#WeVapeWeVote: Robert R.

From Robert R.:


This is for the NY senate, and I am urging you not to go through with the vape mail ban; this would cause even more hurt to an industry, and the hard workers and shop owners that have struggled to pay their bills and keep their businesses open because of the false reports about vaping.

There are owners of these shops that are losing their livelihoods, and having to lay off workers because of all of this false news and reports about our industry. Vaping has never been an issue like all of these people and all of these reports are saying; vaping has helped millions of people including myself.

I, myself, have been vaping for 8 plus years now and it has helped me tremendously. I have never had any issue with anything I have ever bought from any of these shops. These owners and workers of the shops and this industry that people want to try to destroy, due to false reports, are helping people. Vaping is helping people. Vaping is a healthier alternative and it has never been an issue like all of these false reports. So I am urging you; please don’t do this vape mail ban. All these workers of this industry are doing is their livelihoods, and giving all of us vapers a better alternative.

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