Vaping Saved Me From Self Harm


Vaping Saved Me From Self Harm

Va[ping Saved Me From Self Harm

I am a mother of five children ages 12, 11, 8,7 and 6 years old. I have severe anxiety and chronic depression. About a year ago I was put on very heavy anti-depression medications. I couldn't deal with my children I found it difficult to cook and clean and just function altogether. I could barely shower some days. I had tried therapy and while I felt alright during my sessions as soon as I left it was pointless I was right back to where I was when I had arrived.

The doctors had me try numerous different prescriptions. All have very bad side effects whether it made me a mombie (zombie mom) or caused me to have manic episodes. The Xanax made it so bad that one night I had let my 2 oldest go to a friend's house after school. They were only any hour getting home but I completely crumbled thinking I had just gotten my daughters kidnapped.

That night was a turning point. I started weaning myself off of all these medications. It was painful I would be so sick I couldn't move from my bed. I started vaping to help combat the anxiety and shaking. Vaping helped save me from my self harm and helped me become a better mother. I have been vaping for around 7 months.

I am medication free. I can manage my 5 children and my home daily. I have been able to return to pursuing my goals and searching for work. I can now speak to people without my voice trembling and look them in the eyes. I don't know what would have happened if I had not started vaping. It saved my life and helped put my family back together.



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