I Started Smoking At My Ninth Birthday Party


I Started Smoking At My Ninth Birthday Party

Stop Smoking


Hi! My name is Ashley! I started smoking at my 9th birthday party. My friends and I snuck out and stole cigarettes from my brother who was passed out on the couch from one of his many nights of hard party! And it was off to the races I loved smoking! I smoked like a fiend up until 2 years ago. I smoked during both my pregnancies my boys suffered countless ear infections, always had colds, and honestly we always smelled like ash trays. Through the years I battled alcoholism, drug addiction, even lost our home due to all of this, but I still smoked! I couldn’t give it up, I didn’t want to! Our family had to move to Southern Ohio with my in laws because we had lost our home and we were so down we were rolling cigarettes by hand and smoking pipe tobacco. Anything I could do to smoke I would, even rolling a cigarette when we had no pipe tobacco. I enjoyed smoking, it was literally the only thing I had left I felt because I had already given up so many other things!

We finally came back to my home town of Obetz Ohio, made amends with my family for all the that had went wrong in our lives and started working towards rebuilding so our sons could have everything they deserve. I started a new job and met a friend that changed my family’s life! His name is Brian Jones, and he vaped! I loved how awesome his clouds smelt! So I started asking him questions and he would kindly let me hit his vape to see if I liked it, he talked to me about how the cigarettes I smoked had tons of chemicals and how very little ingredients were in his vape juice. He told me about how he used to smoke and now he felt he could breathe better, taste his food, and saved more money! I was definitely interested because I was so tired of laying next to my husband at night and hearing him wheeze while he slept. He would wake up and smoke all through the night and burn the covers sheets and pillows and I was terrified that he was going to burn the house down while we slept. Finally one day Brian called me while he was at the vape store around the corner, Buckeye Vapors. He said he had a battery for me if I wanted to come and get it while he was there. So my husband and I went up there where these wonderful people let me have a tank and also hooked my husband up with a starter machine too! They sent us home with a 120ml bottle of free juice! It was a God send! From that moment on I would just hit my vape pen every time I wanted to hit a cigarette.

Then about a week after I started vaping I wanted a cigarette so badly so I decided to give in, just so I didn’t end up totally going back to smoking. I lit the cigarette and took that amazing first hit, but I couldn’t do it, I was so nauseated by the taste and smell of it I threw it in the sink and spent the rest of the day drinking Pepto! It’s been 2 years since I have picked up my my cigarettes and I could not any happier! I feel more energetic. I stared out at 24mg of nicotine and am already down to 3mgs! I love not smelling like an ashtray! I love that my kids don’t get sick every week that they have not had one single ear infection since I started vaping! My home is smoke free so are my vehicles !! We save enough money to take our kids on vacation and and to do all kinds of family trips!!

Vaping has completely changed all of us for the better, our health, our family is def closer because of it! It may seem like a small change to some people but to us, it was life altering, it was a blessing and I know that I will never go back to cigarettes ! Ever!! Vaping may not be the perfect solution to ending smoking for the world, but it has done miracles for mine, and I hope that my story will help just one person, that would be worth it all!!


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