#WeVapeWeVote: Tina G.

From Tina G.:


To whom it may concern,

I just read of the NY Vape mail ban and I can’t believe it. My state, NJ already took away flavors from us. During this pandemic, being high risk, I use delivery and mail service for everything.

Vaping is the only thing I found to pull myself away from cigarettes. Addiction is difficult and vaping has been the best option. Government pushing and pushing to stop people from doing this is terrible. Hasn’t this past year been bad enough on people?

Don’t make these vape businesses lose out. These are small businesses. These are jobs. And of course on the customer side you have so many folks who enjoy vaping and the only safe way to get their supplies is through the mail. Please, I beg you to not pass this vote! We’ve lost enough!

Thank you,
Tina G.

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