I've Graduated Treatment with Flying Colors


I've Graduated Treatment with Flying Colors

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In my life I have had a lot of good, and a lot of bad, like everyone in life does. From 2012 to August 2016 I was a drunk, I was homeless living under a bridge in my city from the month of may to September. I had officially hit rock bottom I had no help I burned all my bridges, no one wanted to be around me or my drinking anymore.

Then one day one of my best friends finally came back home. I started to hang out with him all the time. He let me stay with him at his moma's house even though it was a bad time but he didn't want me on the streets. This is when bath salts came around and they were every where. So things were going pretty good ya know?

We were still drinking all the time and  one day we went to his sister's new boyfriend's house to meet him, I wasn't feeling that good so I went to meet him and then went back to his mom's house and went to bed. I got woke up at about 6am from his mom and she said "Alex is in the hospital".

That's my boy! I'm like, "what?" She's like, "Stay here, watch the house, and I'll be back." All day goes by I end up going to sleep and his mom wakes me up at about 7 am and says, "Come here give, me a hug." I lost it, and she tells me he's gone.

I couldn't let her go, she was like a second mom to me and he was like a brother to me, at that point in time I felt like I lost everything all over again. He was the only friend that would help me out and was actually there for me. And he was gone...

so the next week I end up getting a DWI, getting put on probation, and I just said screw it. I went on a non stop drinking binge I didn't care what happened anymore. for a year straight, I ran from probation and finally got picked up by the cops. Luckily I didn't get locked up but at that point in time, again I was homeless in another city living under a bridge with just the clothes on me. I didn't own anything, so I decided to go to the judge on my own an tell him i didn't wanna do the next 2 years of probation and to just give me whatever time I need to do to be done with it. So I did 4 months and I was off.

It was i think the smartest thing to do because if I would of stayed on I would have put myself at risk of getting in more trouble. So now that I'm out, I'm staying in another city, and its the end of 2015 at this time and the only help I could get was from social services. They put me in this boarding house that was bed bug infested from floor to ceiling everywhere in the house even crawling on the bathroom walls an shower. That's how bad this place was, and social services knew how bad this place was an didn't care. So me having the history of drinking I just started going hard at everyday and night barely sleeping, waking right up and the first thing I grab for is the beer from the night before.

I couldn't stand my life or where I was, and this lasted all the way until August of 2016. I had woke up off a 29 day drinking binge shaking to death. Tremors all over me, I barely could sleep. I was out of money so I called an ambulance told them that I needed to go to a hospital an hour away because it was my only chance to get into detox because my city hospital officially told me they would no longer detox me because i keep doing the same thing.

So it wasn't until I was on my 4th day of detox and I started to feel better so I made a decision right there to have the counselor at the hospital call rehabs for me to get into. She came back two days later and said there's an opening at one in Utica, NY and that I could go from bed to bed. I decided to actually go and when I was in rehab another opportunity came to my mind that I just wanna get away from my city and county and basically start over.

So I went right from the rehab to a 3/4 house and I started drug treatment outpatient as well all in Utica NY. I went to the hospital August 4th 2016 that's my official clean date I can now say I've graduated treatment with flying colors.

I'm 1 year & 11 months clean from alcohol, I also have my own apartment, and I'm on the shot for alcohol cravings which I've been on this whole year and 11 months. And where vaping has changed my life, I officially quit smoking cigarettes the day I got out of rehab. That day I bought my first Vape which was the SnowWolf Titanium 200w box mod with a limitless RDTA.

That's what I learned on from the beginning, besides bringing alcohol up in this story and having to bring it up in treatment that's how vaping has changed my life, its my hobby, it's my way of life, weather its changing coils constantly or re-wicking or practicing tricks or even adding a new mod to the collection! I love every aspect of it, honestly I've never felt better, my family is proud of me, and I never plan on going back!

I hope anyone who reads this likes my story it wasn't easy, especially in the earlier part. It still makes me break down but I'm glad I saw this post because I feel like I never got to say everything I needed.

Thanks... Pat

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