Smoking Controlled Me, Vaping Set Me Free


Smoking Controlled Me, Vaping Set Me Free

Vaping to quit smoking


I was a pack of death sticks a day,
It was easy to say " less stress" with more breaths led astray,
Every sense fled far away & I was intense with a bed next to the ashtray.  
I was a pack of lack love a day.
I was a pack or more sometimes just to let the sunshine.
It controlled me with a hold.
"Free" was just a mirage,  I looked at vaping as an unworthy cause.
I looked at vaping first only thinking of my loss from the morning smoke with a coffee & something to light up when I wanted to see if I could poke my thoughts because some silence wasn't enough. I had it rough.
I had a brush with bad health.
One day after somehow realizing I wasn't feeling the lying I went & picked up a vape kit.
It wasn't a subohm or drip.
It was a wick with one you shouldn't tip or that was it.
1 week went by and still it was a pack a day or almost.
I thought to myself I need to make a small toast but also keep the drive.
I picked up a subohm kit & instantly felt alive.
I loved the flavor, the clouds & the nic kick without the stink hits,
I got a couple cool drip tips for the price of 1 pack of cigs & said I quit this.
It was no looking back,  it was neither gum nor patch. It was the vape in my hand & the juice tasted damn near a lemonade stand fresh & with zest oh yes!
A pack a day to coil play.
A pack a day to royal rays of light shining a path towards feeling right.
I was able to breathe again & see the wind was no longer blowing the stench of carcinogens behind me.
It took walking by a crowd of smokers to remind me, it took realizing my hands no longer smelled terribly unbearable from a pack a day that hacked it's way to tear my soul.  
Vaping changed my life, it's something I'll share on & on, it's something I'll back strong. No more fear of a heart attack, I'm where I belong.
11 years of a pack every 24 hours to 4 years steering this life with laughs & love for the power switch, the subohm & the customization.  Steady with feeling at home when its vape nation.

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