#WeVapeWeVote: Bobbi D.

From Bobbi D.:


I tried to quit smoking cigarettes for years with no success. I only stopped when I started vaping, almost 2 years ago.

I used to use Juul pods until they banned all the flavors besides tobacco and mint. Mint was too harsh and let's be real... if you're trying to quit smoking, who wants to taste tobacco?!?!

So then I bought a vape pen and vape juice from a local vape shop. By the time I ran out of juice and went to purchase more the store had closed down, as have many local shops. So, I turned to online shopping.

I'm a 44 year old ADULT, I should be able to buy what I want from where I want without repercussions. It just keeps getting more difficult and more difficult to do so. Do you want people to go back to smoking carcinogenic cigarettes? Or maybe you all have stock in the cigarette companies and you are losing money?

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