My Kids Are No Longer Exposed to Second Hand Smoke

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My Kids Are No Longer Exposed to Second Hand Smoke

My Kids Are No Longer Exposed to Second Hand Smoke

Vaping has changed my life in more ways than one! I wasn’t too fond of vaping, but when we found out my husbands father had cancer from then on my husband instantly switched from Marlboro’s to vaping. He vaped and I smoked.

I had my routine of my cup of joe with a cig every morning and then there’s just some activities that I’ve become accustomed to smoking while doing or after. I realized how much we saved just my husband not smoking and that it got really cold going outside during the winter.

A short 6 months after he quit smoking I ran out of cigarettes and was broke as a joke and I had to have some sort of nicotine so I tried vaping. He was always hounding me about this new flavor and that new flavor and it aggravated me so bad. But I tried a pink burst and fell in love!!

I started out on 12 mg juices as he did. Soon after, he bought his first mod and I loved the technology of vaping. I was so mad he was spending money on all this stuff but he snuck and bought me a stick that fit my hand perfect, changed colors, and he got me a cotton candy juice! I was in love!!!!

My grandma always has smoked at least two packs a day, she gave us some furniture and that furniture smelled so bad it made me realize what I and my kids smelled like, breathed in and just how nasty it made everything in our home in such short a time as 5 years!

In 8 months of vaping my kids aren’t breathing all that nastiness in, my home smells awesome, plus we have saved money not buying his type of cigs and my type of cigs, two packs a day. We were using my husbands parents car, now with the money we've saved we bought and own our own vehicle!

Vaping has saved me in more ways than one and I’m so thankful that someone has came up with this technology and I can only speak for myself but I will never go back to smoking a nasty ol' cancer stick again!!


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  • Posted on by Agnew Dellinger

    I hear ya! I could have posted this myself. I wish I had discovered vaping years ago! No 2nd hand smoke, $$$$ saved yearly, no burn holes on anything.

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