Quit Smoking and Live



Quit Smoking and Live

Quit Smoking by Switching to Vaping

My vape life actually started 2 months before I ever picked up my first e-cig. One of my oldest and dearest friends had been diagnosed with throat cancer. Within 6 months of his diagnosis he was admitted to hospice. It was there surrounded by his closest friends and family that my vape life began. His last words to me were: "Quit smoking and Live".

That night I lost my friend.

The next day I contacted my family doctor and he suggested Chantix. Chantix did not work for me. A friend told me to try bullsmoke. 6 years ago, I made my first online order. The first couple of months I was half of the time smoking, half vaping and researching alternative ways to make vaping work for me.

I was trying to match the experience I had gotten from smoking using tobacco flavored e-cigs. It just wasn't enough to get me to quit. Just as good was not good enough, I had to have better than.

I decided to try flavored liquids. I bought my first vape pen at the first local vape shop to open in town and bought an assortment of fruit, dessert and candy liquids. "Strawberry" was so much better than smoking. 5 years ago I smoked my last cigarette.

In the last 5 years I have wished many times that my friend David Hess Jr and I could have made this journey together. He was a good husband, father and friend taken from us before his time.

I have quit smoking and I am living!!


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