#WeVapeWeVote: John M.

From John M.:


Dear Senators,

Our country has been founded on freedom. Each day that freedom is disappearing. Banning vape product is bad for the country as well as for people. I understand that there may be long-term health concerns from vaping, but at this time I am unaware of any concrete, scientific evidence of any health concerns. To the contrary, I understand that vaping has been happening in Europe for 30+ years and there are no widespread, negative impacts. Also consider the alternative to vaping; smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco. These products are KNOWN to have drastic, long-term, negative side effect. Yet you are considering a ban of vape products? This is fundamentally the exact opposite of what should be discussed. Why is tobacco not being discussed first?

The only other major argument to consider is underage people vaping and addicting to nicotine. Shouldn’t this burden lie on the parents, guardians, friends, etc. to police? If vaping is so horrible, shouldn’t there be the publishing of studies and education of the masses? What about underage consumption of alcohol? Alcohol is a KNOWN to have drastic, long-term, negative side effect. Are you going to ban good tasting alcohol? Premixed screwdrivers, hard seltzer, sweet flavored vodka drinks are all available on the shelves for consumption, readily available to anyone who can produce documentation to purchase them… of age or not. Are you starting to understand where your efforts as significantly misplaced?

Banning vaping will undoubtedly push people back to cigarettes, of age or not. This would truly be a tragedy! Stand up for your people, your loved ones and your generations to come. Perhaps your intention is to control the population via cancer. How about using common sense; or is that too much to ask.

Thank you,
John M.

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