#WeVapeWeVote: Deborah R.

From Deborah R.:


To The NY Senate,

We are adults with the right of choice. There has already been an age restriction placed on the sale of vaping products to minors 18 and younger. The same restriction that was placed on the sale of cigarettes and other smoking products such as cigars and snuff. Yet there has never been a complete ban of the sale of these products. Why should the sale of vaping products be any different?
The age restriction placed on smoking never completely stopped minors from smoking. Those who wanted it just found other ways of getting their tobacco products. As with prohibition in 1930's which only drove the sale of alcohol underground a complete ban of vaping products will only drive the sale of these products underground as well.
The prohibition of the 1930's proved that a complete ban on the sale of a product does not stop the usage of that product it only produces a black market for it. Black markets do not care about age restrictions.
There has never a complete ban placed on the sale of alcohol and smoking products to the general adult population. Yet these products have health risks associated with them. Why should the sale of vaping products be any different? 
If the New York Senate votes to completely ban the sale of vaping products it would take our right to choose as adults. A right that was never taken away from those adults who choose smoke or drink alcohol. Do not take away this right from us.
If this ban is in voted by NY other states will soon follow suit. This would kill the legal vaping industry and only create another black market industry. It would cause the loss of billions dollars in revenue and force the closure of many small vaping businesses and the loss of thousands of jobs. Something this nation does not need during this pandemic.
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