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My Family Begged Me To Quit Cigarettes

Karina White

Posted on August 01 2018


My Family Begged Me To Quit Cigarettes

My Family Begged Me To Quit Cigarettes

Hello Eightvape and friends! Thank you for giving me the platform to share my story.

As a young child; I grew up on a working farm in a tiny town in East Tennessee. We had lots of cattle, horses, goats and always a crop to tend. One of those crops happened to be tobacco. One of my duties on the farm was to help in the tobacco field. We planted and picked, and worked hard hours in that field.

It was one of the most profitable crops for our family. Being in such close proximity to tobacco, my entire family smoked. I grew up seeing everyone do it, so naturally, I was bound to become curious myself because it seemed like a normal and natural thing to do. My curiosity finally got the best of me at around age 14. My family was first a bit upset, but they continued to allow me to smoke.

Years later, long after our last harvest of tobacco, I got the news that my grandfather had been diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). As a result, he suffered multiple strokes and heart attacks. He quit smoking as soon as he received the diagnosis; but sadly, it was too late. The damage had been done. After that, he always begged me to quit smoking.

We watched him fade away slowly over the next ten years, and early this year, his body had gave out. He fought hard to stay around with us, but he finally lost the battle. It was pure agony to see how he struggled every day. To breathe, to move, to do anything. I finally did manage to fulfill his wish for me to quit smoking, the month after he died. One of my biggest regrets in life is that I wished I would've quit sooner. I wish he would've been able to know that I did quit before he was gone. I would love to have been able to give him that.

I now have two children of my own, and I never want them to have to see me in that condition. I started out with a cheap gas station cig-a-like until the brand I used stopped being sold. I then decided to take the next step up with my first real vape starter kit, I loved it and I've never looked back! I feel so much better, and my kids are so proud of me. I know my grandfather would've been proud of me too.


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