#WeVapeWeVote: Brady S.

From Brady S.:

Even the thought of a complete vape ban is extremely depressing. Vaping for me has been a godsend. I was smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day for 20+ years. I had tried to quit at least a dozen times throughout the years but always went back. I have been smoke free for a year and a half and couldn't feel better. None of that would have been possible without vaping. I've also helped my mother, father, brother, uncle, and my niece all quit smoking simply by handing down my old devices and juice, etc.

Yes, I can see the problem with vaping but attack the problem were it lies not ban vaping as a whole. Brick and mortar vape shops are not allowing under age kids in there to buy there products. Ban it from being sold in gas stations and convenient stores and make the punishment more severe and I bet the problem all but disappears.

Adults such as myself are fully capable of making my own decisions about what I consume and how. I also don't believe the problem lies with I lins sales and banning that only hurts the industry as well as the consumers and is a complete joke to say the least. I am 100% sure of the fact that people will go right back to nasty ass cigarettes if they don't have access to vapes. It is an absolute disaster and I cannot believe this is even up for debate.

We are slowly and consistently losing are freedoms in our great country. Land of the free, Home of the brave?? I'm no longer too sure about those words and it's concerning, to say the least.

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