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I'm Finally Cancer Free and Hate Cigarettes

Karina White | August 08 2018

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I'm Finally Cancer Free and Hate Cigarettes

I'm Finally  Cancer Free and Hate Cigarettes

I started using tobacco products, 17 years ago, first cigars at 13, then I started using Skoal and Redman, when I was about 14 or 15. Not knowing much about skoal or dip, I had no idea really how addictive it was. As many of us are, I was young, naive and head strong and thought because I was not smoking, I would be able to quit before it had any negative effect.

I preferred smoking, but I was an athlete and needed my lungs clean and clear. After high school, I gradually began smoking in college until I know longer used any chewing tobacco. Having a big chunk of tobacco in your lip was not so attractive or ideal at parties when you are trying to meet people and be social!

In my third year of college, I started having bronchitis once a month, and also feeling worse and worse. Finally by the end of my third year, after going to the doctor just as spring semester classes were finished, I again had bronchitis. This time around was a little bit worse, and I was back to the urgent care clinic I always went to. After doing blood work they noticed my platelets were extremely low, and informed me I needed to immediately go to the hospital.

Platelets are the part of your blood that help prevent bruising and bleeding, since they are what form the clot. My counts were so low I basically had none, which I was told meant even without trauma can cause bleeding in the brain or elsewhere in vital organs. At the time I thought it would be a quick fix, and I returned to New York to receive care since nothing was working.

After doing some tests, on my 21st birthday I found out I had chronic lymphatic leukemia. Luckily I had great doctors that managed it, but it came back yearly always in the spring. The one constant, I could not stop smoking no matter what I did. After a few years of smoking on and off, mostly on except when I was in the hospital, I tried logics and blue e-cigs to no avail. They did not give me the satisfaction a cigarette did with the amount of vapor they produced, and did not have the taste that kept me from wanting a cigarette.

No matter the fear of the leukemia and the low platelets, two issues that have the potential to kill, I still did not quit, and medication was keeping my platelets just barely high enough to stay home and out of the hospital for the most part except for the yearly hospitalization for the recurring leukemia.

2 years ago, in the hospital at the start of a new clinical trial since for 7 years, nothing worked, I was using logic pens in the hospital and a friend of mine and my father, saw me vaping and pulled out his AL85 and blew a cloud. I tried it but did not like the flavor he had, thought it was too big and bulky compared to a logic or blue pen, and did not think it mattered.

About a year later, I was in the hospital again for other issues unrelated to the leukemia. This time, I was in and out for 5 months. In for a month, and out for a week or two. Still smoking but the long periods of using the logic pens in the hospital, combined with the new clinical trial helping the leukemia, the platelets for the first time in 8 years, went up. And finally they went up into the normal range.

In May of 2017, I was freed from the hospital, with my leukemia basically gone, and my platelets in the normal range for the first time since 2009. Then after a month I got blood work done, and my platelets were back down to almost 0. This time, I knew the one thing that was different when my platelets were normal- I was not smoking. But still, the logic pen was not enough, and for my 29th birthday, I went to a vape shop with my friend with the AL85 after I told him I did not like the taste and the way his set up was. Luckily for me, one of the people at the shop had some knowledge, and the best part, I could actually sit and try every flavor in the shop if I wanted to.

After a half hour, I found a flavor I just could not get enough of, and bought a starter kit, coils and a 60ml bottle of that juice. The first 2 weeks I was on and off with it, and then I went on a vacation where I could not sneak away to smoke. Since that vacation, I have smoked 2 cigarettes, one when I got back from the vacation, and 1 a few days later when I ran out of juice. I finally hated cigarettes. The taste, the amount of smoke compared to the clouds was too tiny.

All my issues I had with logics that could not get me to quit for good were solved and since then, for 1 year, I have been cigarette free, and also my platelets have been normal for a full year without any medication to keep them up! Now, when I can, i tell my story of how vaping helped me quit, some liked logics, some are MTL vapors with breeze and other "stealth devices" with high mg salt nics and some are like me- big clouds and lots of flavor, 3-6mg juice.

Vaping has not just been a god send for my health, but also for my wallet, as it was hard to hold a job with all the health issues i had. Instead of spending over $300 a month, as cigarettes in New York are $11 per pack, I have spent that money to buy myself different devices as I have learned more about vaping. I now give my old devices I no longer use and pass on the knowledge I have learned from other great people who freely share knowledge to friends and family who want to stop smoking as I become a more "advanced vaper."

Without strangers on forums, the YouTube reviewers, and especially people like Mooch teaching us safety first, and helping us find products that worked for me, I am sure that 2 months ago, I again would have been in the hospital for my yearly stay I grew so accustomed too!




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