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M's Vaping Journey

Michael Ahuja

Posted on July 09 2018

M's Vaping Journey

My journey actually just started recently...I have been smoking since I was 14 years old (I am now 38) up until a week ago. Hope this counts since i am new to vaping. I recently got married to my best friend and gained 5 step children and him and I have three children together that are all toddler ages. My dad was diagnosed with a lung disease about a year ago. I tried so many times trying to quit cold Turkey and never could... it was a bad habit I couldn't let go of.

My dad recently made a trip to see me for Fathers day weekend and when I saw him this time compared to the last my heart skipped a beat. I know his disease will never go away and he will only get worse. I then decided this was my wake up call because I didnt want my children looking at me in that condition 10 years from now (if not sooner) vaping for a week has literally made a difference in everything. My sense of smell, my taste in food , and I think the best thing was my 4 year old telling me mommy you dont smell like a cigiet (that's how she pronounces it) anymore. I will continue to vape and to make my kids proud and especially my daddy. Hope this counts since I'm new :)



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