My View of Vaping Has Completely Changed


My View of Vaping Has Completely Changed

My view of vaping was completely changed

It all started on November 3, 2016. I was a 2 pack a day smoker who didn't want to stop the addiction. I went to my local hospital with pneumonia-like symptoms but was quickly diagnosed with congestive heart failure. My heart was only working at 10% and I was very close to death. Luckily, that hospital trip saved me. A few months go by and I continued to smoke against my doctor's wishes. Well, one day I decided to tag along with my friend as they needed to go to the local vape shop.

I was totally against vaping and never even thought of trying it, but that day something in me said to go. Long story short, I ended up leaving with my first setup and essentials. My view of vaping was completely changed. So as of July 2018, I have been completely cigarette free and haven't looked back. Thanks to vaping, my doctor says my heart function has increased to 40% and he says that a huge help has been vaping!

Everywhere I go, I tell people my story and have turned so many ex-smokers into vapers. They always tell me how much better they feel and breath!

Honestly, I do not care if I win this contest or not. I just want to share my story and hopefully, show people that vaping is truly a life-saving option. So that's my story of how vaping has changed my life.

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  • Posted on by Edwin Betz

    I have similar story and agree that if not for the vaping industry, I probably would not be alive to comment on your story! Keep on vaping!

  • Posted on by Jess

    Good story Roy!

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