Vaping Helped Me In Ways Other Aids Were Never Able To


Vaping Helped Me In Ways Other Aids Were Never Able To

Vaping Helped Me Quit Cigarettes

I never smoked when I was a kid. I grew up an asthmatic with allergies, so I had enough trouble breathing as it was.

When I was 17, I worked at a fast food restaurant. At close, everyone would gather in the back and have a cigarette for ~10 minutes. When I got home, I was constantly accused of being a smoker because of my coworkers' smoke that was in my clothes. So, I became a smoker because if I'm going to constantly be accused of something, I'll do it out of spite.

I smoked menthol 100s. After about five years, I started trying to quit. I tried the patches, the gum, that weird medicine that affects how your brain interacts with nicotine, (seriously, stay away from that stuff; it'll screw with your mind,) lozenges, cold turkey, herbal cigarettes and whatever other fad was trending. They all worked, but only for a few weeks. Nothing would stick. I'd use the stop-smoking aid, quit smoking, quit the aid and then something would happen and I'd be driving home from the gas station with a fresh pack of cigarettes in my hand.

Eventually my friend told me about vaping. I'd only ever heard of it in news articles that slandered it, so I wasn't initially interested. He quit his 15 year smoking habit by replacing it with vaping.. and driving around with him was more pleasant than ever. Instead of eye-burning second hand smoke wafting around the car, everything smelled like blueberry cotton candy or jelly beans or donuts. The orange stains on his fingers slowly faded away and he seemed happier and healthier than he'd been in years.

I started looking into vaping and it was initially overwhelming. I'd smoked for 20 years and that was easy; all you needed was a cigarette and some form of fire. I decided to gently wet my foot rather than jump in headfirst. I went with a gas station cigalike because they mailed me coupons at just the right time. I smoked my last cigarette and headed out to the gas station, coupons in hand.

Cigalikes weren't really satisfying and I quickly discovered that they also don't save you any money over smoking. In fact, I was spending double on vaping compared to what I spent on smoking because cigalike refills are outrageously overpriced for how much liquid you're getting. I went to a local vape shop to get regular vape liquid and tried injecting that into my cigalikes. 6mg of nicotine was nothing, so I soon was in the market for a new vaping device in which to use my liquid.

I bought a DTL pen vape and used that for a month, then invested in a real box mod (that I actually bought here from EightVape back in November '17) and my first RTA. The experience was incomparable to that of a cigalike. With a real box mod and my own rebuildable tank, I could use high gauge wire and a low power setting for MTL vaping and a low gauge wire with high power for DTL. Everything was so amazingly customizable, I was quickly able to bend my devices to suit my own cravings.

Now, I have a MTL setup for driving / going to work and a DTL setup for relaxing at home. I feel better than I've felt in fifteen years. I went out hiking with some friend who have never smoked and they were nearly broken after just two miles.. and I would have been right with them, if I still smoked.. but vaping-me didn't even need to sit down or slow his pace. I can now go hiking for almost five miles before I need to take a rest, and even then it's only due to my feet giving out on me and not my lungs.

Vaping has helped me in ways that the other stop-smoking aids were never able to. I am grateful for its existence and very happy that I took the first step.



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