Vaping Made Me Feel A Thousand Times Better



Vaping Made Me Feel A Thousand Times Better

Vaping Made Me Feel A Thousand Times Better

Vaping changed my life because it made me feel a thousand times better. I smoked cigarettes for about 14 years, roughly a pack a day. And by the end of it I just felt awful. Couldn't breathe, couldn't taste foods very well, I was groggy feeling all the time, chest pains I switched to vaping.


It took a lot of will power to quit cigarettes cold turkey at first, I honestly didn't think I was gonna be able to do it because vaping just wasn't cutting it for me to start off. I wanted a cigarette so badly. But I'm glad I stuck with it. And I never smoked another cigarette again. I even remember the last day I had a cigarette, June 14th, 2014. And I will never look back, all thanks to vaping.


Now, I can breathe better, foods taste amazing, and I'm not constantly groggy feeling. Not just that, but vaping has also saved me hundreds of dollars. Cigarettes are so expensive. And I have way more options with vaping. Do I wanna vape a tobacco flavor? A candy flavor? A custard flavor? Or something I just make myself?


Vaping is all about freedom, and what you wanna do with it. It completely tailors to you. I also have 2 children, and it's comforting to know that they'll never have to suffer from 2nd hand smoke. Vaping doesn't make my kids suffer consequences from my choices. And that alone is worth all the thank yous in the world. I love vaping! And it has changed not just my life but those I love around me for the better!


Thank you EightVape for letting me share my story!


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