Switching To Vaping Was A Life Saving Moment


Switching To Vaping Was A Life Saving Moment

My Life Changing Event!!!!!

Well, here goes.....

I was a smoker for over 40 years!  About 20 years into it, thinking I was in good health, at the young age of 37, I had a heat attack. Immediately after that, the smokes were thrown out the window!  I quit cold turkey for approximately 3 years after this life changing event.

Well being a bass player and front man in a hard rock band, I was always in bars where as you can well guess, everybody was constantly smoking.  Well being around it constantly, I gave in to temptation, I started smoking again. Can you say DUMMY?

Anyway, years passed and I was still puffing away.  I tried to quit several times but always went back to smoking. I tried patches and gum and that didn't do squat! Then came the vape pen!  That only lasted a couple of weeks because the pen just didn't give me the satisfaction I was looking for so..... like an idiot, I kept smoking.

Well after a few more years of stupidity (smoking) I had another scare.  One Sunday I was feeling not so well and I wound up going to the hospital thinking I was possibly having another heart attack.  Thankfully my symptoms were not life threatening and it turned out that my feeling crappy turned out to be stress related. A divorce will do that to you! LOL. After getting rid of the ball and chain, my Son in Law practically begged me to quit smoking.  He said "If I get you a real vape setup will you quit smoking?" My first setup he bought me was an Istick Pico.  I laugh at it now but at the time the change from an old fashioned vape pen to a 50 watt regulated mod was.... HOLY CRAP!  Every time I took a hit from it and coughed, my smart ass son in law would say..... "I remember my first vape hit!"

Well now it's 225 watt regulated mods, squonkers, RDA's, RTA's and RDTA's however, I still don't go much over 50 watts.  If anyone reads this who still smokes, please for you and your family's sake please stop and start VAPING!

It will save your life!



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