#WeVapeWeVote: Bill S.

From Bill S.:


It seems as our elected officials you refuse to listen to the true information on vaping products and set aside the illegal vape cartridges that were being sold to minors.

Studies have clearly shown that vaping is at least 95% safer than cigarettes and that it would save millions of dollars in health insurance bills, not to mention lives.
I had smoked for over 40 years and vaping is the only thing that keeps me off cigarettes.
I do not want to vape a tobacco product that tastes like the same thing I was getting from. As an adult, I like flavored Eliquids; mainly deserts and custards. I do not want to be held to one flavor
By banning all vape products you will be forcing many Americans back to smoking, so their deaths will be on you.
Stop listening to the special interest group (Big Tobacco,  Pharmaceutical Companies.)
I urge you to keep these products available to Americans.

Thank you.
Bill S.


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