#WeVapeWeVote: Kristi C.

From Kristi C.:

To Whom It May Concern,

As I write this email, the days get more frustrating as to why there is a so-called Vape Ban trying to be debated. What is there to debate about? Have you heard a true vapers story? Do you truly understand the impact this will cause or how it will affect someone who vapes?

The media can try its hardest to make vaping such a horrible stigma, as long as it increases sales and hype for cigarettes because it's such an "old-but-gold" choice. Cigarettes have taken lives I've known far faster than the use of e-cigarettes and vaping. I have known people whose lives are completely changed by switching from the use of cigarettes.

Cigarettes are poison, I do not realize how even the Senate does not see that by now. Yes, vaping is the better alternative. No tar, no rat poison, no disgusting taste in your mouth, no major mouth and lung damage (yes, I add that too). The lies we hear everyday about the dangers of vaping are almost ridiculous. We don't turn to it like candy. It's not that easy to switch to. Kids don't vape.

The stories you hear in the news of some young person who was hospitalized because of vaping is not true. Sure, they may have gotten a hold of it and did not know how to use it. That is their own fault. Do not blame vaping dangers off of one adolescent that should have known better. Teens do not vape.

Adults vape. Adults that quit smoking vape. Adults that need an alternative to live, vape. The rumors of the so-called "popcorn lung" are so silly. I have yet to see actual proof that vaping kills faster than cigarettes.

Talk to an actual vaper over a cigarette user and realize how important it can be to them, how it can change lives. Would you rather have Strawberry Dream over nasty tobacco and tar? I'd say so.

With every bit of offense till you get it right,
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