It violates human rights, Americans rights, and citizen's rights.

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