#WeVapeWeVote: Richard L.

From Richard L.:


Don't ban vaping; its healthier than smoking. If I can't vape, I'll be an extreme drinker. Vaping helps me when I'm stressed out. Since I stopped smoking, I rarely get sick now.

The issue with minors vaping isn't buying online, its vape shops not checking ID's and just making a sale to a minor. I get all my vape supplies online; its cheaper and I don't have to worry about brick and mortar shops having what I'm looking for in stock.

Can't the US government just tax us like they do for everything else? When I buy vape supplies, I wouldn't mind paying the US government money so they can make something as well. A lot of people who vape also vote, so completely banning vaping is the wrong move; stop the shipping ban. As a country we have bigger issues than shipping vape supplies. The election, Donald Trump, COVID 19, etc.

Without being able to get my vape supplies shipped to me, I don't know what I would do. This vape shipping ban isn't because of minors buying capes, its about the US government losing money. Just tax vape supplies like you do cigarettes; a box of cigarettes is about $8, tax would be about $3-$4. That's perfectly fine with me.

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