Smoker, Turned Vaper, Turned Instagram Vape Celebrity


Smoker, Turned Vaper, Turned Instagram Vape Celebrity

I started vaping in April of 2014. Instantly I was confronted with negativity from every which way with creative comments. It made it very hard to continue vaping with all the verbal punishment. I continued on trying different tanks that were given to me from a friend/co worker who stated just pay it forward once you get started.

After about 3 months the hooks finally set in. Like most new vapers starting around that time I started on a Wismec Releaux RX200 and a Smok V4 then the V8 and again on the V12. I never knew why someone would use mechanical mods as they felt uncomfortable to use and handle. After my first year I had already helped my entire squad at the sheriff's department [quit smoking] and I felt deeply satisfied. To help someone quit smoking and to see their excitement is worth more than gold.

After a year and a half I got real big into vape groups through Facebook and trading. My idea was that I wanted to try every device created and own everyone I felt was a stand alone device. I landed an awesome trade for a TVL Black Label Colt .45 brass tube and it has been all downhill from there lol.

My "man cave" has devoted a quarter of the room for my build desk. I enjoy mechs so much I wanted to see what it was like to build my own coils. It is at this time I got pretty much addicted to admiring others coil builds and try to emulate them. I help others that just can't seem to be able to install coils or teach others how to build in general. I now have a decent collection of mechs and have most all coil builds under my belt.

A friend of mine said I should start posting on Instagram and that was how the vapin crustacean was created. To explain the name my last name is Crabtree and all my close friends call me crabs, hence crustacean. I have only been posting to instagram for a little over two months and have grown a following of almost 1800 followers. I am prospecting for t.v.l. in Tennessee and support 3 shops. I am currently searching for a company to discuss an idea for an RDA that I have with post that have not been created at this time.

Vaping has become my escape. I suffer from severe anxiety along with other issues due to a complicated childhood. My wife and my 2 year old daughter are everything to me. As a kid seeing my family members that I looked up to smoke but say don't do it only made me feel it must be ok if they do it. My mission is to get as many people vaping while I am on this earth so that less children see the people they look up to smoking. sets the pay it forward theory in motion as the years go on less and less people smoke until it is a completely eradicated. My dream is to own my own shop and/or shops and to work in the vape industry for a living because I love it so much


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