#WeVapeWeVote: Chad R.

From Chad R.:


I truly feel RJ Reynolds, Phillip Morris and others played a massive role in my being addicted to cigarettes from age 9, there are more but these were the most aggressive pro tobacco ads I was inundated with everyday. On my way to school, I would stop at the Stop N Go in Fresno, CA. and they'd give me stickers, and advertising schwag, I started smoking a pack and a half a day, steadily, from ages 13-32. I tried everything; Chantix, gum, patches, prayer, cold turkey and more. I had basically accepted that I would likely die of smoking ailments; that I'd never be free from this vise!!

Then, I was at work and could not get a smoke break, and my coworkers introduced me to a Polk County detective in Oregon who was MY ONLY source for vape supplies, as there were no shops. It was brand new and you could still get away with vaping in stores, bars, and restaurant settings, because nobody knew what I was doing. I FINALLY spent my last $75 (my carton of Marlboro for the next week of work) and I invested all of it, so I didn't have a choice but to follow through with quitting.

IT WORKED AMAZINGLY!! I got my health back, no wheezing, coughing, stench of smoke in my clothes, no burns on my carpet. The world was AMAZING, and I noticed I had a massive quality of life that I had never knew I was missing out on. I can smell the rain, my sleep apnea vanished, as did my constant cough/congestion and phlegmy morning ritual!!

The best part is, I started at 18mg to get over the severe cravings, and then I weaned myself gradually; (like I did with my opiate addiction and being on Methadone.) Next, I went to 12mg, then 6mg, and I'm now about to transition into 3mg. Eventually, I will reach my goal of 0mg.

I have had every flavor and type of juice and pen or box mod and disposable there is. Every single day for 8yrs now, and never had a single side effect. I would likely be on oxygen now if I hadn't switched to vaping before it was too late. I turn 40 in 3 days, marking another great year of good health, and I look forward to many more.

The truth is I already have a brother who also vapes, and he makes his own e-juice. After 8 years of vaping ,I know how to bypass any legal hurdles you can throw at me, as I'm a wholesale buyer from China and you can't stop them from flooding our streets with Fentanyl. You really think you can restrict MY ACCESS to vape hardware; REALLY? Products YOU CAN'T STOP, OR TAX OR WITHOLD OR RESTRICT!!

I will only stop when I'm ready and on MY TERMS; but I'm not taking my lunch break during a global pandemic to convince you of my truth, to beg your stopping me from my peaceful enjoyment of my one and only healthy alternative to smoking. I'm sending this because you could restrict new adults who are in the same mindset I was years ago. I want others to make their own  positive health decision, that IS THEIR RIGHT AS ADULT LAW-ABIDING TAX PAYING CITEZENS. That are mothers, sons, daughters, and brothers that deserve the chance to choose what they want, and to quit this horrible addiction that BIG TOBACCO and OUR OWN GOVERNMENT TURNED a blind eye to, and EVEN PROMOTED AS HEALTHY, CLASSY, and FASHIONABLE for the last 70+ years.

I'm writing you to ask you to do the right thing; NOT THE "PROFITABLE THING." Side with us instead of the big tobacco lobbyists that are greasing palms to HAMMER the last nail in the proverbial "coffin.” Don't ban vaping; don't ban vape products or shops or devices or companies. Don't put profits above your citizen's rights to choose. Don't be complicit in this lie constructed by big tobacco, to continue to kill thousands annually just so you are promised future campaign contributions, luxurious gifts and perks. Do it for your people. The very people you're entrusted to protect via political moves.

San Francisco banned vaping because they'd gotten an advance on future tobacco sales, and vaping was causing their predictions of the future tobacco sales tax income's shortfalls on a large scale. Immediately they banned vaping to avoid a inevitable default on the future income revenue. Also the Vaping products, shops, juice makers, small shop owners will lose everything and the tax loss, job loss and economy hit will send a debilitating and unrecoverable blow that, during the current climate, would send a shock to our already FRAGILE local economies in a critically crucial time. Don't be on the WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY!!


Thank you for your time.

Chad R.


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