#WeVapeWeVote: Michael D.

From Michael D.:

Dear senators and other government regulators/lawmakers,


I am a 33 year old father of 2 young daughters, a land & home owner, an honorable hardworking man who earns his way and pays his taxes. I understand the need to "protect" the young generations from nicotine, I want to protect my kids from habit-forming substances as well. However, that should be my job; not someone who isn't on my level as a citizen. I am to teach my daughters right, wrong, indifferent and personal thought.
Please do not take away my right to purchase a non tobacco product, regardless of flavor. In the eyes of this vape community, we will endure. I feel as though this ban is more about the government making more money off taxes than it is about protecting children. If vape producers and manufacturers had as big of a pocket as big tobacco this wouldn't be an issue. If Newport produced a Newport flavor, you would tax it and I could buy it at any gas station. Please do not remove my right to purchase watermelon flavored e juice.
This community has helped so many quit cigarettes (which, I assume is a big problem for you), and there are ample stories of us getting healthier, running farther, being able to keep up with the kids, losing weight, and having magnitudes more energy. Look it up. Its not propaganda sold by manufacturers, or juice producers. These forums, reddit pages, Facebook pages, TikTok hashtags and any other forms of social media will prove without a doubt moving to vaping from smoking cigarettes will provide a healthier lifestyle. Why on earth would anyone want to deny that?
I get it. Big tobacco is mad they can't advertise anymore, its not fair how much a pack is due to taxes and they whine and whine watching droves and droves of customers being taken away. Is it fair that one industry dies while another flourishes? That's the way of the world; isn't it?
If this was about protecting children we would remove flavored alcohol. From watermelon vodka to an ICE light beer, to a black cherry sparkling bud light. You think vaping is an issue? How many kids die in vaping induced accidents? How many children get drunk on vape juice and jump off a roof? How many PEOPLE have died with a direct connection to vaping? Putting an age limit on alcohol seemed to be enough; that is until the 'sin' tax was invented to put more money in the government pockets.
So, to summarize. Tax my nicotine. Go ahead. That's what this is really about, taxes. It's not bad enough I'm taxed on literally everything, and when there's something that's being sold upwards of billions of dollars some government somewhere sees dollar signs like its an untouched piece of cherry pie. 
Yours truly,
Someone who will literally vote against anyone who votes for the removal of vape flavors. 
P.S.: Where would it end? If you would vote yes to remove vape flavors, would you vote yes to remove green colored jeans? Or maybe pink t-shirts should no longer be sold? Put an end to the unneeded regulation. Please.
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