Vaping is a Safer and Cheaper Alternative


Vaping is a Safer and Cheaper Alternative

Vaping is a Safer and Cheaper Alternative

I started smoking when I was 18. People my age when I was younger would smoke but it was more of a "I think I'm cool" kinda thing. To be honest, I don't know why I started. I was working for a Best Buy in the warehouse. I saw all the guys smoking and being able to go outside and smoke while I had to keep working since I didn't. I bought a pack and started. It tasted like crap. I guess that was a sign I shouldn't do it. I figured if I kept doing it, I'd get used to it. Indeed I did.

I smoked until I met my second wife. Cigarettes had gone from 1 dollar a pack to 4.50 a pack. 10 years or so later. My wife didn't want to date a smoker so I stopped. Cold turkey. Didn't look back. Then one day we were at a hotel and she suggested I go get a cigar from a gas station. I had been off cigarettes for about 6 months. I didn't know why she wanted one because she didn't smoke, but I got it. I inhaled as I used to. Apparently I wasn't supposed to. That's all it took for me to get hooked again.

I started buying cigars and smoking them before or after work. I would use mouthwash to hide the smell. I started buying menthol cigarettes because I thought the smell wouldn't be as bad. It would just get me hooked more. If someone would let me have a non menthol cigarette, it would be like I had smoked nothing. Cigarettes are now about 6 dollars a pack.

This past mother's day, I decided there needed to be a change. I didn't want to just quit cold turkey. I work in a restaurant so I'm not sure I could handle just not smoking while others got to go outside and sit for a few minutes several times a day. I went to a local shop and picked out a Smok x8 stick. I'm glad I got one there because I could see how big or small it was. Also I had questions that an actual person could answer. I'm also not glad to have gone there because local vape shop prices are more than double what they are online.

I decided I wanted something better. I looked up vape websites and found I had been looking at reviewers of vape products online and had decided on 2 mods and a sub ohm tank. Eightvape had the best pricing and reviews I had read were pretty good. I ordered a freemax fireluke sub ohm tank, a Tesla wye 200w and some naked 100 brainfreeze. I was a former menthol smoker so I wanted a menthol liquid. It arrived very quickly and I was like a kid at Christmas. Set it all up and knew that was where it was at. And what I paid for it all was 30 dollars less than what I paid for just the x8 stick in a b&m!

Because of vaping, my clothes don't wreak of cigarette smoke. My car doesn't stink of it. My lung capacity has increased. I coughed up God knows what from 20 years of smoking. My teeth are in much better shape. Vaping has given me a safer and cheaper alternative to smoking cigarettes and I'm very thankful for it.


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