The Changeover pt. 1

We all have been there, on that cusp of a change that we may not realize will lead to monumental shifts in our lives. I, myself, have been on a few of those cusps, set up a residency and have my mail forwarded there when I’m on vacation. Even so, the one constant is that I never realize I’m standing before a huge decision because they rarely offer themselves as a great big button just waiting to be pressed. Switching to vaping was one of my buttons.

Recently, we at Eightvape decided to let the floodgates open and allow our community to share insight into their lives for once, with the theme of "How has Vaping Changed Your Life?" (Shameless Plug #1) and floodgates could never be a more appropriate nomenclature to have chosen. Looking back I realize that as a company, we were on one of those cusps and I’m proud to be a part of it because in the short amount of time, the outpouring of responses from our community has been staggering. From funny to heartfelt, sad to uplifting, all shared the one common thread of vaping bringing us all together. Every day, let me repeat that in case there is some misconception of my words, EVERY DAY, I read these letters, some favorites of mine over again because what they show is that through even the worst of times the human spirit can and will prevail. Now some of you may be thinking that I’m being a bit pretentious but I’m serious, which as this goes on you will find is not a common feature in my demeanor. With stories of overcoming terrible diseases, saving lives, making friends, and overall improving quality of life, these stories are nothing more than humbling and on behalf of the rest of EightVape, thank you to those who have shared your stories and to those that have yet to.

Which brings me to why I am here in the flesh, or at least the print on your screen...though I guess it’s less print and more pixels...I have been inspired by you amazing people you to document my ongoing vaping experience as I am still relatively new myself, in my second month now currently. The purpose of this and sharing our other story submissions as well is to not only educate those that are looking to make the switch but show you that the community is both open and accepting of newcomers. No one wants new vapers to feel stupid or out of place and many have gone above and beyond to try and help those uninitiated as of yet. On top of that, I want to share the diverse nature of not only our company but our community and show that literally anyone, no matter race, sex, preference of Nicolas Cage film, or age is always welcomed in EightVape’s community, in fact we encourage it...though if you’re choosing anything but “Face/Off” I don’t know what you’re doing with your life...this is probably also the point I should state that crap about my opinions are my own and don’t reflect those of EightVape and their subsidiaries or whatever...besides they probably like “National Treasure” or some crap.

My experience with vaping starts long before I ever picked up a vape, much like many others, because the path that would ultimately lead to vaping would be one that lead through a destructively city filled with cigarettes and ashtrays and certainly wouldn’t be featured in any Guns N’ Roses songs any time soon...also for the record, I’m technically not old enough to make GNR references but any time I can throw a shot at the musical masterpiece that is “Paradise City” I am more than happy to...I mean I get wanting pretty girls but who cares about city ordinances for appropriate lawn care? Where was I? Oh yeah, with a handful of menthols in the middle of the woods with some friends. Now you may be wondering “why the middle of the woods” to which I reply that I grew up in rural South Carolina where 90% of the things young people did where in some form of woods or another, in fact you couldn’t check your mail without taking a hike through the woods. I’ve never had much of an addictive personality but after enjoying cigarettes socially with friends on many occasions I found the familiarity enjoyable. Later that year I would move across the country and what had been a social act became one I did on my own, partly because I enjoyed smoking but more because it reminded me of the times that I was no longer having.

Over the next ten years I would go back and forth with cigarettes. While they may have started as a social habit they soon became an everyday routine that I used to mask stress. At my worst I was up to a pack and a half a day, which was unfortunate because I was working a great job, had great friends and should have been living my life to the fullest. However, thanks to cigarettes I wasn’t, my health felt at an all-time low, my lung capacity was embarrassingly weak, and while I had lost the notice of cigarette smoke, I’m positive I constantly reeked of it. I’d like to say I pulled myself out of that grasp that cigarettes had on me but that wouldn’t be the truth. For the next few years I would bounce on and off, comicially fast at times.

That was up until I came to work for EightVape. Up until taking on my position, my experience with vaping had been one of friends sharing theirs but never seriously considering the leap. To date, my last cigarette was actually outside the EightVape offices, just before my interview because why wouldn’t I try to take the stress of a big interview? Upon getting the job, I was told that it wasn’t required to vape, partly because they saw that my writing skill could hide that fact I wasn’t a hardcore vaper...but also because I’m pretty sure you can get into legal trouble if you force your employees to vape. Leaving the interview I started considering the facts, as a content writer I wouldn’t feel right promoting something that I myself had not used and I figured it would help if I started vaping sometimes and learning even a basic knowledge of devices and brands. Little did I know that this seemingly mundane decision would be one of the most influential of my life.

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