#WeVapeWeVote: Nichole C.

From Nichole C.:


I can't believe this! This will be a terrible move. Not only have adults had to struggle to get vape juice with the van in place now, we will have no freedom to choose. This would be against our rights.

I was a smoker from 6th grade on, and I am just turning 36. I have vaped for only four years, and I no longer have problems that I had when I smoked cigarettes. I no longer have severe sinus problems, or infections, I can breathe one hundred percent better, and I have cut my nicotine down to almost nothing.

I've seen the real research, and it's terrible that adults in this country are being subjected to this all over lies, and money from big tobacco. We all know this is completely political, and and the real research shows vaping is the better choice. There are not hundreds of carcinogens in vaping products, and nothing is changed in a chemical reaction. There are three to four basic ingredients in vape products, and if we weren't put in the position we are with the bans—just like with prohibition in the 20's—people would not be getting sick from unsafe products.

We have the right to choose, as Americans, but we are being stripped of this. Please do not let the bullshit go to your heads. Please think of the lives that are being saved by not dying of heart disease and cancers. Look at England; they have been researching vaping for close to twenty years, and have decided to try to phase out their royal tobacco companies and products, in favor of vape products. They have proven that vaping doesn't deposit the nasty build up that traditional cigarettes do.

And what about people on medical marijuana? Most people have vaporizers—why, if they are so bad? This a huge political move, and it will be a disgrace to all adult vapers.

Please do not use us as pawns any longer and force us in to a corner like rats. We have the right to choose! 

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