Through Vaping I Came To Know A Community Of Good People


Through Vaping I Came To Know A Community Of Good People.

Vaping Community

For years, I've battled mental illness.

It got to the point where in high school, I tried to take my own life. At the end of my senior year I spent about a month or so in rehab getting the help I needed to move past my suicidal urges. I've always been quite the introvert in settings where I don't know many people, and this was especially the case at the facility I landed in.

Every day we got smoke breaks because there were also some addicts in the program coming off of really hard stuff and it was meant to help them cope and push through their serious withdrawals. One day, early on in my recovery, I sat out there alone just kind of thinking like I usually did when a kid about my age came over. In Georgia, the minimum age for vaping products and stuff like that is 18, so he had a small device he bought and hid from his parents. We traded stories and traded hits, and I made a friend. We both coined out the same day six weeks later.

It was something as simple as vaping that brought me a friend when I really needed one. Now that I've gotten more into vape culture, it's made me realize how friendly and open these kinds of people are. I grew up in a very religious home and was always subconsciously trained to believe people who vaped and smoked were scary and criminals and all that bullshit, but through my own experience I came to know a community of good people.

Now, every time I take a hit, I think of my buddy from rehab, and smile a little bit.


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