The Long Jump

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The Long Jump

quitting cigarettes

It all started October sixth, 2012. The year I turned eighteen. I just currently dropped of my ex from another uneventful evening of random arguing and disagreeing. On my way home I stopped by this small gas station. Figure I would do a little celebrating of my own. I bought me a nice succulent cigar. Nothing too fancy, just a one dollar three pack of Cigars.

My first adult purchase, oh the feeling. Once I got home I went out to deck and lit this bad boy up. Oh how disgusting this was. I honestly hated this thing so much. Why anyone would smoke these things I would never understand. So I decided to toss the rest of these things in the trash where they belonged.

A few months down the road I ended up doing some work on my grandfather’s farm. Oh how I was living the life. A few hours down and I was burnt out. I needed to relax. I so I decided to go sit in my old rusty Jeep. There I saw my father left his “Reds”. I thought myself “Do I dare try this devil stick?”. Myself being the curious young buck I was, I decided to give it a college try. There it started. That awful taste and smoke that destroyed my lungs. Knowing I just started a habit I never thought I would ever be able to stop.

A young track star just in his prime, smoking before and after practice. Just broke the long jump record, and the 200 record and I could honestly see my time and distance decreasing slowly every practice. All of a sudden like a flash before my eyes it was time for the State Track Tournament. College scouts from all around the United States where there to watch and see who they could pick up for their team this year.

I jumped short. Begging of the season I was sitting at first place with a jump of 22’3. Dropped down to third place with my farthest jump of 22’1. I always blamed the pressure for that short jump, though now to this day I know it was them tasty smoky treats.

Years down the road, after going too college. Packs of cigs, after packs of cigs. Living in the past thinking then I was surly in my prime. A few kids down the road, I have a family. Everyone morning looking in the mirror realizing I have almost entirely became my own father. Living pack to pack, smoking every morning and throughout the day.

Little did I know my whole life was going to change in the blink of an eye. My best friend Tyler invited me over to his place for a couple games of pool. I decided “why not?”. Of course on my way out the door I had to stopped and pick up some smokey treats. Once I got to my buddies place all of my friends where vaping.

At the time I thought it was probably the dumbest thing ever, why not just smoke a cig. My curiosity got to me again. I tried my buddy Tyler’s vape and I almost coughed my lungs up. It was so good though. Right then he taught me all the wonders about vapes. The prices, the mod kits, the RDTAs. All that good stuff that honestly I had no idea about.

I ended up going to pick one up. I started simple with a Smok Stick mod. Nothing to crazy just to see what I can and can’t do. I ended up enjoying it so much I gave it to my girlfriend and I got myself a Smok Mag kit. With a Decent RDTA. I seriously loved the transition.

From that day of quitting smoking cigs, I ended up working out again. Running miles, going on bike rides, Playing full length soccer matches and actually not feeling like I am dead. To this day I have finally progressed my strength I had in high school. I can actually say that I didn’t hit my prime in high school. Gosh was that a great feeling.

Along down the road, buying another bottle of tasty juice for my vape. I get a call from my best friend Tyler. Says he found a site we can save so much money on juice instead of blowing thirty dollars a bottle. Its this wonderful site called “Eight Vape”. I did some looking into it. The amount of money I would spend on one bottle in stores I could buy three bottles for the Eight Vape prices.  It was honestly a game changer.

Ever since I found out about Eight Vape I have never stopped using it. I saved so much money I was actually about to start a college fund for my son Ezra. I thank Eight Vape for all the help it did too me.


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  • Posted on by Greg

    Is Eightvape still going to be able to send ejuice via mail ups or FedEx due to the new bill signed in December 2020? If not when will it all end. And if you still can send it how will it work.. I am super worried that I won’t be able to get my vapor products anymore and I don’t have any vapeshops close to me.. Please help

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