Why I Started Vaping and How it Changed My Life

I started vaping as a means to quit smoking cigarettes. What sparked my passion was very emotional and personal to me. This will be the first time I really shared my full story.

My mom fell ill about 3 years ago with pulmonary hypertension. This is a disease most common to smokers but usually attacks a much younger age group. My mom quit smoking 25 years before she got sick and the doctors had no reason for her getting sick. She fought it, she underwent a double lung transplant, but it wasn’t enough. I don’t want to do that to my kids, my husband or my family. Losing her was the most devastating experience of my life. I have worked hard to overcome severe anxiety and other things.

The one thing she wanted for me was for me to quit smoking. A friend told me about vaping. I was hesitant as I had tried it when vaping first became a thing and it just wasn’t for me. The flavors and the pen devices were weak and not for me. I decided to give it a shot and bought a Smok Procolor kit and a couple higher shelf juices. I have not looked back. I coughed up nasty crap from smoking cigarettes for the first week, but I was able to breath. I can now taste foods and such more intensely than I could when I smoked. Yes, I vape with nicotine, but I don’t have all those other poisons and additives that are in cigarettes. I feel better!  I love the flavors available now and the devices have come so far. Within the first two days I had completely quit. I sometimes crack and smoke a cigarette but found that if I use nic salts in a pod device that beats the cravings. Cigarettes are just nasty now. They taste nasty. I also noticed a decrease in my anxiety spikes and better sleep patterns, I breath much easier and have more energy.

Making the switch to vaping was an easy one once I realized how much vaping had grown as an industry. I now help others who want to quit smoking by helping them begin their own vape journey. If they cannot afford a mod I will order them one or send them one from my personal collection. I have also started using vape within my own business and help customers start or continue their vape journeys. I have met some truly amazing people within the community and strongly believe in spreading vape safety and battery safety. I started building coils and just really found a passion for vaping but also for my health. I have more energy and I even drink more water to avoid vape tongue.

Thank you for the opportunity to not only win a contest but to share my story.


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